1981–82 European Cup

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1981–82 European Cup
Rotterdam De Kuip 9.jpg
De Kuip in Rotterdam hosted the final.
Tournament details
Dates26 August 1981 – 26 May 1982
Final positions
ChampionsEngland Aston Villa (1st title)
Runners-upWest Germany Bayern Munich
Tournament statistics
Matches played63
Goals scored170 (2.7 per match)
Top scorer(s)Germany Dieter Hoeneß (7 goals)

The 1981–82 season of the European Cup football club tournament was won for the only time by Aston Villa in the final against Bayern Munich. The final is remembered mainly for the performance of young stand-in goalkeeper Nigel Spink who made a host of saves from the experienced Bayern players. Villa's winning goal came from Peter Withe who converted Tony Morley's cross in off the post. It was the sixth consecutive year that an English club won the competition.

Liverpool, the defending champions, were eliminated by CSKA Sofia in the quarter-finals.

Preliminary round[edit]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Saint-Étienne France 1–3 East Germany Dynamo Berlin 1–1 0–2

First leg[edit]

Saint-Étienne France1–1East Germany Dynamo Berlin
Lopez Goal 75' Report Lopez Goal 25' (o.g.)

Second leg[edit]

Dynamo Berlin East Germany2–0France Saint-Étienne
Netz Goal 39'
Riediger Goal 83'

Dynamo Berlin won 3–1 on aggregate

First round[edit]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Austria Wien Austria 3–2 Albania Partizani 3–1 0–1
Dynamo Kyiv Soviet Union 2–1 Turkey Trabzonspor 1–0 1–1
Dynamo Berlin East Germany 3–3 (a) Switzerland Zürich 2–0 1–3
Aston Villa England 7–0 Iceland Valur 5–0 2–0
Widzew Łódź Poland 2–6 Belgium Anderlecht 1–4 1–2
Celtic Scotland 1–2 Italy Juventus 1–0 0–2
Ferencváros Hungary 3–5 Czechoslovakia Baník Ostrava 3–2 0–3
Hibernians Malta 2–10 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Red Star Belgrade 1–2 1–8
Start Norway 1–4 Netherlands AZ 1–3 0–1
OPS Finland 0–8 England Liverpool 0–1 0–7
CSKA Sofia Bulgaria 1–0 Spain Real Sociedad 1–0 0–0
Progrès Niedercorn Luxembourg 1–5 Northern Ireland Glentoran 1–1 0–4
KB Denmark 3–3 (a) Republic of Ireland Athlone Town 1–1 2–2
Universitatea Craiova Romania 3–2 Greece Olympiacos 3–0 0–2
Benfica Portugal 4–0 Cyprus Omonia 3–0 1–0
Öster Sweden 0–6 West Germany Bayern Munich 0–1 0–5

First leg[edit]

Austria Wien Austria3–1Albania Partizani
Steinkogler Goal 26'
Gasselich Goal 27' (pen.)62' (pen.)
Report Tomorri Goal 21'

Dynamo Kyiv Soviet Union1–0Turkey Trabzonspor
Blokhin Goal 74' Report
Attendance: 60,000

Dynamo Berlin East Germany2–0Switzerland Zürich
Schulz Goal 53'
Riediger Goal 59'

Aston Villa England5–0Iceland Valur
Morley Goal 6'
Withe Goal 37'68'
Donovan Goal 40'69'

Widzew Łódź Poland1–4Belgium Anderlecht
Smolarek Goal 83' Report Lozano Goal 37' (pen.)62'
Frimann Goal 80'
Pétursson Goal 90'

Celtic Scotland1–0Italy Juventus
MacLeod Goal 65' Report

Ferencváros Hungary3–2Czechoslovakia Baník Ostrava
Pogany Goal 22'40' (pen.)
Szokolai Goal 47'
Report Lička Goal 76'
Knapp Goal 78' (pen.)

Hibernians Malta1–2Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Red Star Belgrade
Spiteri-Gonzi Goal 38' Report Jurišić Goal 72'
Janković Goal 90'

Start Norway1–3Netherlands AZ
Haugen Goal 79' Report Peters Goal 16'23'
Kist Goal 48'

OPS Finland0–1England Liverpool
Report Dalglish Goal 84'
Attendance: 8,400

CSKA Sofia Bulgaria1–0Spain Real Sociedad
Yonchev Goal 89' Report

Progrès Niedercorn Luxembourg1–1Northern Ireland Glentoran
Meunier Goal 27' Report Cleary Goal 1'

KB Denmark1–1Republic of Ireland Athlone Town
Tune Goal 10' Report O'Connor Goal 4'

Benfica Portugal3–0Cyprus Omonia
Néné Goal 54'
Filipović Goal 67'
Carlos Manuel Goal 81'

Öster Sweden0–1West Germany Bayern Munich
Report Rummenigge Goal 75' (pen.)

Second leg[edit]

Partizani Albania1–0Austria Austria Wien
Ballgjini Goal 31' Report

Austria Wien won 3–2 on aggregate.

