Brick Fiesta

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Brick Fiesta
Brick Fiesta logo.jpg
Status Active
Genre LEGO
Venue The Westin Galleria
Location(s) TexasAustin and Houston, Texas
Country  United States
Inaugurated 2011[1]

Brick Fiesta or BrickFiesta is a Lego convention and exhibition held yearly in Texas, United States. It was first held in 2011 at Austin, Texas. It is a four-day event, operating generally Thursday through Sunday, and is typically held during the late June or early July. The convention displays LEGO models, displays and trains covering about 35,000 square feet of convention space. In 2011, several thousand attendees filled the convention throughout its public hours.

History and organization[edit]

Brick Fiesta is a non-profit, fan-run, family friendly annual LEGO fan convention. Unlike other LEGO fan conventions, Brick Fiesta moves each year, among four major Texas cities: Austin, Houston, Dallas, & San Antonio. The first Brick Fiesta convention was held as a four-day convention in 2011 at the Omni Southpark hotel in Austin.[1]

Private convention[edit]

The function of the Private Convention is to provide a venue for adult fans of LEGO to bring and display their own Lego creations. The event brings together the online fan community and helps fans to explore and develop their Lego hobby. Activities at the convention include presentations, classes, contests, games, and many experiences unique to Lego conventions.

Public exhibition[edit]

The main focus of the Public Exhibition is to invite Lego fans of all ages and the general public to view hundreds of hobbyist-built creations and meet their creators. Also available to visitors are the vendors, who sell LEGO sets, creations, designs, and individual pieces.

Locations and dates[edit]

Dates Location Registrants Attendance
June 30 - July 3, 2011[1] Omni Southpark, Austin, Texas[1] ~100[1]
July 4–8, 2012 Westin Galleria, Houston, Texas ~300[2] ~4000[2]
July 4–7, 2013 Hampton Inn, Mesquite, Texas ~400 ~4500
July 3–6, 2014 DoubleTree (San Antonio Airport), San Antonio, Texas ~175
July 23–26, 2015 Doubletree, Austin, Texas ~200 ~5000
July 7–10, 2016 Westin Galleria, Houston, Texas ~200 ~3000
June 29 - July 2, 2017 Hampton Inn, Mesquite, Texas TBA TBA


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