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Lego Monster Fighters
Subject Monsters
Availability 2012–2012
Total sets 13
Characters Dr. Rodney Rathbone
Lord Vampyre
Frank Rock
Ann Lee
Major Quinton Steele
Jack McHammer

Lego Monster Fighters is a Lego theme based on classic monsters from horror fiction genre. The characters fight Lord Vampyre's monsters and collecting the moonstones. The theme takes place in the Monster Realm.


Detective Dr. Rodney Rathbone finds out that Lord Vampyre, the ruler of the Monster Realm, wants to turn day into night forever and unleash his army of monsters into the world of mortal minifigures. To accomplish his plan Lord Vampyre must gather six magic moonstones and use them in a machine of his own creation, which can direct magic of this gems and begin eternal eclipse of the Sun. Dr. Rodney Rathbone has a map of moonstones locations drawn by his great-great-great-grandfig. He and his team of the Monster Fighters embark on a mission to prevent monsters from completing their evil plot.


  • Doctor Rodney Rathbone: the leader of the Monster Fighters, an aristocrat from London, explorer, and the great-great-great-grandfig of the first minifigure to ever walk into the Monster Realm. Has a prostetic leg.
  • Major Quinton Steele: an old-fashioned hunter for exotic prey, who uses valuable rare weapons such as a blunderbuss. He was borne in Safaraway, Africa. First met Dr. Rodney Rathbone when he was searching for a new hunting challenge. Has a prostetic telescopic eye.
  • Frank Rock (Franklin Rhodes): a motorcyclist rebel, who wanted to find his missing dog, believed to be abducted by swamp ghouls. He wears a mirror sunglasses.
  • Jack McHammer: a burly lumberjack from Scotland or Canada, he never leaves home without his hammer. He has a prostetic arm, because his own one was cutted off by the Crazy Scientist, who needed parts for creating a monster.
  • Ann Lee: a brave pilot, proficient in the art of broomstickajitzu and archery, who uses ammo as accessories and household items as weapons.
  • Lord Vampyre: the ruler of the Monster Realm. He planned to present the precious moonstone to his wife, but discovered its magical powers and decided to keep the gem for himself. He built a machine, which can create an eclipse using the power of six of the moonstones and turn day into night forever, so monsters could roam freely. Like regular vampires he sleeps during the day in a coffin or upside down, can transform into a bat, and fears sunlight and garlic. He likes to play the organ for his wife. His red moonstone gives power to control minions.
  • The wife of Lord Vampyre: a master of hexes and poisons. She wanted to get a gem from her husband, but after Lord Vampyre acquired it, he became more inattentive to her remorse.
  • The Swamp Creature: a fig-fish with gills, scales, fins and hypnotic gaze, strong swimmer. He inhabits swamp marshes of the Monster Realm. His yellowy-green moonstone gives power to control water.
  • The Mummy: an ancient mummy, who roams desert roads of the Monster Realm at night on his chariot with fire-eyed skeleton horse. He searches for anyone to take revenge on. Possesses super strength and ancient magic. His purple moonstone gives power to magnify the curses.
  • The Werewolf: a hairy camper and fan of the Grateful Undead band by day, and a werewolf from Drachwald forest by night. He likes outdoor concerts and playing fetch or frisbee. His orange moonstone gives superhuman strength and speed.
  • The Crazy Scientist: a mad scientist, who cutted of Jack McHammer's arm and used it in making the Monster in his underground laboratory. He is in possession of the green moonstone, which gives him power to create life through the lightning and enormous strength to his Monster.
  • The Monster: the creation of the Crazy Scientist, made from the bricks of minifigures and high-voltage electricity. Though he has big strength, he's not too smart and is easily puzzled or distracted.
  • The Ghosts: three ghosts, who inhabit the Moor of Woe and Wailing and the Haunted House. They like shopping at Boobash and Beyond store. They don't like bright light. Their blue moonstone gives power to pass through solid objects, it is kept in the Ghost Train.
  • The Zombies: different zombies living in the Monster Realm. Among them are the Zombie Driver, the Zombie Groom, the Zombie Bride, the Zombie Chef, and the Zombie Butler. The Zombie Driver works as a valet for Lord Vampyre, he is loyal and hard-working servant, who is known to do as his master wishes, putting himself in the most perilous of situations, doing the most horrible jobs, and protecting the Vampyre family. The Zombie Groom and the Zombie Bride are always together, they live in the Monster Realm graveyard, where they were brought back to life by the Voodoo Doctor. The Zombie Chef and the Zombie Butler work in the Haunted Hause, where Lord Vampyre lives. The Zombies' pink moonstone gives power to re-create life.
  • Manbats: an army of man-sized vampire bats, who protect the castle of Lord Vampyre, where he built his eclipse machine.


  • 9461 The Swamp Creature

Minifigs: Frank Rock, the Swamp Creature

Animals: Grey Fish, Green Frog

  • 9462 The Mummy

Minifigs: Ann Lee, the Mummy

Animals: White Skeleton Horse, Golden Scorpion

  • 9463 The Werewolf

Minifigs: Major Quinton Steele, the Werewolf

Animals: Metallic Frog

  • 9464 The Vampyre Hearse

Minifigs: Doctor Rodney Rathbone, Lord Vampyre, the Zombie Driver

  • 9465 The Zombies

Minifigs: Jack McHammer, the Zombie Driver, the Zombie Bride, the Zombie Groom

Animals: White Spider, Black Bat

  • 9466 The Crazy Scientist & His Monster

Minifigs: Doctor Rodney Rathbone, Major Quinton Steele, the Crazy Scientist, the Monster

Animals: White Spider, White Rat, Green Frog

  • 9467 The Ghost Train

Minifigs: Frank Rock, Ann Lee, 3 Ghosts

  • 9468 Vampyre Castle

Minifigs: Doctor Rodney Rathbone, Jack McHammer, Lord Vampyre, Lord Vampyre's Bride, 2 Manbats, Skeleton

Animals: White Spider, White Rat, 2 Black Bats, Green Frog

  • 10228 Haunted Hause

Minifigs: Lord Vampyre, Lord Vampyre's Bride, the Zombie Chef, the Zombie Butler, 2 Ghosts

Animals: Black Spider, Black Bat, Green Snake

  • 30200 Zombie Chauffeur Coffin Car

Minifigs: the Zombie Driver

  • 30201 Ghost

Minifigs: the Ghost

  • 40076 Zombie Car

Minifigs: the Zombie Driver

Animals: White Spider

  • 5000644 Monster Fighters promotional pack

Minifigures: Skeleton

Animals: White Spider, Black Bat


  • All the sets of The Monster Fighters Lego theme except 9461 and 30200 include glow-in-the-dark parts. Also the theme introduced several new parts.
  • Some characters from the Monster Fighters theme appeared in The Lego Batman Movie as antagonists from the Phantom Zone.
  • On official Lego website was placed the Monster Fighters game.[1][2]
  • After the release of the Monster Fighters Polish priest Slawomir Kostrzewa criticized the theme as "a tool of Satan".[3][4]


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