Thurrock services

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Thurrock services
Thurrock Motorway Service Area - - 1295043.jpg
County: Essex
Road: M25
Operator: Moto Hospitality
Date opened: Sources vary: 1990;[1] 1991;[2] 1992[3]
Website: Moto

Thurrock services is an motorway service station in Thurrock, Essex. The service area, owned by Moto, is accessible from junction 30 & 31 of the M25 motorway. The services were opened sometime between 1990 and 1992 (sources vary; see references). There are a total of four service areas directly accessible from the London Orbital motorway, the others are Clacket Lane, Cobham and South Mimms.

Parts of the service station overlook a lake.

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Coordinates: 51°29′32″N 0°16′16″E / 51.49222°N 0.27111°E / 51.49222; 0.27111