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Cyberpunk: Edgerunners
Promotional poster
Created by
Based onCyberpunk 2077
by CD Projekt Red
Screenplay by
  • Masahiko Otsuka
  • Yoshiki Usa
Story by
  • Bartosz Sztybor
  • Jan Bartkowicz
  • Łukasz Ludkowski
Directed byHiroyuki Imaishi
Creative directorHiromi Wakabayashi
Voices of
Opening theme
Ending theme
ComposerAkira Yamaoka
Country of origin
  • Japan
  • Poland
Original languageJapanese
No. of episodes10
Executive producers
  • Rafał Jaki
  • Dylan Thomas
  • Taiki Sakurai
  • Yoshiki Usa
  • Bartosz Sztybor
  • Saya Elder
  • Satoru Homma
EditorMasato Yoshitake
Running time23–26 minutes
Production companies
Original release
ReleaseSeptember 13, 2022 (2022-09-13)

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners (Japanese: サイバーパンク エッジランナーズ, Hepburn: Saibāpanku Edjirannāzu) is a 2022 cyberpunk web anime series based on the video game Cyberpunk 2077 by CD Projekt Red.[2] The series was animated by Japanese animation studio Trigger under the supervision of Polish CD Projekt and premiered on Netflix in September 2022.[3] Set in the Cyberpunk universe created by Mike Pondsmith, the anime serves as a prequel to the game and takes place about a year before the events of Cyberpunk 2077.

Upon its release, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners received critical acclaim, with praise directed at its characters, animation, and worldbuilding.[4] In October 2022, CD Projekt announced that the anime would not be receiving a second season and stated that, while they were open to collaborating with Trigger for future projects, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners had always been planned as a standalone work.[5]



Cyberpunk: Edgerunners is set in Night City, a self-reliant metropolis located in the Free State of California that suffers from extensive corruption, cybernetic addiction, and gang violence. The city is split into six districts, each of which has its own precise living requirements, and is controlled by several megacorporations, including Arasaka and its rival Militech. The anime's story is primarily set in Santo Domingo, the oldest, poorest, and most industrial district of Night City.


In a dystopia overrun by corruption, crime, and cybernetic implants, an impulsive but talented street kid named David, after losing everything he has in a drive-by shooting, makes the choice to survive on the wrong side of the law as an "edgerunner": a high-tech, black-market mercenary also known as a "cyberpunk".


David Martinez (デイビッド・マルティネス, Deibiddo Marutinesu)
Voiced by: Kenn[6] (Japanese); Zach Aguilar[7] (English)
A Latino American teenager who is a top student at the prestigious Arasaka Academy. Due to coming from a poor family, he is relentlessly bullied by his classmates and feels like he does not belong at school. A sudden and devastating tragedy leads him to abandon his education and puts him on the path of becoming an edgerunner.
Lucyna "Lucy" Kushinada (ルーシー, Rūshī)
Voiced by: Aoi Yūki[6] (Japanese); Emi Lo[8] (English)
A young netrunner who becomes romantically involved with David and introduces him to the criminal underworld of Night City. She has a particular hatred towards Arasaka and dreams of traveling to the Moon.
Rebecca (レベッカ, Rebekka)
Voiced by: Tomoyo Kurosawa[6] (Japanese); Alex Cazares[8] (English)
A trigger-happy edgerunner and a member of Maine's crew. She is also Pilar's younger sister.
Maine (メイン, Mein)
Voiced by: Hiroki Tōchi[6] (Japanese); William C. Stephens[8] (English)
A veteran edgerunner who commands his own crew. He is one of Gloria's clients and allows David to join the crew under his guidance.
Dorio (ドリオ)
Voiced by: Michiko Kaiden[6] (Japanese); Marie Westbrook[8] (English)
Maine's girlfriend and second-in-command.
Pilar (ピラル, Piraru)
Voiced by: Wataru Takagi[6] (Japanese); Ian James Corlett[8] (English)
A foul-mouthed techie and a member of Maine's crew. He is also Rebecca's older brother.
Kiwi (キーウィ, Kīwi)
Voiced by: Takako Honda[6] (Japanese); Stephanie Wong[8] (English)
A veteran netrunner who is often cold and stoic, and a member of Maine's crew.
Falco (ファルコ, Faruko)
Voiced by: Yasuyuki Kase[9] (Japanese); Matthew Mercer[10] (English)
A member of Maine's crew who works as the group's getaway driver.
Faraday (ファラデー, Faradē)
Voiced by: Kazuhiko Inoue[6] (Japanese); Giancarlo Esposito[8] (English)
A fixer who works for Militech. He has a business relationship with Maine's crew and often hires them to conduct jobs that usually involve them performing corporate espionage against Arasaka.
Ripperdoc (リパードク, Ripādoku)
Voiced by: Kenjiro Tsuda[6] (Japanese); Borge Etienne[8] (English)
A local ripperdoc who helps upgrade and install David's cybernetic implants, as well as providing him with the required immunosuppressants.
Gloria Martinez (グロリア・マルティネス, Guroria Marutinesu)
Voiced by: Yurika Hino[6] (Japanese); Gloria Garayua[8] (English)
David's mother and a paramedic who works herself to the bone to pay for his tuition at the Arasaka Academy.
Adam Smasher (アダム・スマッシャー, Adamu Sumasshā)
Voiced by: Yukihiro Misono (Japanese); Alec Newman (English)
A bloodthirsty and fully cybernetic supersoldier who works for Arasaka as their chief of security. His English voice actor, Alec Newman, reprises the role from Cyberpunk 2077.

