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City of Monash
Location of Monash within the Melbourne metropolitan area.
Population200,077 (2018)[1] (29th)
 • Density2,454.9/km2 (6,358/sq mi)
Area81.5 km2 (31.5 sq mi)[1]
MayorStuart James
Council seatGlen Waverley
State electorate(s)
Federal division(s)
Monash city logo.svg
Website[[1] City of Monash]
LGAs around City of Monash:
Boroondara Whitehorse Maroondah
Stonnington City of Monash Knox
Glen Eira Kingston Dandenong

The City of Monash is a local government area in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne with an area of 81.5 square kilometres and a population of 200,077 people in 2016.[1]


Monash has a diverse population, with 45% of its residents born overseas (compared to 29.0% across Melbourne),[2] coming from more than 30 countries,[3] with significant Chinese, UK, Greek, Indian, Malaysian and Sri Lankan populations.[2] 42.4% of residents own their own home outright, compared to 33.1% in Melbourne,[4] and 37.3% across Australia.[5] The city is well educated, with 25.1% having a bachelor or higher degree (compared to 19.6% across Melbourne.[6]

Selected historical census data for City of Monash Council local government area
Census Year 2006 2011[7] 2016[8]
Population Estimated residents on census night 169,280 182,618
% of Victoria population 3.08%
% of Australian population 0.8%
Cultural and language diversity
Ancestry, top responses Chinese 19.6%
English 14.7%
Australian 12.7%
Greek 5.7%
Indian 5.5%
Language, top responses (other than English) Mandarin 14.7%
Greek 5.7%
Cantonese 4.8%
Sinhalese 2.5%
Italian 2.1%
Religious affiliation
Religious affiliation, top responses No religion, so described 31.4%
Catholic 18.9%
Not stated 8.2%
Eastern Orthodox 7.3%
Buddhism 6.8%
Median weekly incomes
Personal income Median weekly personal income A$569
% of Australian median income 85.95%
Family income Median weekly family income A$1,809
% of Australian median income 104.33%
Household income Median weekly household income A$1,512
% of Australian median income 105.15%


The City of Monash was once hunting grounds for the Bunurong people. The City of Monash, named after World War I commander Sir John Monash[9] and the local Monash University (established 1958), was created on 15 December 1994 when the state government amalgamated local councils all over Victoria, merging a substantial portion of the former City of Oakleigh with the whole of the former City of Waverley.[10]



Year Mayor #
1997-1998 Cr Peter Vlahos 1
1998-1999 Cr Gill Clare 2
1999-2000 Cr Peter Holdsworth 3
2000-2001 Cr Matthew Evans 4
2001-2002 Cr Tom Morrissey 5
2002-2003 Cr Geoff Lake 6
2003-2004 Cr Geoff Lake
2004 Cr Joy Banerji 7 (shortened due to change in election terms)
2004-2005 Cr Stephen Dimopoulos 8
2005-2006 Cr Joy Banerji
2006-2007 Tom Morrissey 9
2007-2008 Cr Paul Klisaris 10
2008-2009 Cr Paul Klisaris
2009-2010 Cr Charlotte Baines 11
2010-2011 Cr Greg Male 12
2011-2012 Cr Stefanie Perri 13
2012-2013 Cr Micaela Drieberg 14
2013-2014 Cr Geoff Lake
2014-2015 Cr Paul Klisaris
2015-2016 Cr Stefanie Perri (resigned April '16 to run for Chisholm)
2016 Cr Geoff Lake (April to October)
2016-2017 Cr Rebecca Paterson 15
2017-2018 Cr Paul Klisaris
2018-2019 Cr Shane McCluskey 16
2019-2020 Cr Stuart James 17
2020-2021 Cr Brian Little 18
2021-2022 Cr Stuart James



Party Councillors
  Labor 7
  Greens 2
  Independent 1
  Liberal 1
Total 11
Ward Councillor Party
Glen Waverley   Geoff Lake Labor
  Nicky Luo Labor
Mount Waverley   Rebecca Paterson Labor
  Brian Little Labor
  Anjalee de Silva Greens
Mulgrave   Paul Kilsaris Labor
Shane McCluskey Independent
Tina Samardzija Labor
Theo Zographos Liberal
  Josh Fergeus Greens
  Stuart James Labor

Single-member wards, 2000-2005[edit]

Ward 2000-2003 2003-2005
Central Matthew Evans Ross Smith
Damper Tom Morrissey Joy Banerji
Huntingdale Felicity Smith Steve Dimopoulos
Jell Peter Holdsworth Peter McCall
Napier Geoff Lake Geoff Lake
University Peter Vlahos Brian Little
Warrigal Paul Klisaris Vicki Bouziotis
Wellington Kathy Magee Jeanne Solity

Multi-member wards, 2005-2024[edit]

Ward 2005-2008[11] 2008-2012[12] 2012-2016[13] 2016-2020[14]
Glen Waverley Geoff Lake Geoff Lake Geoff Lake Geoff Lake
Dane Manzie Greg Male Katrina Nolan Lynette Saloumi
Mount Waverley Joy Banerji Joy Banerji Brian Little Brian Little
Tom Morrissey Tom Morrissey Tom Morrissey Rebecca Paterson (2013 CB)[15] Rebecca Paterson
Ryan Brown Jieh-Yung Lo Jieh-Yung Lo MT Pang Tsoi
Mulgrave Paul Klisaris Paul Klisaris Paul Klisaris John Sharkey (2016 CB)[16] Paul Klisaris
Charlotte Baines Charlotte Baines Robert Davies Shane McCluskey
Craig Shiell Micaela Drieberg Micaela Drieberg Robert Davies
Oakleigh Steve Dimopoulos Steve Dimopoulos Steve Dimopoulos Stefanie Perri

(2014 CB)[17]

Nga Hosking

(2016 CB)[18]

Stuart James
Denise McGill Denise McGill Bill Pontikis Josh Fergeus
Gerry Kottek Stefanie Perri Theo Zographos Theo Zographos

CB = Countback after previous Councillor retired or died



There are 27 primary and 9 secondary state-based schools in the city of Monash.[19]


Monash Gallery of Art[edit]

The premier cultural facility of the City of Monash is the Monash Gallery of Art (MGA), located at 860 Ferntree Gully Road, Wheelers Hill. MGA is the Australian home of photography and a leading public gallery. MGA collects, preserves, presents and interprets Australian Photography, providing cultural enrichment to its audiences through innovative engagement, exhibition and education programs. MGA's collection features over 2,500 photographs reflecting the history and development of Australian photographic practice from the 19th century to today. The collection is diverse and includes many iconic images and the work of photographers recognised as nationally significant.[20]

Speak the Wind, an exhibition of photographs by Hoda Afshar, takes place from 29 April to 22 May 2022, as one of a series of official exhibitions of PHOTO 2022: International Festival of Photography, taking place in Melbourne and regional Victoria.[21] Afshar published a book of the same name in 2021, which includes an essay by Michael Taussig[22] and documents the landscapes and people of the islands of Hormuz, Qeshm, and Hengam, in the Persian Gulf off the south coast of Iran.[23][24][25]

Sporting Teams[edit]


Australian Rules[edit]


Public Libraries[edit]

  • Monash Public Library Service provides library service through six branch libraries: Clayton, Glen Waverley, Mount Waverley, Mulgrave, Oakleigh and Wheelers Hill, as well as a Home Library Service.


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