Green Party (Romania)

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Green Party
Partidul Verde
President Remus Cernea
Secretary-General Silviu Dumitru
Executive President Constantin Damov
Honorary Presidents Marcian Bleahu
Silviu Popa
Leader in the Chamber of Deputies Remus Cernea
Headquarters Str. Lipscani nr.19
Sector 3
Youth wing Tinerii Verzi
Membership (2014) 35,000[1]
Ideology Green politics
Political position Centre
European affiliation European Green Party
International affiliation Global Greens
Colours Green
0 / 171
Chamber of Deputies
0 / 401
European Parliament
0 / 32

The Green Party (Romanian: Partidul Verde), often shortened to The Greens (Verzii) is a Romanian political party centred on green politics. It is a member of the European Green Party.


Despite its support for environmental causes, such as reforestation and reductions in carbon emissions, the Green Party also advocates some free-market policies, such as the privatisation of state-owned enterprises. It supports an extension in individual rights as well as greater separation of church and state, including a gradual removal of all state funding for religious institutions.[citation needed] Like the vast majority of Romanian political parties, it is supportive of European integration. It is the Romanian party that is most supportive of LGBT rights, supporting same-sex marriage and civil partnerships, as well as measures to reduce homophobia in schools and society at large.[2]

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