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1989 Series 2 Changeables toys as robots.
1989 Series 2 Changeables toys as food.

Changeables, also known as McRobots, was a toy series produced by the McDonald's corp. and given away with fast-food meals at their restaurants. The series used the popular "Transforming Robots" toy concept in conjunction with their own products. The robots could transform into items (mostly food) from the company.
There were three series (1987, 1989 and 1990) of McRobots.

The original series featured six food items that transformed into unnamed robots. The second series included re-colors of two Series 1 robots (Big Mac and Large Fries) and six new molds. Series 2 also gave the robots names. Series 3 consisted of eight new toys that became dinosaurs instead of robots. This set reused food items from previous series but were new molds, with the exception of the ice cream cone, remolded from Series 2, and the Happy Meal that was new to the line.

Intended for use by small children, the Changeables line of toys was surprisingly sturdy as each figure was made from fairly thick plastic and typically contained only three moving parts. This made changing the individual figures from food item to robot/dinosaur and back fairly easy even for those within the intended age range. There were also some under-3 (U-3) toys in the sets that did not transform.

Two Changeables (Cheeseburger and Happy Meal-O-Don) were released as part of the Happy Meal's 40th anniversary surprise toy assortment.[1] These were new molds based on the originals with minor color and sculpting changes. In particular, the Hamburger Changeable's food mode is new to the line, despite reusing the robot mode of the Quarter Pounder.

Series 1 (1987)[edit]

Series 2 (1989)[edit]

  • Big Mac / Macro Mac (Re-color from Series 1)
  • Large Fries / Fry Force (Re-color from Series 1)
  • Small Soft Drink / Krypto Cup
  • Small Fries / Fry Bot
  • Hot Cakes / Robo-Cakes
  • Quarter Pounder (Box) / Gallacta Pounder
  • Cheeseburger / C2
  • Ice Cream / Turbo Cone
  • (U-3) Pals Changeable Cube

Series 3 (1990)[edit]

  • Happy Meal-O-Don
  • McDino Cone
  • Hot Cakes-O-Dactyl
  • Fry-ceratops
  • Big Mac-O-Saurus Rex
  • Tri-Shake-atops
  • McNuggets-O-Saurus
  • Quarter Pounder with Cheese-O-Saur
  • (U-3) Bronto Cheeseburger
  • (U-3) Small Fry-cerotops

40 Anniversary Surprise Series (2019)[edit]

  • Hamburger Changeable
  • Happy Meal-O-Don


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