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Annie Butler (4 June 1897 – 28 September 2009) was an English supercentenarian, who, at the age of 112, was the second-oldest person in the United Kingdom until her death in 2009.[1]

Born as Annie Elizabeth Allen in Barford, Warwickshire, she married Edward Butler in 1922. After the death of her husband in 1995, after 73 years of marriage, Butler moved to Leamington Spa, where she lived on her own. Her son credited her longevity to her clean living, remarking that "She has never smoked or done anything to excess and only drinks a little drop of sherry".[2][3]

At the time of her death Annie Butler was one of the 30 verified oldest living people and the fifth-oldest European. She was still living in her own home at the time of her death.[1]

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