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Rosenbad 2006.jpg
General information
Town or city Stockholm
Country Sweden
Construction started 1900
Completed 1902
Design and construction
Architect Ferdinand Boberg

Rosenbad (Swedish: [ˈruːsɛnˌbɑːd], lit. rosen bath) is a building in central Stockholm, precinct of Norrmalm. It is a building owned by the Swedish State and serves as the seat of the Government.

Rosenbad is located on Strömgatan on the north side of the river Norrström. It was designed by Art Nouveau architect Ferdinand Boberg, and completed in 1902. It originally housed a variety of functions, including a restaurant (until 1956) of the same name.

Government building[edit]

Rosenbad now functions as the seat for Prime Minister's Office (Swedish: Statsrådsberedningen) and the Government Offices (Swedish: Regeringskansliet). It is located close to the Sager House, the official residence of the Prime Minister. The Riksdag building and the Royal Palace are located across the waters of Stockholms ström.

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