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Not to be confused with Knights of Cydonia.
Knights of Sidonia
KOS 1 Cover.jpg
First volume cover of Knights of Sidonia by Tsutomu Nihei depicting the series' protagonist, Nagate Tanikaze, on top of the hand of his mecha, the Tsugumori.
(Sidonia no Kishi)
Genre Mecha[1]
Written by Tsutomu Nihei
Published by Kodansha
English publisher
Demographic Seinen
Imprint Afternoon KC
Magazine Afternoon
Original run April 25, 2009September 25, 2015
Volumes 15 (List of volumes)
Anime television series
Directed by Kōbun Shizuno
Written by Sadayuki Murai
Music by Noriyuki Asakura
Studio Polygon Pictures
Licensed by
Sentai Filmworks (home video distribution rights)
Netflix (streaming rights)
English network
Original run April 11, 2014June 27, 2014
Episodes 12 (List of episodes)
Anime film
Gekijō-ban Sidonia no Kishi
Directed by Kōbun Shizuno
Written by Sadayuki Murai
Music by Noriyuki Asakura
Studio Polygon Pictures
  • March 6, 2015 (2015-03-06)
Anime television series
Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine
Directed by Hiroyuki Seshita
Written by Sadayuki Murai
Music by Noriyuki Asakura
Studio Polygon Pictures
Licensed by
Sentai Filmworks (home video distribution rights)
Netflix (streaming rights)
English network
Original run April 10, 2015June 26, 2015
Episodes 12 (List of episodes)

Knights of Sidonia (Japanese: シドニアの騎士 Hepburn: Shidonia no Kishi?) is a mecha manga series by Tsutomu Nihei, serialized by Kodansha in their magazine Afternoon between April 2009 and September 2015, localized in English by Vertical. An anime television series adaptation, produced by Polygon Pictures, aired between April and June 2014 and a second season aired between April and June 2015. The localized series is available for streaming exclusively on Netflix in all its territories as part of its original programming.



The story is set in the year 3394, a thousand years after mankind flees from Earth after it was destroyed by a race of shapeshifting aliens – the Gauna (奇居子(ガウナ)?), aboard hundreds of massive spaceships created from the remains of the planet. One such ship is the Sidonia, which has developed its own human culture closely based on that of Japan where human cloning, asexual reproduction, and human genetic engineering, such as granting humans photosynthesis, are commonplace. It is also revealed that the top echelons of this society have secretly been granted immortality. With a population of over 500,000 people, Sidonia is possibly the last human settlement remaining as the fates of the other ships are unknown.

Little is known about the true nature of the Gauna or their motivation for attacking humanity. Each Gauna has a near invulnerable core protected by a huge mass of malleable material known as "placenta" (胞衣 ena?). Once the ena is shed away and the core is destroyed, the Gauna's body disintegrates.[2]

Sidonia is defended by large mechanized weapons called Gardes (衛人 Morito?) whose weaponry and mobility is powered by "Heigus particles" (ヘイグス粒子 Heigusu Ryūshi?),[3] armed with a high-output cannon for long range assaults and a special spear known as "Kabizashi" for close combat. The tip of the kabizashi is made of a rare and little-understood material which has the unique property of being able to destroy a Gauna's core. Later the Guardians are also equipped with firearms whose ammo have the same material of the Kabizashi after a means to artificially mass-produce it is discovered. Most people in the surviving human population are screened and drafted as Guardian pilots at a young age, if they are shown to be capable of piloting them.


The story follows the adventures of Garde pilot Nagate Tanikaze, who lived in the underground layer of Sidonia since birth and was raised by his grandfather. Never having met anyone else, he trains himself in an old Guardian pilot simulator every day, eventually mastering it. After his grandfather's death, he emerges to the surface and is selected as a Guardian pilot, just as Sidonia is once again threatened by the Gauna.