Production and release[edit]

The series was announced during a "Night City Wire" livestream for the game on June 25, 2020, as a collaboration between CD Projekt and Trigger.[11][12] Hiroyuki Imaishi directed the series, with Masahiko Otsuka and Yoshiki Usa writing scripts, Yoh Yoshinari designing the characters and serving as animation director, Yuto Kaneko and Yusuke Yoshigaki serving as assistant character designers, Hiroyuki Kaneko serving as assistant director, Hiromi Wakabayashi serving as creative director, and Akira Yamaoka serving as the show's composer.[13][14] The anime's opening theme is "This Fffire" by Franz Ferdinand,[15] while its ending theme is "Let You Down" by Dawid Podsiadło.[16] Edgerunners also utilized songs from 2077's in-game radio stations.[17] Rosa Walton's song "I Really Want to Stay at Your House" was featured prominently and critically praised.[18][19]


No.TitleStoryboarded byDirected byScreenplay byStory byOriginal release date
1"Let You Down"
Yoshiyuki KanekoYoshiyuki KanekoYoshiki UsaBartosz Sztybor, Jan Bartkowicz, and Łukasz LudkowskiSeptember 13, 2022 (2022-09-13)
In 2076, David Martinez is a young man attending the prestigious Arasaka Academy at his mother Gloria's behest, despite their financial struggle. David illegally modifies his visor to avoid paying for a required update to keep attending class. The modifications crash the school's system, and Gloria agrees to pay for the damages. On their way home from meeting with the headmaster, David engages in a brief argument with his mother, which ends when they are caught in a drive-by shooting between some gang members and a corporate executive's limo. Gloria is left badly wounded but receives care when David manages to access Gloria's savings account to pay for her medical costs. While Gloria is in the hospital, David discovers she stole a military-grade Sandevistan spine implant. David is assaulted by his classmate Katsuo, who insults Gloria by insinuating that she earned the money used to pay for David's tuition via prostitution. Following the assault, David learns that Gloria's condition has worsened, and she subsequently dies in the hospital. After Gloria's death, David, who is now completely broke, meets up with Doc, a local ripperdoc who routinely supplies him with illegal XBDs (virtual recordings of others' memories,) and requests that Doc install the Sandevistan in his body.
2"Like A Boy"
Yoshiyuki KanekoYūichi ShimodairaYoshiki Usa and Masahiko ŌtsukaBartosz Sztybor, Jan Bartkowicz, and Łukasz LudkowskiSeptember 13, 2022 (2022-09-13)
Doc agrees to install the Sandevistan, which grants David the ability to undergo a temporary but incredible surge of super speed. Using his new abilities, David returns to school and beats up Katsuo. He does so in full view of the security cameras, resulting in his expulsion from the Academy. Katsuo's father, Tanaka, an Arasaka executive, notices that David is able to utilize the Sandevistan with no apparent side effects, making him a valuable test subject for Arasaka's latest product. Meanwhile, as David aimlessly wanders the city, he encounters a young woman, Lucy, who agrees to take him on as a partner. After a night of pickpocketing marks on the subway, David collapses due to overuse of the Sandevistan. Lucy takes David back to Doc, who prescribes him immunosuppressants and warns him not to use his Sandevistan more than two or three times a day, regardless of David's unusually high tolerance. Lucy invites David to her apartment, where she confides that her dream is to migrate off-world to the Moon. She shows David a virtual reconstruction of the Moon's surface, but this turns out to be a distraction to sell David out to a gang of edgerunners.
3"Smooth Criminal"
Akira AmemiyaMai ŌwadaYoshiki Usa and Masahiko ŌtsukaBartosz Sztybor, Jan Bartkowicz, and Łukasz LudkowskiSeptember 13, 2022 (2022-09-13)
David is confronted by the gang, led by a man named Maine, who reveals that Gloria had sold the Sandevistan to him a day before her death and that he is one of her acquaintances. David reveals he's Gloria's son and offers to work for Maine, demonstrating his compatibility with the Sandevistan. Intrigued, Maine honors his friendship with Gloria by giving David a chance to prove himself. David then returns home, having lost his trust in Lucy. The next day, David meets up with the gang, and Maine introduces him to the other members: Kiwi, Dorio, and Pilar. David then participates in a heist to steal navigation data from Maxim, a driver for Arasaka. The plan goes awry due to unexpected complications, and David and Lucy are forced to steal Maxim's limo to gain the data instead. Maine rescues them from Tyger Claw bikers out to claim the fresh bounty placed on their heads by Maxim and, impressed by his performance on the job, officially inducts David into the gang. David also meets Maine's fixer, Faraday, who brought them the job of stealing Maxim's navigation data to obtain information on Tanaka's movements. David then receives a message from the Academy offering to let him return, but he bluntly turns them down.
