Hartshead Moor services

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Hartshead Moor services
Hartshead Moor Services.jpg
Hartshead Moor services is located in West Yorkshire
Hartshead Moor services
Hartshead Moor services (West Yorkshire)
County: West Yorkshire
Road: M62 Motorway
Coordinates: 53°42′48″N 1°44′44″W / 53.713397°N 1.745549°W / 53.713397; -1.745549Coordinates: 53°42′48″N 1°44′44″W / 53.713397°N 1.745549°W / 53.713397; -1.745549
Operator: Welcome Break
Previous operator(s): Ross[1]
Date opened: 1973[2]
Website: Welcome Break

Hartshead Moor services is a motorway service station on the M62 near Bradford, West Yorkshire. It is the highest service station in the United Kingdom.[3]


1974 coach bombing[edit]

On 4 February 1974 a bomb was detonated on a coach ferrying British Army and Royal Air Force personnel from and to the bases at Catterick and Darlington during a period of industrial strike action on the trains. The incident occurred shortly after midnight while most of those aboard were sleeping.[4] Twelve people were killed and more than fifty injured.

A memorial plaque was installed in memory of those who were killed, situated in the entrance hall of the westbound section of the service area, which was used as a first aid station for those wounded in the blast.[5] A memorial service was held at the service area in February 2004.[6] In 2009 a new memorial was created outside the service area at the wishes of the relatives of those killed.[7]


In December 2005 the RSPCA, working with the BBC filmed the sale of an African puff adder at the service area, exploiting a legal loophole to sell on the snake.[8] It was discovered in April 2006 that the service area's toilets were frequently being used for homosexual activity.[9]

Alpine Cleaning Services, who successfully pitched for investment on the television show, Dragons' Den, opened one of their first truck-washing facilities at the service area in August 2006.[10]


The service station is one of fourteen for which large murals were commissioned from artist David Fisher in the 1990s, designed to reflect the local area and history.[11]


The services are located between junctions 25 and 26 of the M62.






  • Shell
  • Ecotricity




  • 2007 Loo of the Year award – Baby Change Facilities[14]


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