Gangamma Temple, Dhenuvakonda

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Goddess Gangamma Temple
Coordinates 15°42′08″N 79°57′22″E / 15.70209°N 79.95614°E / 15.70209; 79.95614Coordinates: 15°42′08″N 79°57′22″E / 15.70209°N 79.95614°E / 15.70209; 79.95614
Country India
State/province Andhra Pradesh
District Prakasam
Locale Addanki Mandal
Elevation 32 m (105 ft)
Primary deity Gangamma

Goddess Gangamma Temple is in the outskirts of Dhenuva Konda, Garlapadu village in Prakasam District of Andhra Pradesh, India. Sunday is preferable day to offer pooja in the temple.

Goddess Gangamma is a powerful figure to the Yadava community. They celebrate Jatara for her on the full moon in April. During Jatara, the temple is decorated with a huge set of lighting. Devotees visit and pray to the goddess for the whole day and night of that full moon day.


  • There is a choultry nearby.
  • Water facility available through a bore well.
  • Two wells are available on the east and west sides. The west well was constructed by Sri Late Ramaiah Kotu.
  • The temple has power facility.


Goddess Gangamma Temple is 1.5 km from Dhenuva Konda village and 1 km from Garlapadu village (new).

There is a temple for God Nagavendrudu, which is just beside this temple.

Goddess Kanaka Durga temple has been constructed on the middle of the hill. Devotees have to take a ghat road to the temple for about one kilometer.