4"Lucky You"
Yoshiyuki KanekoAkira FurukawaYoshiki Usa and Masahiko ŌtsukaBartosz SztyborSeptember 13, 2022 (2022-09-13)
As a new recruit, David receives training and instruction from the other gang members, including running errands for Pilar and his sister Rebecca, learning how to drive from Maine, and jogging at night with Lucy. He also participates in several jobs with the crew, such as taking out a gang of Scavengers, rescuing Rebecca from the Maelstrom gang, and helping Lucy with pickpocketing. He learns that Lucy is a talented netrunner but not much else about her past. David confides with Maine that he has feelings for Lucy, but he's certain she doesn't feel the same and has trouble figuring out whether he should trust her. Eventually, David begins to feel at home with the gang. However, on the way home from a bar, Pilar begins harassing a homeless man urinating on the street. The homeless man is revealed to have cyberpsychosis and suddenly kills Pilar with a previously-concealed arm-mounted launcher. When the cyberpsycho targets Lucy, David uses his Sandevistan to approach the cyberpsycho and shoot him, with Maine finishing him off. David takes Lucy home while the rest of the gang stays behind to deal with the mess, where Lucy reveals that her dream to go to the Moon is genuine. David promises Lucy he will take her to the Moon, and they kiss.
5"All Eyez On Me"
Kōdai NakanoKōdai NakanoYoshiki Usa and Masahiko ŌtsukaBartosz SztyborSeptember 13, 2022 (2022-09-13)
The gang tries to find more leads on Tanaka, and Kiwi mentions she discovered that he secretly indulges in illicit braindances created by "JK." David recognizes the initials as the handle of Jimmy Kurosaki, a famous snuff BD director who also custom-tunes BDs for special clients, including Tanaka, and David explains that Tanaka will have to be present in person for the tuning. Seeing an opportunity to ambush Tanaka, the gang attempts to kidnap JK, but he outwits them, captures David, and flees the scene with Lucy and Dorio in pursuit. JK subjects David to traumatic BDs to induce cyberpsychosis before he is stopped and captured by Lucy and Dorio. With no other choice, JK agrees to lure Tanaka in, but not before cautioning David that the Sandevistan will inevitably make him go cyberpsycho. Tanaka arrives to meet with JK and is subsequently captured, but not before JK is mortally wounded in the crossfire. With a Trauma Team unit incoming, the gang is forced to quickly evacuate with Tanaka, while David remains troubled by JK's words.
6"Girl on Fire"
Kai IkarashiYoshiyuki KanekoYoshiki Usa and Masahiko ŌtsukaBartosz Sztybor, Jan Bartkowicz, and Łukasz LudkowskiSeptember 13, 2022 (2022-09-13)
Maine begins developing signs of cyberpsychosis as he starts having trouble controlling his implants, randomly blacks out, hallucinates, and has significant mood swings, culminating in him losing his self-control and suddenly assaulting Kiwi as she tries to hack into Tanaka's cyberware, seriously injuring her. Lucy only agrees to take Kiwi's place provided Maine is kept away, and David accompanies her. As Lucy dives into Tanaka's mind, Tanaka regains consciousness and begs David to let him go, telling him that he was responsible for rescinding his expulsion from the Academy, he still has a future there, and that the edgerunners will kill him after they extract his information to tie up loose ends. This causes David to hesitate long enough that Tanaka's neural implant shorts out, risking killing Lucy, too. Dorio disconnects Lucy safely, but the gang's jammer is disabled, resulting in Trauma Team receiving Tanaka's vitals and en route with the NCPD as support. Maine first sends David and Lucy to their escape vehicle while he and Dorio take Tanaka to distract the authorities. However, during the battle, Maine begins to succumb to his cyberpsychosis, resulting in Dorio's death when she attempts to protect him. David tries to rescue Maine from the heavily armed police forces but can only watch as a regretful Maine blows himself and Dorio's corpse up, leaving David to flee with Maine's cybernetic arms.
Yoshihiro MiyajimaTomoyuki MunehiroMasahiko ŌtsukaBartosz Sztybor, Jan Bartkowicz, and Łukasz LudkowskiSeptember 13, 2022 (2022-09-13)
