Medway services

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Medway Services
The southbound and Northbound services
Medway services is located in Kent
Medway services
Medway services (Kent)
County: Kent
Road: M2
Coordinates: 51°20′26″N 0°36′26″E / 51.340645°N 0.607322°E / 51.340645; 0.607322Coordinates: 51°20′26″N 0°36′26″E / 51.340645°N 0.607322°E / 51.340645; 0.607322
Operator: Moto Hospitality
Previous operator(s): Top Rank / Granada
Previous name(s): Farthing Corner
Date opened: 1963[1]
Website: Moto

Medway is a service area on the M2 motorway south of Medway, near Junction 4 in Kent, southeast England. It is managed by Moto and was previously called Farthing Corner, which is the name of the nearby settlement.


Looking east at the bridge-restaurant over the motorway.

The following facilities can be found at Medway:[2]


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