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Gaddalakonda Ganesh
Gaddalakonda Ganesh poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byHarish Shankar
Produced byRam Achanta
Gopichand Achanta
Written byHarish Shankar (dialogues)
Based onJigarthanda
by Karthik Subbaraj
StarringVarun Tej
Pooja Hegde
Mirnalini Ravi
Music byMickey J. Meyer
CinematographyAyananka Bose
Edited byChota K. Prasad
Release date
  • 20 September 2019 (2019-09-20)
Running time
172 minutes
Budget₹20 crore[1]
Box officeest.₹45 crores[2][3]

Gaddalakonda Ganesh is a 2019 Indian Telugu-language action thriller film directed by Harish Shankar and produced by Ram Achanta and Gopichand Achanta under the 14 Reels Plus banner.[4][5] The movie is a remake of the 2014 Tamil film Jigarthanda which itself was inspired by the 2006 South Korean movie A Dirty Carnival.[6][7][8] The film features Varun Tej, Atharvaa, Pooja Hegde, and Mirnalini Ravi.[5][9][10] This film marks the Telugu debut of Atharvaa and Ravi.[11][12] The movie was originally titled Valmiki but after several controversies and a court case, the title was changed to Gaddalakonda Ganesh.


In a cinema studio, an assistant director who aspires to become a film director named Abhilash, aka Abhi (Atharvaa) gets insulted by one of the directors, there he challenges that he will become a good director with a good film in a few days. Another producer (Raghu Babu) likes Abhi's hard work and suggests that he do a gangster movie. He decides to direct the biopic of a gangster. In search of a gangster, he finds the ruthless gangster named Gaddalakonda Ganesh, aka Gani (Varun Tej) lives in the town of Gaddalakonda. Abhi lands in Gaddalakonda and starts learning about Gani with the help of his friend Chintakayyi (Satya). Abhi traps Bujjama (Mirnalini Ravi), the granddaughter of Gani's chef (Annapoorna) and she falls in love with Abhi, who realises this and reciprocates her feelings.

After some hilarious scenes, Abhi and Chintakayyi befriends Thuppaki, one of Gani's henchmen. Later the duo learns that the Thuppaki is helping Prabhakar, one of Gani's rivals to kill Gani for the position of Gani. However, Gani acknowledges this, plans and kill Thuppaki. Gani also kidnaps Abhi and his friend. Abhi says the truth and Gani feels happy that they were taking the biopic of him and he narrates the whole story including his criminal activities.

From childhood, Gani starts beating people for money. Later he does settlements for M.L.A. Gani, also a fan of Sridevi. Later Gani falls for Sridevi aka Devi (Pooja Hegde), an computer student but she doesn't accepts him because of his aimless behaviour. Later she also reciprocates his feelings after he rescues her from ragging. But Devi's father refuses to accept their relationship due to the caste system. Devi and Gani decided to elope from Gaddalakonda and Gani refuses to kill someone for the M.L.A because he wants to leave behind his rowdyism. The M.L.A informs police about Gani's whereabouts. The police come to the railway station and beat up Gani while Devi's father threatens Devi to marry the bridegroom whom he chose, otherwise he will order police to kill Gani. Devi reluctantly marries to police officer who belongs to her caste. Another M.L.A, with the lawyer comes to the police station and says that Gani's M.L.A informs police of Gani's whereabouts. He then goes to his M.L.A and slits his throat in front of his mother (Supriya Pathak). Then Gani's mother complains against him. But Gani claims in court that his mother was mute. From that day onwards she refuses to speak with Gani.

Now, Bujjama learns about Abhi and confronts the latter. In the party for Abhi returning to Hyderabad, Bujjama expected Gani to act as a protagonist in his biopic. Gani agrees against to Abhi's wishes. However Abhi changes his mind by listening the theatre operator's (Tanikella Bharani) words and his passion about directing a movie, but he can't do it due to his bad adaptation. Then Abhi appoints the acting coach Muni Manikyam (Brahmaji) for Gani and his gang. Later the acting coach praises Gani for his acting skill due to his ruthless behaviour and also the acting coach humiliated Gani and his gang while they were training.

The shooting begins. The title of the film is Settimaar. By understanding the difficulties in directing the movie, Bujjama reconciles with Abhi. But things take a turn when Gani also changes his mind and falls for Bujjama. In the audio launch, Gani announced that he gifted a villa to Abhi and wants to marry Bujjama.

