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제19회 부천국제판타스틱영화제 개막식 레드카펫 part.2 04.jpg
Dana in 2015
Native name 홍성미
Born Hong Sung-mi
(1986-07-17) 17 July 1986 (age 31)
Musical career
Years active 2001–present
Labels S.M. Entertainment
Associated acts
Korean name
Hanja 洪性美
Revised Romanization Hong Seong-mi
McCune–Reischauer Hong Sŏng-mi

Hong Sung-mi (born 17 July 1986), known professionally as Dana, is a South Korean singer and musical actress[2] and vocal coach.[1] Although she was originally a solo singer debuted in 2001 and later debuted as a member of South Korean girl group The Grace in 2005.[3]


2001–2003: Career Beginnings[edit]

Prior to debut, she received promotion as an actress in popular boyband H.O.T's Age of Peace movie[4] and in Kangta's "Polaris" music video.[5]

Starting off as a solo artist on Lee Soo Man's SM Entertainment label,[3] Dana was labeled the "next BoA".[6]

In 2001 she released her fairly successful debut single "Sesang kkeut kkaji" (Until The End of The World), an adapted song of "Tell Me No More Lies" composed by European songwriter Stefan Aberg.[4] She followed up with "Diamond", a pop/dance track featuring Jung Yunho (U-Know, who eventually became a member of TVXQ in 2003).[7]

Her career blossomed and continued with promotion by appearing on variety shows such as X-Man, as well as playing a main role in the sitcom Nonstop. Her second album "Maybe" was released in 2003, however, sold poorly.[6] From that point on, she disappeared from the music industry (aside from SMTOWN collaborations) until the debut of The Grace

2005–2011: The Grace and Dana&Sunday[edit]

Dana redebuted as a member of South Korea girl group The Grace in 2005.[5] The group debuted on April 29, 2005 in China and May 1, 2005 in South Korea. For the group's fourth Japanese single, she composed the musicto her own solo song "Sayonara No Mukou Ni".[citation needed]As of 2010, the group was indefinite hiatus.

Starting in May 2010, Dana started her musical acting career with played role on Daejanggeum Season Three.[8] Later the same year, she starred in Rock of Ages as Sherrie.[9]

In late 2010 and early 2011, she starred as Constance in The Three Musketeers.[10] She commented in an interview about being nervous about having to kiss Super Junior Kyuhyun.[11]

In June 2011, after an image leaked of SM Entertainments itinerary for 2011 showing a release a new single by CSJH, SM confirmed later that CSJH would be making a comeback with a new image.[12] On 8 July 2011, CSJH's Dana & Sunday made a comeback as a sub-unit with a digital single titled 'One More Chance', the single was released on 11 July.[13]

2012–present: Solo activities[edit]

From March 2012 to June 2012, she was cast as Brenda Strong for the re-run of the musical Catch Me If You Can.[14] In September 2013, she starred as Bonnie for the musical Bonnie and Clyde.[15] In February 2014, she returned to cast as Constance in The Three Musketeers.[16] In early 2015, she was cast as Joy for the musical Robin Hood.

After 13-years, Dana returned as soloist with release "Touch You" on May 20, 2016, as a part of S.M Entertainment project "SM Station".[17] She starred to promotion this song on SBS The Show on May 24.

Personal life[edit]

On May 4, 2016, during MBC's Radio Star, Dana revealed that she had been in a relationship for three years.[18] It was later revealed that Dana's boyfriend is Lee Ho-jae, who is a film/music video director.[19][20][21]


Studio albums[edit]

Title Album details Sales
남겨둔 이야기 (Maybe)
  • Released: October 1, 2003
  • Label: S.M. Entertainment
  • Formats: CD, digital download
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released in that region.


Title Year Peak chart positions Sales Album
Gaon Chart

"세상끝까지" 2001 DANA
"Maybe" 2003 Maybe
"What is Love?"
"Touch You" 2016 228 Non album-single
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released in that region.


Albums Release Dates
Christmas Winter Vacation in SMTown.com - Angel Eyes 4 December 2001
Summer Vacation in SMTown.com 10 June 2002
2002 Winter Vacation in SMTown.com - My Angel My Light 6 December 2002
2003 Summer Vacation in SMTown.com 18 June 2003
2003 Winter Vacation in SMTown.com 8 December 2003
2004 Summer Vacation in SMTown.com 2 July 2004
2006 Summer SMTown 20 June 2006
2006 Winter SMTown - Snow Dream 12 December 2006
Billie Jean Look at Me OST 24 January 2007
Air City OST (MBC TV Drama) 23 May 2007
2007 Summer SMTown - Fragile 5 July 2007
2007 Winter SMTown - Only Love 10 December 2007
2011 Winter SMTown – The Warmest Gift 13 December 2011

Songs written by Dana[edit]

Year Song Album Artist Label Lyrics Music
Credited With Credited With
2006 Sayonara No Mukou Ni Juicy Love Dana Rhythm Zone N/A N/A Yes N/A
2013 No More Pink Tape f(x) SM Entertainment Yes N/A No N/A



Year Title Role Notes
2000 (평화의 시대) Age of Peace Dana 3D Movie
2015 (설지) Sunshine Sulji


Year Title Role Notes
2012 (아모레미오) Amore Mio Mi-rae (미래) Special Drama
2016 (황금주머니) Golden Pouch Geum Doo-na (금두나) Daily Drama


Year Title Channel Role Notes
2002 Nonstop 3 MBC Dana Sitcom
2003 Dana's DMZ (Daily Music Zone) iTV MC
2004 X-Man SBS Guest
2011 Bravo, My Love! MBC cameo Sitcom
Let's Go! Dream Team Season 2 KBS2 Guest
Immortal Songs 2 KBS2 Guest
Strong Heart SBS Guest
1000 Songs Challenge SBS Guest
2012 Opera Star Season 2 tvN Regular Cast with Kim Jong Seo, Park Ji Yoon, 8eight’s Joo Hee, Son Ho Young, Park Ki Youn
2014 Law of the Jungle in Solomon SBS Regular Cast with Tao, Kikwang, Kim Tae-woo
2016 King of Mask Singer MBC Contestant As Heart Racing Snow Queen

Musical theater[edit]

Year Title Role Notes
2002 Peter Pan Wendy Musical
2010 (고궁뮤지컬 대장금) Daejanggeum Season Three Seo Jang-geum (서장금) Musical
(락 오브 에이지) Rock of Ages Sherrie Christian Musical also starring Sunday, Onew, and Jay
2010–2011 (삼총사)The Three Musketeers Constance Musical also starring Kyuhyun and Jay
2012 (캐치 미 이프 유캔) Catch Me If You Can Brenda Strong Musical also starring Kyuhyun, Key and Sunny
2013 (보니 앤 클라이드) Bonnie and Clyde Bonnie Musical
2013–2014 (삼총사)The Three Musketeers Constance Musical also starring Jun.K , Key and J-min
2015 Robin Hood Joy Musical also starring Cho Kyuhyun, Yang Yoseob


Solo Music Video[edit]

  • 세상끝까지
  • Diamond
  • 남겨둔 이야기 (Maybe)
  • What is Love (Original Ver.)


South Korean Performing Arts Awards[edit]

Year Category Work Result
2001 Newcomer Award N/A Won

Mnet Asian Music Awards[edit]

Year Category Work Result
2001 Best New Female Artist "Until the End of the World"[23] Nominated

MTV Style Awards[edit]

Year Category Work Result
2003 Annual Korean Artist Award N/A Won

Special awards[edit]

Chinese Ministry of Culture[edit]

Year Category Work Result
2003 Minister Contribution Award N/A Won


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