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Farr 30
Farr 30 drawing.svg
Designer Farr Yacht Design
Crew max 525 kg (1,157 lb)
Draft 2.10 m (6.9 ft)
Hull weight 2,063 kg (4,548 lb)
ballast 950 kg
LOA 9.43 m (30.9 ft)
LWL 8.4 m (28 ft)
Beam 3.07 m (10.1 ft)
Mainsail area 35 m2 (380 sq ft)
Jib / Genoa area 21 m2 (230 sq ft)
Spinnaker area 100 m2 (1,100 sq ft)
Some Farr 30 in navigation

The Farr 30 (formerly Mumm 30 was designed by Farr Yacht Design led by Bruce Farr. The first boat was built by Carrol Marine and first launched in 1995. The class is recognised by the International Sailing Federation.


The International Farr 30 One Design Class Association was formed as the owners association to support the class and promote One Design class sailboat racing amongst owners which led to the class becoming an ISAF Recognised Class. This entitles the class to hold World Championships.

The boat was originally named the Mumm 30 after its original title sponsor Champagne Mumm this sponsorship ended in 2007 and the class rebranded to Farr 30 using a modified version of the Farr 40 class logo. Both the Farr 30 and 40 had been under the management of Geoff Stagg since their inception however in 2009, the Farr 30 Class owners association assumed control of the class.

The boat has been produced by a number of builders with Carrol Marine USA and Ovington Boats GBR building the majority other builders are DK Composites and US Watercraft.


World Championship[edit]

Year Gold Silver Bronze
1997 Marseille  Intruder (GBR)
Chris Law
 Malinda (ITA)  Sector (ITA)
1998 Hilton Head  Sissabella (ITA)
Luca Bassani
 USA 48 (USA)
Ed Collins
Walter Geurts
 Off The Gauge (USA)
Jack LeFort
1999 Hamble  USA 48 (USA)
Ed Collins
Walter Geurts
 Magnumm (NED)  Ovington Boats Like (GBR)
Mark Heeley
2000 Miami Beach  Breeze (ITA)
Vincenzo Onorato
Alberto Signorini
 United States
2001 Cagliari  Alina (ITA)
Maurizio Abba
Luca Valerio
Andrea Cecchetti
Pierpaolo Cristofori
2002 Annapolis  Alina (ITA)
Giuseppe Abba
 Printel Wind (ITA)  Steadfast (CAN)
2003 Portoferraio  Cheyenne (ITA)
Claudio Recchi
Stefano Leporati
Savino Formentini
2004 Toronto  Foreign Affair (AUS)
Richard Perini
Fred Sherratt
 United States
Thomas Ritter
2005 La Trinité sur Mer  Bouygues Telecom (FRA)
Pierre Loic Berthet
Fabien Henry
 Great Britain
Louis Browne
2006 Miami Beach  Twins (FRA)
Eric Maris
 Foreign Affair (AUS)
Richard Perini
 United States
2007 Porto Cervo  Matrix Arca TX Active (ITA)
Luigi Amedeo Melegari
 Barking Mad (USA)
Jim Richardson
 Nouvelle Caledonie (FRA)
Pierre Loic Berthet
2008 Newport  Optimum (AUS)
Guy Stenning
 Barking Mad (USA)
Jim Richardson
Vincenzo Onorato
2009 event cancelled
2010 Hyères  Courrier Dunkerque (FRA)
Daniel Souben
 Nouvelle-Calédonie (FRA)
Bernard Malleret
 Ville du Port Region Reunion (FRA)
Gabriel Jean Albert
2011 San Francisco  Grooverderci (USA)
Deneen Demourkas
 Barking Mad (USA)
Jim Richardson
 Eight Ball (USA)
Scott Easom
2012 Båstad  Groovederci (USA)
Deneen Demourkas
 Farrbar 2 (SWE)
Martin Strandberg
 Barking Mad (USA)
Jim Richardson
2013 Newport, RI  Grooverderci (USA)
Deneen Demourkas
 Barking Mad (USA)
Jim Richardson
 Ramrod (USA)
Rod Jabin
2014 Copenhagen  Topas (GER)
Harald Brüning
 Matrisen (SWE)
Martin Strandberg
 Orca (SWE)
Patrick Lindblom

Tour de France à la voile[edit]

In addition to International Class competition, another significant event for the boat was the Tour de France à la voile "Sailing Tour of France" whose organization used the Mumm/Farr 30 exclusively from 1999 to 2010. These fast and sturdy boats were the perfect combination to battle the big seas of the North Atlantic and the howling Mistral winds of the Mediterranean. More information can be found on the event page at Tour de France à la voile.

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