The movie is released and opens with a tremendous response. At the same time, Abhi elopes with Bujjama. Gani comes to know about this and decides to kill Abhi. But meanwhile, Gani's craze increases due to his acting skills. The people who fear Gani are now asking for selfies with him and his autograph. The little daughter of Thuppaki, who also fears when Gani comes to fondle her, gives a kiss and praises his acting skills. Gani's mother who refused to talk to him in the past speaks to him. By seeing all these, Gani spares Abhi and Bujjama and gives up his rowdy carrier. Prabhakar's henchman (Subbaraju) asks him to include him in Gani's next movie which is being directed by Sukumar. Abhi's paternal uncle (Devi Prasad) takes Gani's criminal evidence (tape recorder and files) and hands it over to the D.C.P, who turns out to be Devi's husband. Devi takes the evidence (tape recorder) and grinds it in a blender. When the D.C.P asks Devi why she had ground the evidence, She replies that it's because the D.C.P couldn't keep his promise to not incriminate Gani for which in return Devi wouldn't think about Gani. This indicates that Devi still loves Gani. Later Devi also praises him. Abhi uses Gani's gang for threatening stars like Nithin to act in his film. Abhi marries Bujjama and Gani remains single.




On 26 January 2019, the movie officially launched. Dil Raju, Sukumar graced the launch and proceedings took place at Ramanaidu Film Studios.[10]

The production on the film started from February 2019.[16] Atharvaa joined on set for shooting in March 2019.[17] Similarly involvement of Pooja Hegde was confirmed by the team in July.[9] Mickey J. Meyer replaced Devi Sri Prasad as music director who was initially announced.[5]


Gaddalakonda Ganesh
Soundtrack album by
Released5 September 2019 (2019-09-05)
GenreFeature film soundtrack
LabelSony Music
Saregama(Elluvachi Godaramma)
Mickey J. Meyer chronology
Oh! Baby
Gaddalakonda Ganesh
Iddari Lokam Okate

The soundtrack is composed by Mickey J. Meyer and lyrics by Bhaskarbhatla Ravikumar and Vanamali. The song "Elluvachi Godaramma" is a remix of the song of the same name from the 1982 film Devatha.

Track list
1."Jarra Jarra"Bhaskarbhatla RavikumarAnurag Kulkarni, Uma Neha3:01
2."Gagana Veedhilo"VanamaliAnurag Kulkarni, Sweta Subramanian3:15
3."Waka Waka"ChandraboseAnurag Kulkarni, Mickey J Meyer3:27
4."Elluvachi Godaramma"Veturi Sundarama MurthyS. P. Balasubrahmanyam, P. Susheela 


Protests and release stalled[edit]

Valmiki being from Boya Community, many people from that community protested to change the name of the movie as they are showing the lead actor in negative role. When shooting for the film in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh, the Boya community attacked the film crew and shooting was cancelled.[18]

The release of the movie was stalled in Anantapur and Kurnool districts of Andhra Pradesh by their respective district collectors as Boya community was protesting for title change of the movie.[19]

Court case[edit]

In September 2019, Boya Hakkula Porata Samithi filed a petition in the Telangana High Court and Andhra Pradesh Valmiki Boya Sangam (APVBS)[20] In AP High Court with PIL No:139/2019 by State General Secretary Kranthi Naidu Boya contending that the title hurt sentiments as the name of great saint as Valmiki was being used for a character that donning the role of a villain.[21]

Title change[edit]

Poster released indicating the change of the film's title

Due to many controversies over the movie's title and release stalling in some areas, the title was changed to Gaddalakonda Ganesh only 6 hours prior to the release of the film.[4][22]

Marketing and release[edit]

In June 2019, 14 Reels Plus released pre teaser on social media platforms. On 15 August 2019 the team released teaser and started promoting by releasing singles from the album.[23] The official trailer of the film was unveiled by 14 Reels Plus on 9 September 2019.[24]

The film was scheduled to be released on 13 September 2019, however to avoid direct clash with Gang Leader it was postponed by a week, scheduling the release on 20 September.[25][26]


Neeshita Nyayapati writing for The Times of India has given 3.5/5 rating praising Varun Tej's performance as gangster.[13]

Banda Kalyan writing for Sakshi gave 3/5 rating point out only drawback of the film is forced comedy and how people are simply laughing onscreen while watching a film about a gangster.[27]

Sangeetha Devi writing for The Hindu suggested this adaptation raises a toast to the cinema more importantly showcases the power of the director.[28]


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