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GIG Car Share
FoundedApril 30, 2017[1]
Area served
Oakland, Berkeley, Sacramento, Albany, and Alameda
ParentA3 Ventures

GIG Car Share is a carsharing service in parts of the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento, created by A3 Ventures (a division of the American Automobile Association).[2] The company operates a fleet of Toyota Prius Hybrid vehicles and all-electric Chevy Bolts, with roof-top bike racks and features one-way point-to-point rentals.[3]

The cars are unlocked and locked using a near-field communication (NFC) card or the companion app.[4] Members are charged by the mile, hour or day in the Bay Area and by the minute, hour and day in Sacramento.[5] Fuel and insurance is included in each trip.

The company partners with cities to pay for parking, which is included in each reservation. This includes metered spots.

At launch in April 2017, the company's fleet consisted of 250 vehicles across Berkeley and Oakland.[6] Between November 23, 2017 and December 31, 2017, the company temporarily expanded its service zone to include the San Francisco International Airport to accommodate holiday travelers.[7] On January 29, 2018, Gig announced an expansion from 250 to 500 vehicles.[8] In 2018, Gig expanded to Albany and Alameda[9]. In May of 2019 Gig launched the largest all-electric car sharing fleet in the United States with 260 Chevy Bolts in Sacramento.[10][11][12][13][14]

As of May 2019 Gig launched the nation's first inter-regional one-way car sharing service, allowing Members to start a trip in either the East Bay or Sacramento and then end their trip in a different region.


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