The manga is written and illustrated by Tsutomu Nihei. It debuted in Kodansha magazine Afternoon's June issue in 2009. Since then, 13 tankōbon have been released. The manga has been licensed in North America by Vertical,[4] who released the first twelve volumes in English between February 5, 2013, and December 2, 2014.[5][6][needs update] The manga ended on September 25, 2015.[7]

Volume list[edit]

No. Japanese release date Japanese ISBN English release date English ISBN
1 September 23, 2009[8] ISBN 978-4-06-314597-7 February 5, 2013[5] ISBN 978-1-935654-80-3
  • 01. "Tanikaze Nagate's Choice" (谷風長道の選択 Tanikaze Nagate no Sentaku?)
  • 02. "Tanikaze Nagate's First Sortie" (谷風長道の初陣 Tanikaze Nagate no Uijin?)
  • 03. "Yamano Eiko's Starry Sky" (山野栄子の星空 Yamano Eiko no Hoshizora?)
  • 04. "Kunato Norio's Rage" (岐神海苔夫の激昂 Kunato Norio no Gekikō?)
  • 05. "Akai Mochikuni's Glory" (赤井持国の栄光 Akai Mochikuni no Eikō?)
2 February 23, 2010[9] ISBN 978-4-06-310633-6 April 16, 2013[10] ISBN 978-1-935654-81-0
  • 06. "Akai Mochikuni's Kabizashi" (赤井持国のカビザシ Akai Mochikuni no Kabizashi?)
  • 07. "Search for Hoshijiro Shizuka" (星白閑の捜索 Hoshijiro Shizuka no Sōsaku?)
  • 08. "Tanikaze Nagate's Return to the Warship" (谷風長道の帰艦 Tanikaze Nagate no Kikan?)
  • 09. "Salute to Hoshijiro Shizuka" (星白閑の敬礼 Hoshijiro Shizuka no Keirei?)
  • 10. "The 28th Captain's Decision" (第二十八代艦長の決断 Dai Ni Jū Hachi-dai Kanchō no Ketsudan?)
3 July 23, 2010[11] ISBN 978-4-06-310680-0 June 4, 2013[12] ISBN 978-1-935654-82-7
  • 11. "Hoshijiro Shizuka's Homeward Voyage" (星白閑の帰艦 Hoshijiro Shizuka no Kikan?)
  • 12. "Tahiro Numi's Weekly Meal" (田寛ヌミの週一食 Tahiro Numi no Shūichishoku?)
  • 13. "The Sighs of Shinatose Izana" (科戸瀬イザナの溜息 Shinatose Izana no Tameiki?)
  • 14. "The Immortal Ship Committee" (不死の船員会 Fushi no Sen'in-kai?)
  • 15. "Saitō Hiroki's Rampage" (斎藤ヒロキの暴走 Saitō Hiroki no Bōsō?)
4 December 22, 2010[13] ISBN 978-4-06-310716-6 August 6, 2013[14] ISBN 978-1-935654-89-6
  • 16. "Shinatose Izana's First Sortie" (科戸瀬イザナの初陣 Shinatose Izana no Uijin?)
  • 17. "Tanikaze Nagate's Decision" (谷風長道の決意 Tanikaze Nagate no Ketsui?)
  • 18. "Scientist Ochiai's Daughter" (科学者落合の娘 Kagakusha Ochiai no Musume?)
  • 19. "The Dream Shinatose Izana Saw" (科戸瀬イザナが見た夢 Shinatose Izana ga Mita Yume?)
  • 20. "Kunato Norio's Emotional Turmoil" (岐神海苔夫の葛藤 Kunato Norio no Kattō?)
5 May 23, 2011[15] ISBN 978-4-06-310753-1 October 15, 2013[16] ISBN 978-1-935654-99-5
  • 21. "Benizusume's Gaze" (紅天蛾の眼差し Benisuzume no Manazashi?)
  • 22. "Scientist Ochiai's Conspiracy" (科学者落合の陰謀 Kagakusha Ochiai no Inbō?)
  • 23. "Asteroid's Approach" (小惑星の接近 Shōwakusei no Sekkin?)
  • 24. "723's Embrace" (723の抱擁 723 no Hōyō?)
  • 25. "First Platoon's Struggle" (第一小隊の奮闘 Dai Ichi Shōtai no Funtō?)
6 October 21, 2011[17] ISBN 978-4-06-310783-8 December 10, 2013[18] ISBN 978-1-932234-91-6
  • 26. "Asteroid's Impact" (小惑星の衝突 Shōwakusei no Shōtotsu?)
  • 27. "Toha Heavy Industries' Return" (東亜重工の再始動 Tōa Jūkō no Saishidō?)
  • 28. "Placenta Hoshijiro's Impregnation" (エナ星白の受胎 Ena Hoshijiro no Jutai?)
  • 29. "Shinatose Yure's Hesitation" (科戸瀬ユレの逡巡 Shinatose Yure no ShunJun?)
  • 30. "Honoka Ren's Determination" (仄煉の決意 Honoka Ren no Ketsui?)
7 March 23, 2012[19] ISBN 978-4-06-387812-7 February 11, 2014[6] ISBN 978-1-939130-02-0
  • 31. Hoshijiro Shizuka's Daughter (星白閑の娘 Hoshijiro Shizuka no Musume?)
  • 32. Shiraui Tsumugi's Debut (白羽衣つむぎの御目見え Shiraui Tsumugi no Omemie?)
  • 33. Shiraui Tsumugi's Ability (白羽衣つむぎの能力 Shiraui Tsumugi no Nōryoku?)
