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The protagonists of Fushigi Yûgi, as seen in the anime adaptation. From left to right, top to bottom: Nuriko, Chichiri, Mitsukake, Tasuki, Tamahome, Miaka, Hotohori, Chiriko.

This article lists the major characters from the manga series Fushigi Yûgi, its anime adaptation, and the prequels Fushigi Yûgi Genbu Kaiden and Fushigi Yûgi Byakko Ibun.

Cast of Suzaku[edit]

Miaka Yūki[edit]

Voiced by: Kae Araki (Japanese); Bridget Hoffman (English)

Miaka Yūki (夕城 美朱, Yūki Miaka), the primary protagonist in Fushigi Yûgi, is an ordinary 15-year-old junior high school student. She initially decides to become the Priestess of Suzaku (Suzaku no Miko) in order to ask Suzaku to grant her wish to join her best friend, Yui, at the same high school.

Miaka falls in love with Tamahome: this motivates Miaka to gather the seven Celestial Warriors of Suzaku and summon the god Suzaku Seikun. Though Miaka's final wish as the Priestess of Suzaku had been for her and Tamahome to remain together forever, she chooses instead to ask Suzaku to save "this world" (Miaka's world after being destroyed by the battle between Seiryuu and Suzaku) and restore it to the way it was. Her warriors are shocked and even comment on how "so completely selfless" it is. Tamahome is then forced to return to his own world because of it. However, when Miaka enters high school, she meets Taka Sukunami who is Tamahome's reincarnation and shows her the wedding ring she gave him. In Fushigi Yugi Eikoden, they are married. She is the victim of Mayo (a younger student)'s jealousy because she is the receiver of Taka's feelings. When she becomes pregnant Mayo enters the book to change the course of the story, causing Miaka to fall unconscious. Knowing that the world in the book is in danger, Miaka sends her unborn child into Mayo as a chance to connect with and save that world. When the false Suzaku is summoned, she uses her connection to seal him away and give Taka the strength to defeat him. Soon after, the conflict is resolved and she wakes up in her own world with Taka by her side. She later gives birth to their son, whom she names Hikari.

Outgoing and optimistic, Miaka shows herself amiable with friends and strangers, and has a tendency to be guileless and sentimental. She is naïve, but sometimes surprises adults with an insightful comment. Miaka is generous and cares greatly for other people and perceives herself to be a considerate person. She can be unassuming and unsophisticated, but also magnanimous and courageous. Because she creates the impression of a person who always needs help, Miaka has the good fortune of almost always having someone looking after her.

Miaka has a primary weakness: her gluttony. She eats constantly and has an interest in any type of food. She is an avid fan of anime, imitating several characters during the course of the story.[1]


Voiced by: Hikaru Midorikawa (anime), Mamoru Miyano (game) (Japanese); David Hayter (English)

Tamahome (鬼宿) is the first of the seven Celestial Warriors of Suzaku to be introduced. The eldest of five siblings, Tamahome is seventeen years old and was born in Hakko Village in the Juusou Prefecture of Konan under the star Demon (鬼). He is first introduced when he saves Miaka and Yui from slave-traders. He immediately asks for payment for his services, but is turned down. He later saves Miaka from another gang of slave-traders when she arrives at the Capitol.

Tamahome appears to be the strongest member of the Suzaku warriors. An adept martial artist, proficient unarmed and with weapons, he proves a good street-fighter and can channel his chi into energy-blasts. When emotionally motivated, he is able to use his chi to increase his strength, speed, and reflexes in combat. Tamahome is also experienced in fencing thanks to being trained by Tokaki.

Initially, the story portrays Tamahome as a greedy young man obsessed with money, interested in helping others only if it means getting paid for it later. It is eventually revealed that his interest in accumulating money derives from trying to support his family. He comes across as cheerful, vain, and comic, but is actually shy and emotionally strong. Throughout the series, he demonstrates himself to be a sincere young man who is willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of others and unwilling to back down from enemies. In the 7th volume, his family is massacred by Suboshi.

While he initially rejects Miaka's feelings for him, he comes to reciprocate her feelings. They develop a strong romantic relationship to the point where Tamahome can sense Miaka whenever she calls for him. When Suzaku is unable to grant Miaka's final wish for her and Tamahome to be together, she instead wishes for The Universe of the Four Gods to be restored. This causes Tamahome and Miaka to go back to their own worlds. However, he is later reborn as Taka Sukunami, a new classmate of Miaka's older brother. By the end of the manga, Tamahome and Miaka are married and have a son, named Hikari.

Taka Sukunami[edit]

Voiced by: Hikaru Midorikawa (anime), Mamoru Miyano (game) (Japanese); David Hayter (TV & OVAs), Dave Wittenberg (Eikoden) (English)

Taka Sukunami (宿南 魏, Sukunami Taka) is the real world reincarnation of Suzaku warrior Tamahome and is the same age as he was in The Universe of Four Gods. His family runs a farm in the countryside. In Fushigi Yugi Eikuden, he is Miaka's husband and the father of her child, Hikari.