A few months[20] after Tanaka's botched kidnapping, David has become the new leader of Maine's edgerunner group, having taken on more implants, including Maine's arm implants, and becoming a renowned edgerunner himself. However, he has been unable to convince Lucy to rejoin the crew. After completing a job for the fixer Wakako to rescue a VIP from the Maelstrom gang, David is approached by Faraday, who offers him a job from Militech against Arasaka as a test to see if he is worthy of inheriting Maine's last job to recover the data Tanaka was hiding. Faraday also requests that David try to recruit Lucy again. Returning home, David talks with Lucy to learn more about her past. She reveals that she was part of a special team of child netrunners raised and trained by Arasaka to delve into the Old Net to recover lost data. However, with a high risk of exposure to rogue AIs and malware, the work was hazardous, resulting in much of the team being killed. Eventually, Lucy escaped Arasaka with her teammates, who were all killed the night they left the facility, the group having also murdered their handlers in revenge and ended up in Night City. She also admits that while she used to only worry about herself, she is now more worried about David's health. Later, Lucy kills an Arasaka agent investigating data about a test subject that was "mysteriously erased" from Tanaka's records.
Yoshihiro MiyajimaYūichi ShimodairaMasahiko ŌtsukaBartosz Sztybor, Jan Bartkowicz, and Łukasz LudkowskiSeptember 13, 2022 (2022-09-13)
Taking on Faraday's job, David kills an Arasaka lab director but shows signs of cyberpsychosis and murders an innocent staff member who walked in on him killing the director. Meanwhile, Arasaka Counterintelligence is investigating the mysterious deaths of Arasaka personnel. Believing Militech to be involved, they arrange an assassination attempt on Faraday, who narrowly escapes. With Militech refusing to protect due to his lack of results on recovering data on Arasaka's cyberskeleton project, Faraday makes contact with Arasaka instead. Arasaka is willing to forgive Faraday for Tanaka's death in return for him tracking down the netrunner responsible for hiding Tanaka's data and killing their agents. Meanwhile, as David's cyberpsychosis conditions worsen, he suffers from trauma over the staff member he killed who reminded him of his mother, as the woman also had a son. Doc recommends that David scale back on his implants, only to be attacked by David, thus souring their relationship. David once again tries to recruit Lucy, but she insists there's something she has to take care of first, and David considers breaking up with her. Lucy then detects another Arasaka agent looking for Tanaka's data and heads over to kill him, only to fall into a trap set by Faraday and Kiwi.
Yoshiyuki KanekoAkira FurukawaMasahiko ŌtsukaBartosz Sztybor, Jan Bartkowicz, and Łukasz LudkowskiSeptember 13, 2022 (2022-09-13)
After interrogating Lucy, Faraday and Kiwi discovers that Lucy has been actively hiding Tanaka's data on David as a potential test subject for the cyberskeleton and was responsible for Tanaka's death to ensure his silence. Realizing this, Faraday plans to offer Lucy and David up to Arasaka to secure his position in the company. Faraday assigns David a mission to assault an Arasaka convoy to carry this out. David recruits the help of Kiwi, Rebecca, and Falco, and they manage to seize the convoy's main cargo, which is revealed to be the cyberskeleton. A Militech force then arrives, thanks to a tip from Faraday, who intends to force David to install the cyberskeleton and use it to destroy the Militech force as a demonstration of its power. Kiwi makes her escape as Faraday impersonates Lucy to trick him into installing the cyberskeleton. Lucy is able to escape briefly and warns David about Faraday's duplicity before being recaptured. Angered, David uses the cyberskeleton to annihilate the Militech force despite its massive toll on his body. He then tells Rebecca and Falco they will rescue Lucy and get revenge on Faraday.
10"My Moon My Man"
Yō Yoshinari, and SushioKōdai NakanoMasahiko ŌtsukaBartosz Sztybor, Jan Bartkowicz, and Łukasz LudkowskiSeptember 13, 2022 (2022-09-13)
David fights through Militech, Arasaka, and MaxTac forces as he, Rebecca, and Falco head for Arasaka Tower. All the while, David's condition continues to deteriorate as he runs out of immunosuppressants. Meanwhile, Kiwi has second thoughts about working with Faraday and decides to cut ties with him, so he has her killed as a loose end regarding the cyberskeleton. Before she dies, Kiwi tips off David and the others on Faraday and Lucy's location. David attacks the tower, killing the Arasaka guards, rescuing Lucy, and incapacitating Faraday. Realizing the situation has spiraled out of control, Arasaka deploys legendary cyborg Adam Smasher to put David down. During the fighting, Faraday is thrown to his death by Smasher, who then crushes Rebecca, instantly killing her. David tasks Falco with getting Lucy to safety while he stays behind to hold off Smasher. Despite having the cyberskeleton, David is no match for the more experienced Smasher, but he dies content with the knowledge that Lucy is safe and has no regrets. Sometime later, Lucy fulfills her dream of traveling to the Moon but is despondent that David is not there with her, imagining a vision of him, one before he became an edgerunner standing alongside her.


