Albania–China relations

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Albania-China relations
Map indicating locations of Albania and China



Albania–China relations refer to the current and historical relations of Albania and China. The two countries established diplomatic relations on November 23, 1949.[1] Albania has an embassy in Beijing and China has an embassy in Tirana.


Embassy of Albania in China

From the 1960s onwards, the People's Republic of Albania under Enver Hoxha, moved an annual resolution in the General Assembly to transfer China's seat at the UN from the Republic of China to the People's Republic of China. On October 25, 1971, Resolution 2758, sponsored by Albania, was passed by the General Assembly, withdrawing recognition of the ROC as the legitimate government of China, and recognizing the PRC as the sole legitimate government of China. China considers Albania an important part of its Belt and Road Initiative.[2]


In 2001, the two countries signed three agreements covering financial, mortgage and technical aspects of constructing a new hydroelectric power facility —to be known as Hydro Central— in northern Albania. China also pledged USD126 million in credit to the project.[3]

Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha visited Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao in April 2009. Wen put forth a four-point proposal to further cooperation with Albania. It urged both countries to:[4]

  • increase exchanges at all levels to cement political relations by using the opportunity of the 60th anniversary of Sino-Albanian ties;
  • promote substantial cooperation based on equality and reciprocity and put more emphasis on information technology, energy, infrastructure, and mining exploration;
  • expand cooperation in the areas of culture, public health, agriculture and tourism to enrich bilateral ties;
  • strengthen coordination in the United Nations and other international organizations to safeguard the interests of developing nations and unity of the United Nations.

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