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Kue leker

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Kue leker
Alternative namesLekker
Place of originIndonesia
Region or stateSolo, Central Java
Serving temperatureWarm or room temperature
Main ingredientsWheat flour, milk, eggs

Kue leker is a type of Indonesian crepe, made with wheat flour, eggs, milk and sugar.[1]

Ingredients and cooking method[edit]

The crepe is served with various fillings, such as banana, sugar, condensed milk, cheese and chocolate sprinkles.[1] The crepe is folded in half prior to serving. The texture of kue leker is akin to the crepe; thin and crispy.


Kue leker making process.

The name "Leker" comes from the Dutch word Lekker, meaning "tasty". It is believed the origin of this snack is from Solo during the Dutch colonial period.[2]

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