2007 Championship Gaming Series season

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The 2007 Championship Gaming Series season is the 1st season of the Championship Gaming Series. It began on July 9, 2007 with the first match, New York 3D against Carolina Core. The first televised match was between famed electronic sports rivals New York 3D against Los Angeles Complexity. It was broadcast live on DirecTV's The 101 Network. This was the first live televised electronic sports match in the United States and the first live televised high definition electronic sports match.

Regular season standings[edit]

Region 1[edit]

Team Name W L Pts. For Pts. Against Diff.
Chicago Chimera 8 4 318 269 +49
San Francisco Optx 7 5 305 276 +29
Carolina Core 6 6 295 293 +2
New York 3D 6 6 288 307 -19
Los Angeles Complexity 5 7 246 279 -33
Dallas Venom 4 8 257 285 -28

North American/Region 1 Playoffs[edit]

2007 North American/Region 1 Playoff Seedings and Matchups

1. Chicago Chimera vs 4. New York 3D

2. San Francisco Optx vs 3. Carolina Core

2007 Championship Gaming Series North American/Region 1 Playoff Results


1. Chicago Chimera 25, 4. New York 3D 22

3. Carolina Core 22, 2. San Francisco Optx 19

North American Championship Game

1. Chicago Chimera 22, 3. Carolina Core 21

World final[edit]

List of Teams[edit]

Franchises that qualified for 2007 CGS World Final:

Chicago Chimera

Carolina Core

London Mint

Birmingham Salvo

Stockholm Magnetik

Seoul Jinhwa

Rio Sinistro

Mexico City Furia

Singapore Sword

Berlin Allianz

Sydney Underground

Wuhan Dragon (however they were unable to compete in the World Final due to not having valid visas to travel to and compete in the United States)

Round 1 Results[edit]

Birmingham Salvo 30, Rio Sinistro 16

Stockholm Magnetik 27, Sydney Underground 20

Carolina Core 36, Seoul Jinhwa 15

Mexico City was scheduled to play the Wuhan Dragon in the original bracket, but due to Wuhan's withdrawal, Mexico City got a first-round bye and would play the Berlin Allianz in the Quarterfinals.

Quarterfinal Results[edit]

Berlin Allianz 25, Mexico City Furia 21

Carolina Core 28, London Mint 15

Chicago Chimera 34, Stockholm Magnetik 9

Birmingham Salvo 28, Singapore Sword 18

Semifinal Results[edit]

Carolina Core 22, Berlin Allianz 21

Chicago Chimera 25, Birmingham Salvo 17

World Final Championship Match Result[edit]

Chicago Chimera 27[edit]

Carolina Core 15[edit]