  • 34. Ocarina's Reduction: Part One (オカリナ攻略戦 前編 Okarina Kōryaku Sen Zenpen?)
  • 35. Ocarina's Reduction: Part Two (オカリナ攻略戦 後編 Okarina Kōryaku Sen Kōhen?)
8 July 23, 2012[20] ISBN 978-4-06-387833-2 April 8, 2014[21] ISBN 978-1-939130-21-1
  • 36. Large Mass' Union Ship's Rumbling (大シュガフ船の鳴動 Dai Shugafu-sen no Meidō?)
  • 37. Shiraui Tsumugi's Wish (白羽衣つむぎの願望 Shiraui Tsumugi no Ganbō?)
  • 38. Shiraui Tsumugi's Yearning (白羽衣つむぎの思慕 Shiraui Tsumugi no Shibo?)
  • 39. Entering Lem-IX (惑星ナインへの侵入 Wakusei Nain e no Shinnyū?)
9 December 21, 2012[22] ISBN 978-4-06-387853-0 June 3, 2014[23] ISBN 978-1-939130-22-8
  • 40. Mere Two Unit's Rescue Party (たった二機の救出部隊 Tatta Ni Ki no Kyūshutsu Butai?)
  • 41. Nagate Tanikaze's Land Battle (谷風長道の陸戦 Tanikaze Nagate no Rikusen?)
  • 42. Shizuka Hoshijiro's Image (星白閑の形象 Hoshijiro Shizuka no Keishō?)
  • 43. Pilot Tsuruuchi's Melancholy (弦打操縦士の憂鬱 Tsuruuchi Sōjūshi no Yūutsu?)
  • 44. Midorikawa Yuhata's Decision (緑川纈の決断 Midorikawa Yuhata no Ketsudan?)
10 May 23, 2013[24] ISBN 978-4-06-387886-8 August 5, 2014[25] ISBN 978-1-939130-90-7
  • 45. The Honoka Sisters' House Search (仄姉妹の家宅捜査 Honoka Shimai no Kataku Sōsa?)
  • 46. Kanata's Birth: Part One (かなたのはじまり 前編 Kanata no Hajimari Zenpen?)
  • 47. Kanata's Birth: Part Two (かなたのはじまり 後編 Kanata no Hajimari Kōhen?)
  • 48. Development of the Critically Unstable Weapon (臨界不測兵器の開発 Rinkai Fusoku Heiki no Kaihatsu?)
  • 49. Tanikaze Nagate's Secret Mission (谷風長道の極秘任務 Tanikaze Nagete no Gokuhi Ninmu?)
11 October 23, 2013[26] ISBN 978-4-06-387928-5 October 7, 2014[27] ISBN 978-1-939130-91-4
  • 50. Remnants of the Pacifists (非武装主義者の痕跡 Hibusōshugisha no Konseki?)
  • 51. Rescue of a Shipwrecked Sailor (遭難者の救出 Sōnansha no Kyūshutsu?)
  • 52. The Struggle of Hiyama Lala (ヒ山ララァの奮闘 Hiyama Rarā no Funtō?)
  • 53. Large Mass' Union Ship's Presence (大シュガフ船の存在 Daishugafusen no Sonzai?)
  • 54. Ichigaya Teruru's Conversion (市ヶ谷テルルの転向 Ichigaya Teruru no Tenkō?)
12 March 20, 2014[28] ISBN 978-4-06-387965-0 December 2, 2014[29] ISBN 978-1-939130-99-0
  • 55. Launch of the Mizuki (水城の出艦 Mizuki no Shukkan?)
  • 56. The Protean Gauna (不定形のガウナ Futeikei no Gauna?)
  • 57. Honoka Shō's Rescue (仄炒の救出 Honoka Shō no Kyūshutsu?)
  • 58. Mizuki's Power (水城の能力 Mizuki no Nōryoku?)
  • 59. The Lem Star's Gravitation (恒星レムの引力 Kōsei Remu no Inryoku?)
13 August 22, 2014[30] ISBN 978-4-06-3879919 March 10, 2015[31] ISBN 978-1-941220-32-0
  • 60. Installment of the Semi-Autonomous Converter System (半自律式転換機構の設置 Han-jiritsushiki Tenkan Kikō no Setchi?)
  • 61. The New Pilots' First Battle: Part One (新操縦士の初陣 前編 Shinsōjūshi no Uijin Zenpen?)
  • 62. The New Pilots' First Battle: Part Two (新操縦士の初陣 後編 Shinsōjūshi no Uijin Kōhen?)
  • 63. Shiraui Tsumugi's Dream (白羽衣つむぎの夢 Shiraui Tsumugi no Yume?)
  • 64. The Dismantling of Kanata (かなたの解体 Kanata no Kaitai?)
14 February 23, 2015[32] ISBN 978-4-06-388033-5 September 29, 2015[33] ISBN 978-1-941220-86-3
  • 65. "Scientist Ochiai's Reincarnation"
  • 66. "Captain Kobayashi's Lingering Attachment"
  • 67. "The Attack Fleets' Pinch"
  • 68. "Nagate Tanikaze's Restlessness"
  • 69. "Norio Kunato's Comeback"
  • 70. "The Series Two-Zero's Sortie"
15 November 20, 2015[34] ISBN 978-4-063587-91-3 April 26, 2016[35] ISBN 978-1-942993-13-1
  • 71. "The First Assault Fleet's Decision"
  • 72. "Tsumugi's Wish"
  • 73. "The First Assault Fleet's Interception"
  • 74. "Captain Kobayashi's Resolve"
  • 75. "Kunato Squad's Assault"
  • 76. "The Mass Union Ships' Counter Attack"
  • 77. "A Knight of Sidonia"
  • 78. "The End of the War Against the Gauna"