Trabzonspor Turkey1–1Soviet Union Dynamo Kyiv
Yüce Goal 27' Report Bezsonov Goal 56'

Dynamo Kyiv won 2–1 on aggregate.

Zürich Switzerland3–1East Germany Dynamo Berlin
Jerković Goal 2'22'87' Report Ullrich Goal 47'

Dynamo Berlin 3–3 Zürich on aggregate. Dynamo Berlin won on away goals.

Valur Iceland0–2England Aston Villa
Report Shaw Goal 25'70'

Aston Villa won 7–0 on aggregate.

Anderlecht Belgium2–1Poland Widzew Łódź
Brylle Goal 6'
Geurts Goal 50'
Report Smolarek Goal 66'

Anderlecht won 6–2 on aggregate.

Juventus Italy2–0Scotland Celtic
Virdis Goal 28'
Bettega Goal 40'

Juventus won 2–1 on aggregate.

Baník Ostrava Czechoslovakia3–0Hungary Ferencváros
Šreiner Goal 7'
Knapp Goal 14'56' (pen.)

Baník Ostrava won 5–3 on aggregate.

Red Star Belgrade Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia8–1Malta Hibernians
Goračinov Goal 1'
Petrović Goal 20'41'
Šestić Goal 35'
D. Savić Goal 43'58' (pen.)
R. Savić Goal 62'87'
Report Spiteri-Gonzi Goal 69'

Red Star Belgrade won 10–2 on aggregate.

AZ Netherlands1–0Norway Start
Tol Goal 86' Report

AZ won 4–1 on aggregate.

Liverpool England7–0Finland OPS
Dalglish Goal 26'
McDermott Goal 40' Goal 75'
R. Kennedy Goal 46'
Johnson Goal 60'
Rush Goal 67'
Lawrenson Goal 72'
Attendance: 20,789

Liverpool won 8–0 on aggregate.

CSKA Sofia won 1–0 on aggregate.

Glentoran Northern Ireland4–0Luxembourg Progrès Niedercorn
Blackledge Goal 30'76'
Jameson Goal 53'
Manley Goal 75'

Glentoran won 5–1 on aggregate.

Athlone Town Republic of Ireland2–2Denmark KB
Davis Goal 73'87' Report Larsen Goal 15'
Andersen Goal 53'

KB 3–3 Athlone Town on aggregate. KB won on away goals.

Olympiacos Greece2–0Romania Universitatea Craiova
Mitropoulos Goal 36'
Anastopoulos Goal 60'

Universitatea Craiova won 3–2 on aggregate.

Omonia Cyprus0–1Portugal Benfica
Report Chalana Goal 75'

Benfica won 4–0 on aggregate.

Bayern Munich West Germany5–0Sweden Öster
Hoeneß Goal 24'58'
Rummenigge Goal 27'68'
Niedermayer Goal 31'

Bayern Munich won 6–0 on aggregate.

Second round[edit]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Austria Wien Austria 1–2 Soviet Union Dynamo Kyiv 0–1 1–1
Dynamo Berlin East Germany 2–2 (a) England Aston Villa 1–2 1–0
Anderlecht Belgium 4–2 Italy Juventus 3–1 1–1
Baník Ostrava Czechoslovakia 3–4 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Red Star Belgrade 3–1 0–3
AZ Netherlands 4–5 England Liverpool 2–2 2–3
CSKA Sofia Bulgaria 3–2 Northern Ireland Glentoran 2–0 1–2
KB Denmark 2–4 Romania Universitatea Craiova 1–0 1–4
Benfica Portugal 1–4 West Germany Bayern Munich 0–0 1–4

First leg[edit]

Austria Wien Austria0–1Soviet Union Dynamo Kyiv
Report Bal Goal 23'
Attendance: 30,000

Dynamo Berlin East Germany1–2England Aston Villa
Riediger Goal 50' Report Morley Goal 5'85'

Anderlecht Belgium3–1Italy Juventus
Geurts Goal 24' Goal 56'
Vercauteren Goal 88'
Report Marocchino Goal 39'

Baník Ostrava Czechoslovakia3–1Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Red Star Belgrade
Lička Goal 2'44'
Knapp Goal 88'
Report Krmpotić Goal 51'

AZ Netherlands2–2England Liverpool
Kist Goal 59'
Tol Goal 86'
Report Johnson Goal 26'
Lee Goal 49'
Attendance: 12,000

CSKA Sofia Bulgaria2–0Northern Ireland Glentoran
Dimitrov Goal 8'
Zdravkov Goal 35' (pen.)

KB Denmark1–0Romania Universitatea Craiova
Fosgaard Goal 8' Report

Benfica Portugal0–0West Germany Bayern Munich

Second leg[edit]

Dynamo Kyiv Soviet Union1–1Austria Austria Wien
Buryak Goal 37' (pen.) Report Petkov Goal 23'
Attendance: 59,400

Dynamo Kyiv won 2–1 on aggregate.

Aston Villa England0–1East Germany Dynamo Berlin
Report Terletzki Goal 15'

Dynamo Berlin 2–2 Aston Villa on aggregate. Aston Villa won on away goals.

