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Duck Duck Goose
An animated movie.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byChris Jenkins
Produced byPenney Finkelman Cox
Sandra Rabins
Written byRob Muir
Chris Jenkins
Scott Atkinson
Tegan West
Music byMark Isham
Edited byLisa Linder-Silver
Original Force Animation[1]
Wanda Media Co., Ltd[2]
Jiangsu Yuandongli Computer Animation Co.,Ltd[2]
Distributed byGEM Entertainment
Film & TV House
(North America)
Release date
  • March 9, 2018 (2018-03-09) (China)[1]
  • July 20, 2018 (2018-07-20) (United States)[3]
Running time
91 minutes[4]
CountryUnited States
Box office$15.3 million[5]

Duck Duck Goose is a 2018 computer-animated comedy film directed by Chris Jenkins and starring the voices of Jim Gaffigan, Zendaya and Carl Reiner.[6][7][8] An international co-production between the United States and China, the film was released in China in March 2018 with an intended North American theatrical release date of April 2018; it was quietly pulled from the schedule and was made available on Netflix on July 20, 2018.


Peng is a carefree goose whose flock is migrating in China. His attitude and demeanor is disapproved by leader Bing, who he and his flock abandon while Peng is asleep. Meanwhile, Chi and Chao, a pair of ducklings on their way to a mystical place called Pleasant Valley, ends up being separated from their flock due to a careless stunt from Peng. To hide from a sinister cat named Banzou, they end up sleeping with Peng after they see him fending off Banzou. Surprised by their presence, Peng ends up recklessly flying away from them before he breaks his wing with a gong. Flightless and frightened, Peng decides to use the ducklings to fend himself off from predators, and return safely to his flock. The ducklings reluctantly agree to go with him.

After a series of misadventures, Peng starts to grow on the ducklings, however, before he agrees to help the ducklings reunite with their flock, he comes across his own flock, where Chi and Chao discover his true intentions. The two groups end up parting their own separate ways, as they try to get to their destinations. Peng attempts to fly one more time, but is soon knocked down by hermit squirrel Carl. Carl builds Peng a makeshift wing for him. Inspired, Peng decides to use the wing to head back to Chi and Chao. However, when the ducklings reunite with their flock, they soon realize that Pleasant Valley is actually a restaurant that serves ducklings. Peng rescues Chi and Chao, however, during their escape, they get separated again. Banzou returns and holds the ducklings hostage, Peng confronts Banzou, but becomes badly injured from fighting him. Chi and Chao light a rocket and launches him into the sky.

Weakened, Peng tries to bring Chi and Chou back with his flock, but a snow storm makes him worse. The ducklings fly him towards the spring where the geese are, and Chao, remembering a honk Peng taught him calls for Peng's girlfriend Jingjing, who ultimately ends up rescuing him. The geese welcome the ducks to their flock, and Bing allows the ducks in the flock, having proven wrong of his judgment towards Peng. Peng introduces Jingjing to Chi and Chao, and tells her that might end up having more children.

In a mid credits scene, Larry, a turtle, makes his way to valley, only to find everyone gone.



The film was released in China on March 9, 2018. There, it would go on to gross $5,865,892 by the end of April. In other territories, it earned $9,434,082 for a worldwide total of $15,299,974.[5]

It was originally intended to be theatrically released in the United States by Open Road Films on April 20, 2018 before being removed from the release schedule, and ultimately ending up as a Netflix original film, with a projected release of July 20.


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