Bricklin EVX/LS

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Manufacturer Visionary Vehicles
Production 2010
Body and chassis
Class Plug-in hybrid sedan
Wheelbase 124 in (3,150 mm)
Length 205 in (5,207 mm)
Width 78 in (1,981 mm)
Height 57 in (1,448 mm)
Curb weight 3,900 lb (1,800 kg)

The Bricklin EVX/LS was a planned plug-in hybrid electric vehicle from auto maker Visionary Vehicles. The car was to be a 4-door, 5-passenger luxury sedan.

The EVX/LS would go from zero to sixty miles per hour in 5.9 seconds with an 850-mile range at 100 mpg [clarification needed]. The fuel would be a hybrid of gasoline and electricity powered by a lithium-ion battery.

Visionary Vehicles was looking to charge around $35,000. The company was looking to premiere the vehicle in production in 2010.