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Place of originGermany
Region or stateSwabia

Flädle is a southern German garnish and soup ingredient from the region of Swabia consisting of savory pancakes, cut into ribbons.[1]

Flädle are made by first making plain crepe-style pancakes (Palatschinken), then tightly rolling them up and slicing them into ribbons. They are then usually served in a clear soup or beef broth in a dish of Flädlessuppe. In other parts of Germany, the dish is known as Eierkuchensuppe, derived from the regional name Eierkuchen (lit. "egg cakes") for pancakes.

In Austria a similar dish to Flädle is called Frittaten (from the Italian frittata, "frying"). Frittaten are thicker than Flädle.[citation needed]

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