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Alternative names White kimchi
Type Kimchi
Place of origin Korea
Main ingredients Napa cabbage
Cookbook: Baek-kimchi  Media: Baek-kimchi
Korean name
Hangul 백김치
Hanja 白--
Revised Romanization baek-gimchi
McCune–Reischauer paek-kimch'i
IPA [pɛ̝k̚.k͈im.tɕʰi]

Baek-kimchi[1] (백김치) or white kimchi[1] is a variety of kimchi made without the chili pepper powder commonly used for fermenting kimchi in Korean cuisine.[2] Baek kimchi has a mild and clean flavor, which appeals to children and the elderly, to whom the regular kimchi might be too spicy.[3] Baek kimchi consists of salted napa cabbage, radish, minari, spring onions, Korean pear, chestnuts, jujube, ginger, garlic, salt, sugar, and a little bit of shredded chili pepper as garnish.[4]

Baek kimchi's mild flavor and crunchy texture makes it a good appetizer when people order main dishes based on beef such as galbi or bulgogi at Korean restaurants. It is also used as a wrap for baek kimchi bossam.[5]

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