Hellenic Union of Romania

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Hellenic Union of Romania
Ideology Greek minority politics
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The Hellenic Union of Romania (Romanian: Uniunea Elena din Romania, UER; Greek: Ένωση Ελλήνων της Ρουμανίας, Énōsē Ellḗnōn tēs Roumanías) is an ethnic minority political party in Romania representing the Greek community.


The UER contested the 1990 general elections, and despite receiving only 0.04% of the vote,[1] it won a single seat in the Chamber of Deputies under the electoral law that allows for political parties representing ethnic minority groups to be exempt from the electoral threshold. It has won a seat in every election since.

Electoral history[edit]

Election Chamber of Deputies Senate
Votes % Seats Votes % Seats
1990 4,932 0.04 1
1992 9,134 0.08 1
1996 8,463 0.07 1
2000 15,007 0.13 1
2004 7,161 0.07 1
2008 8,875 0.12 1
2012 9,863 0.13 1


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