Beatrice Farve

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Beatrice Farve
Born Beatrice Scarlett
(1895-04-30)April 30, 1895
Camden County, Georgia
United States
Died January 19, 2009(2009-01-19)
(aged 113 years, 264 days)
Glynn County, Georgia
United States
Occupation Hotel employee
Known for Supercentenarian
Second oldest living person

Beatrice Farve (April 30, 1895 – January 19, 2009) was an American supercentenarian who was, at age 113, the world's second-oldest verified person. She was also the second-oldest person in the United States, and the second-oldest African American, all behind California resident Gertrude Baines. Farve was the oldest person living in Georgia although not the oldest living person to be born there, as Baines was also born there.


Farve, who was born in Spring Bluff, Georgia, moved to Brunswick, Georgia after 1910.[1] There she married Dennis "Destaris" John Farve, a World War I veteran, in 1921. The couple had five children, all still living at her death: Lottie Albury, 85; Bettie, 84; Rose, 82; Joan, 79; and Dennis Jr, 78.[1]

Farve became a Catholic in 1933.[2] She had been registered to vote since 1946. She drove her car until age 106, when her family took the keys away.[3]

Farve worked for many years as a hotel cleaning lady in hotels along Georgia's sea islands, including St. Simons Island. One of her favorite hobbies was to work in the garden.[3] In her old age, she sold Avon beauty products until 1995 at age 100.[1]

Farve died in her sleep on the afternoon of January 19, 2009.[3]

Age Issue[edit]

Beatrice Scarlett was listed with her parents in the 1900 census, as aged 5 (born April 1895)[4] and also in the 1910 census, at age 15.[5] Although her actual date of birth was uncertain, Farve traditionally celebrated her birthday "at the end of the month" in May. Since the 1910 census lists Farve as 15 years old on April 17, 1910, in her later life the family picked April 17 as her likely date of birth. Her Georgia ID card said "1905" on it, because the state's computers could not register "1895". Since the 1900 census lists both the month (April) and year, as well as current age - and because the 1910 census lists Farve as having been 15 in April 1910 - she was most likely born in April 1895.

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