Benin Air Force

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Benin air force
Roundel of Benin.svg
Part ofBenin Armed Forces
Aircraft flown
TransportBoeing 727, Hawker Siddeley HS 748, DHC-6 Twin Otter
A retired Beninese government Fokker F28 in 1982

The Benin Air Force (French: Force Aerienne du Bénin) is the air force of Benin.[1]


In 1960, the Beninese air force was equipped with seven French-supplied Douglas C-47s, four MH.1521 Broussards and two Agusta-Bell 47Gs. Two F-27s entered service in 1978 for transport duties, they were later transferred to Air Benin. Two An-26s were also acquired. In 1985 two Dornier Do-28s were to replace the C-47s. A DHC-6 Twin Otter entered service in 1989.


Current inventory[edit]

Aircraft Origin Type Variant In service Notes
Boeing 727 United States VIP 1[2]
Hawker Siddeley HS 748 United Kingdom transport 1[3]
DHC-6 Twin Otter Canada utility transport 1[3]
LH10 Ellipse France surveillance 2 on order[citation needed]

Retired inventory[edit]

Antonov An-26, Douglas C-47, Fokker F.27, Do-28, Fokker F28 Fellowship, Boeing 707, MH.1521 Broussards, Agusta-Bell 47G, Aero Commander 500B,

Roundel evolution[edit]


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