An anime television series adaptation, produced by Polygon Pictures, premiered on April 10, 2014 and ended its first season on June 26, 2014, on MBS and later on TBS, CBC and BS-TBS.[1][36] The series was directed by Kobun Shizuno, assisted by Hiroyuki Seshita, with scripts by Sadayuki Murai and character designs by Yuki Moriyama.[37] The series has also been localized and streamed by Netflix in all of its territories since July 4, 2014, becoming the service's first original anime.[38] The first season has been licensed for home video release by Sentai Filmworks.[39] The opening song is "Sidonia" by Angela and the ending song is "Show" (?) by Eri Kitamura. A second season aired from April 10, 2015 to June 26, 2015, with Kishi Kōshinkyoku (騎士行進曲 Knight March?) by Angela as the opening song and "Requiem" by CustomiZ as the ending song.[40] The second season was released on Netflix on July 3, 2015,[41] and has been licensed by Sentai Filmworks for home video distribution.[42]


The manga was ranked #47 in Oricon Charts on October 30, 2013 with an estimate of 20,934 copies sold.[43] Carlo Santos gave the first manga volume a B stating, "It's got a young man piloting a giant robot against alien enemies, but Knight of Sidonia is no Evangelion. Yet it's not as bleak or incomprehensible as Tsutomu Nihei works like Blame! or Biomega, either—rather, it's the best of both worlds, bringing Nihei's hard sci-fi mentality into a more conventional space-adventure environment."[44] The Young Adult Library Services Association listed Knights of Sidonia in its 2014 list of Top 10 Graphic Novels for Teens.[45]

The anime series received critical acclaim, even from famous members of the Japanese anime/game industry, like Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear series, who claims that "It's a kind of anime that we haven't seen for a while that has that sci-fi spirit. Using digital technology cultivated through games, it creates animation that encapsulates Japan's cultural assets like manga, cel animation, kanji, giant robots, etc. What's born is a unique made-in-Japan work that could never be cooked up in Hollywood. Japanese culture has lost its "cool," and Knights of Sidonia will be the white knight that saves it." Other industry pros left acknowledgements as well, including Akiko Higashimura, Digitarou and Yoshinao Dao.[46]


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