In its first week, the show debuted on the Netflix top ten with 14.88 million hours viewed.[21] Its success helped increase the sales of Cyberpunk 2077 to 20 million units sold.[22]

Critical response[edit]

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners was acclaimed by critics and fans. On the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, 100% of 16 critics' reviews are positive, with an average rating of 8.8/10. The website's consensus reads: "Booting up Night City with frenetic action and awe-inspiring visual flair, Edgerunners is an exceptionally stylish anime adaptation of the world Cyberpunk established."[23]

Jonathon Wilson wrote for Ready Steady Cut that in "many ways, this is the Cyberpunk story the Cyberpunk game wanted to tell and couldn't."[24] Matt Kim of IGN praised the exploration of the hostile life in Night City, specifically the visual effects, noting more of the focus was on the city rather than on some of the characters, and calling it "a wild ride, but worth every blistering second".[25] In a review for Polygon, Kambole Campbell praised the "visual language for various in-game concepts," as well as the "sonic diversity in its score" and found that the show's best aspect was "[its] ability to depict the psychological unmooring of its characters without feeling inauthentic."[26]

Video game director Hideo Kojima lauded the show as well, calling it "a miracle of squeezing the trigger to the world", and compared the art and world design favorably to the 1990 OVA series Cyber City Oedo 808.[27] Mike Pondsmith, the creator of the original Cyberpunk role-playing game also praised the show, writing "It's like seeing my brain in a big screen anime."[28] The publisher of the tabletop Cyberpunk game, R. Talsorian, announced plans for an Edgerunners-based expansion in November 2022.[29]


Year Ceremony Category Result Ref.
2022 IGN Awards Best Anime Series Won [30]
The Game Awards 2022 Best Adaptation Nominated [31]
2023 50th Annie Awards Best Storyboarding – TV/Media (Yoshiyuki Kaneko for "Let You Down") Nominated [32]
9th Anime Trending Awards Sci-Fi or Mecha Anime of the Year Won [33]
Best in Original Screenplay (Masahiko Otsuka and Yoshiki Usa) Won
7th Crunchyroll Anime Awards Anime of the Year Won [34]
Best Character Design (Yoh Yoshinari) Nominated
Best Animation Nominated
Best New Series Nominated
Best Opening Sequence ("This Fffire") Nominated
Best Score (Akira Yamaoka) Nominated
Best Director (Hiroyuki Imaishi) Nominated
Best Main Character (David Martinez) Nominated
Best Supporting Character (Rebecca) Nominated
Best Action Nominated
Best Drama Nominated
Best Voice Artist Performance (English) (Zach Aguilar as David) Won
Best Voice Artist Performance (French) (Dorothée Pousséo as Lucy) Nominated
Japan Expo Awards Daruma for Best Anime Won [35]
Daruma for Best Director Won
Daruma for Best Action Anime Won
13th Newtype Anime Awards Best Soundtrack (Akira Yamaoka) 4th place [36]


In an interview with Famitsu, CDPR community manager Satoru Honma said of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners that no plans exist for a second season but that if ever there would be, it would not be a continuation of the first season but "something completely different."[37]


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