Coat of arms of Grimstad

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Coat of arms of Grimstad. The official coat of arms also has a gold mural crown.

The Coat of arms of Grimstad usually has a shield form typical of the early period of modern Norwegian heraldry. The shield is blue (PMS299) and the motive is a gold (PMS 871) brig sailing towards the heraldic right on three gold waves. The particular sails the ship is carrying is also specified. Atop the shield sits a gold mural crown with four towers. The four towers symbolise the four former municipalities joined to form the present Grimstad municipality: Grimstad, Eide, Landvik and Fjære.

The coat of arms is based on a local official seal preserved from 1839, but probably from 1816 when Grimstad received city privileges. The coat of arms was first presented in 1899 by Reidar Haavin. His design was used until 1985. From 1984 Kjell Westermark Mørch revised the design to get it as close to the strict heraldic rules of Norwegian municipal heraldry without removing the features deemed typical of Grimstad. However, due to the use of two charges the coat of arms did not receive Royal approval. The design was still approved by the Grimstad city council on 25 March 1985.