Red Star Belgrade Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia3–0Czechoslovakia Baník Ostrava
Ǵurovski Goal 16'
Savić Goal 50'
Petrović Goal 62'

Red Star Belgrade won 4–3 on aggregate.

Juventus Italy1–1Belgium Anderlecht
Brio Goal 79' Report Geurts Goal 41'

Anderlecht won 4–2 on aggregate.

Liverpool England3–2Netherlands AZ
McDermott Goal 42' (pen.)
Rush Goal 68'
Hansen Goal 85'
Report Kist Goal 55'
Thompson Goal 73' (o.g.)
Attendance: 29,703

Liverpool won 5–4 on aggregate.

Glentoran Northern Ireland2 – 1
Bulgaria CSKA Sofia
Cleary Goal 67'
Manley Goal 71'
Report Dimitrov Goal 115'

CSKA Sofia won 3–2 on aggregate.

Universitatea Craiova Romania4–1Denmark KB
Crișan Goal 8'
Balaci Goal 25'
Beldeanu Goal 54'
Cămătaru Goal 72'
Report Andersen Goal 74'

Universitatea Craiova won 4–2 on aggregate.

Bayern Munich West Germany4–1Portugal Benfica
Hoeneß Goal 28'36'55'
Breitner Goal 82'
Report Nené Goal 63' (pen.)

Bayern Munich won 4–1 on aggregate.


Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Dynamo Kyiv Soviet Union 0–2 England Aston Villa 0–0 0–2
Anderlecht Belgium 4–2 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Red Star Belgrade 2–1 2–1
Liverpool England 1–2 Bulgaria CSKA Sofia 1–0 0–2
Universitatea Craiova Romania 1–3 West Germany Bayern Munich 0–2 1–1

First leg[edit]

Anderlecht Belgium2–1Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Red Star Belgrade
Geurts Goal 27'
Lozano Goal 63'
Report Ǵurovski Goal 52'

Liverpool England1–0Bulgaria CSKA Sofia
Whelan Goal 65' Report
Attendance: 27,388

Second leg[edit]

Aston Villa England2–0Soviet Union Dynamo Kyiv
Shaw Goal 7'
McNaught Goal 43'
Attendance: 39,000

Aston Villa won 2–0 on aggregate.

Red Star Belgrade Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia1–2Belgium Anderlecht
Savić Goal 45' (pen) Report Hofkens Goal 33'
Vercauteren Goal 60'

Anderlecht won 4–2 on aggregate.

CSKA Sofia Bulgaria2 – 0
England Liverpool
Mladenov Goal 77'101' Report
Attendance: 70,000

CSKA Sofia won 2–1 on aggregate.

Bayern Munich won 3–1 on aggregate.


Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Aston Villa England 1–0 Belgium Anderlecht 1–0 0–0
CSKA Sofia Bulgaria 4–7 West Germany Bayern Munich 4–3 0–4

First leg[edit]

Aston Villa England1–0Belgium Anderlecht
Morley Goal 27' Report

CSKA Sofia Bulgaria4–3West Germany Bayern Munich
G. Dimitrov Goal 7'
Yonchev Goal 13' Goal 49'
Zdravkov Goal 18' (pen)
Report Dürnberger Goal 27'
D. Hoeneß Goal 32'
Breitner Goal 82'
Attendance: 70,000
Referee: Lambert (France)

Second leg[edit]

Bayern Munich West Germany4–0Bulgaria CSKA Sofia
Breitner Goal 43'47' (pen.)
Rummenigge Goal 65'76'

Bayern Munich won 7–4 on aggregate.

Anderlecht Belgium0–0England Aston Villa

Aston Villa won 1–0 on aggregate.


Aston Villa England1–0West Germany Bayern Munich
Withe Goal 67' Report
Attendance: 46,000

Top scorers[edit]

The top scorers from the 1981–82 European Cup (excluding preliminary round) are as follows:

Rank Name Team Goals
1 Germany Dieter Hoeneß Germany Bayern Munich 7
2 Germany Karl-Heinz Rummenigge Germany Bayern Munich 6
3 Germany Paul Breitner Germany Bayern Munich 5
Belgium Willy Geurts Belgium Anderlecht 5
5 Czechoslovakia Lubomir Knapp Czechoslovakia Baník Ostrava 4
England Tony Morley England Aston Villa 4
Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Dušan Savić Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Red Star Belgrade 4
8 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Jurica Jerković Switzerland Zürich 3
Netherlands Kees Kist Netherlands AZ 3
Czechoslovakia Verner Lička Czechoslovakia Baník Ostrava 3
Spain Juan Lozano Belgium Anderlecht 3
England Terry McDermott England Liverpool 3
Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Vladimir Petrović Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Red Star Belgrade 3
England Gary Shaw England Aston Villa 3
England Peter Withe England Aston Villa 3
Bulgaria Tsvetan Yonchev Bulgaria CSKA Sofia 3


  1. ^ Dynamo Kyiv played their home match at Lokomotiv Stadium, Simferopol, instead of their regular stadium Republican Stadium, Kyiv, due to weather conditions.

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