Armenia–Canada relations

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Armenia-Canada relations
Map indicating locations of Armenia and Canada



Armenian–Canadian relations refer to Interstate relations between Armenia and Canada

Canada has been represented in Yerevan since 1997 by an Honorary Consul, Mr. Artashes Emin. The Canadian Embassy in Moscow is accredited to Armenia. Armenia opened an embassy in Ottawa in 1995.

Two-way trade in 2004 amounted to just under C$5 million. Canadian interests include a mining company and a high-profile chain of confectionery shops. Canada has a Foreign Investment Protection Agreement (FIPA), a Bilateral Trade Agreement with Armenia and a Double Taxation Agreement.

CIDA provides funding to Armenia through regional technical assistance projects. Further, a Canada Fund for local development projects is managed by the Canadian Embassy in Moscow (Russia), in areas that include trade policy capacity building, rural development, health projects and environmental programs.

In 2004 Canada officially recognized the Armenian Genocide. Though this has hardened relations with Turkey, it still gave a huge support(in advance to the Armenians) to the Armenian genocide.


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