Coquihalla Summit Recreation Area

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Coquihalla Summit Recreation Area is a Provincial Recreation Area in the Cascade Mountains of southern British Columbia, Canada, located at and around the summit of the Coquihalla Pass and similarly named highway. It was created on September 4, 1987 and contains approximately 5750 ha.[1][2]

The location is in a transition zone between the coastal and southern interior environments, with four different biogeoclimatic zones in evidence. The Recreation Area was established to protect the Coast-Cascade Dry belt landscape. It also provides highway travellers opportunities for viewing granite peaks, wildlife and historic features such as the Kettle Valley Railway and old Coquihalla Highway, both of which were earlier routes through the area.[2]


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Coordinates: 49°35′30″N 121°07′00″W / 49.59167°N 121.11667°W / 49.59167; -121.11667