Roti tissue

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Roti tissue
Roti Tissue and a glass of Teh tarik
Alternative namesRoti tisu, tissue prata, roti helikopter
Place of originMalaysia
Region or stateSoutheast Asia
Associated national cuisineMalaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore
Created byMalaysian Cuisine

Roti tissue, roti tisu, or tissue prata is a sweet flatbread often sold at Malaysian Mamak stalls. It is also known as "roti helikopter" (helicopter bread). Roti tissue is a thinner version of the traditional roti canai, as thin as a piece of 40–50 cm round-shaped tissue. The finishing touches to the making of roti tissue require skill, and they depend on the creativity of the maker.

Roti tissue is available at most local Mamak stalls in Malaysia and Singapore[1] and may be coated with sweet substances such as sugar and kaya (jam) or eaten with condiments such as ice cream.

In Indonesia, this dish is popular as street food, especially in areas with significant Malays and Indian-Indonesian communities.

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