Miaka Yūki meets Taka at Café Paradox roughly a month after concluding the summoning of Suzaku. He is introduced to Miaka by her older brother as a classmate of his. As Tamahome's incarnation in the real world, he is very protective of Miaka and loves her deeply, coming to her aid whenever she needs him. Taka has limited memories of being Tamahome as his reincarnation into Miaka's world required those memories to be forgotten. When he meets Miaka he reveals what memories he has retained in his past life, involving being one of seven warriors destined to protect a young girl who would save his world from destruction and that his name in that past life was Tamahome.

Suzaku later appears to inform Miaka of a demon god's plot to destroy the world within the book; as the priestess, Miaka feels obligated to protect her Celestial Warriors and Konan. Additionally, Suzaku reveals that the source of its power had been the strong love between Miaka and Tamahome; because of that love, Suzaku was able to create Taka, a version of Tamahome who could exist in Miaka's world. However, Tenkō, the demon god, realized that Suzaku's powers were weaker in the real world and attempts to usurp the powers of heaven and destroy it. In order to stop Tenkou, Tamahome's memories, embodied as seven stones, needed to be recovered and placed back into Taka to restore Suzaku's powers.

Tenkō manipulates Suzaku's story, convincing Taka that he is only a shadow of Tamahome and that he will disappear if he cannot claim Tamahome's memories as his own. The memories, in the form of different colored jewel spheres, are actually just memories and nothing more. It is revealed that Taka is not a shadow, but is, in fact, Tamahome.[2]


Voiced by: Takehito Koyasu (anime), Katsuyuki Konishi (game) (Japanese); Kirk Thornton (English)

Hotohori (星宿), the fourth Emperor of Kōnan, Emperor Cai Pi (彩賁帝, Saihitei) has a reputation for his beauty and his narcissism. Eighteen years old, he was born in Eiyou (Rong-Yang), the capital city of the Konan Empire, on April 2. As one of the Celestial Warriors of Suzaku, he can summon a sword; as such he is a powerful swordsman and has been additionally trained in martial arts since childhood. His birth name is Xing-shu (星宿, Seishuku, xīngxiù) based on the star Star (星).

Hotohori first hears of the Priestess of Suzaku at a young age and comes to believe that the priestess would become his true love and the one who would love him for himself instead of his title. Upon meeting Miaka, he falls in love with her and becomes willing to do anything for her sake. As such, he becomes a rival to Tamahome for Miaka's affection, but eventually concedes when he realizes that Miaka will only ever love Tamahome. Hotohori eventually marries a woman named Houki, who some believe bears a striking resemblance to Nuriko. He is killed by Nakago during the battle between Konan and Kutō, leaving Houki pregnant with his son Boushin.

Raised with little warmth, Hotohori appears cold, reserved, and harsh, particularly when acting as the Emperor of Konan, but actually shows himself as a warm, peace-loving and gentle person. Known as a responsible ruler and capable of dealing with political affairs, Hotohori often places the well-being of his subjects first and forgets his own needs in the process. However, Hotohori has limited understanding of the world as a result of being raised in a sheltered environment. After meeting Miaka and the other Celestial Warriors of Suzaku, he is gradually able to act as himself and finds true friends.

In Fushigi Yûgi Eikoden, a young boy named Shu Eian emerges as Hotohori's reincarnation (as a commoner, as he had always wished). During the assembly of the Suzaku Celestial Warriors he returns last, despite Nuriko's threat to kill him with his sword when he doesn't come out.


Voiced by: Chika Sakamoto (anime), Junko Minagawa (game) (Japanese); Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (English)

Nuriko (柳宿) first appears disguised as "Kang-Lin" (Japanese pronunciation: "Kōrin") in Emperor Hotohori's harem, which Hotohori never visits except to welcome new maidens. "Kang-lin" was in fact Nuriko's younger sister, who died at a young age; he began behaving and dressing like her to keep her memory alive. Born in Eiyō, the capital of Konan, Nuriko possesses superhuman strength; Taiitsukun later grants him a pair of bracelets that transform into strength-increasing armbands. He is 18 years old. His true name is Ryuuen Chou (迢 柳娟, Chō Ryūen, Tiáo Liǔjuān), based on the star Willow (柳).

While prone to jealousy, quick to anger, and possessing a calculating tendency, Nuriko is very level-headed and compassionate and shows the most concern regarding Miaka and Tamahome's relationship. As a "woman", Nuriko is infatuated with his fellow warrior, Hotohori, but as a man, he also loves Miaka Yūki. While initially jealous of Hotohori's love for Miaka, Nuriko and Miaka become close friends. He is also close friends with Tamahome, despite their frequent bickering and arguing, which usually results with him comically beating up Tamahome. After Nuriko comes to terms with the fact that his cross-dressing resulted from the unyielding pain of losing his sister Kourin, he concludes that he had been trying to live his life as Kourin would have, not as he would have. This revelation allows him to finally allow himself to experience life as a man. He cuts his hair, which once hung down to his waist in a braid, and admits to Tamahome that he loves Miaka as more than a friend. While he maintains his feelings for Hotohori, Nuriko eventually chooses to stop dressing as a woman in order to better protect Miaka. Throughout the rest of the series, even after his death at the hands of Ashitare (one of the Seiryū-seishi), the friendship between Nuriko and Miaka remains strong. Nuriko is the first of the seven Suzaku warriors to die.

In Fushigi Yûgi Eikoden, Nuriko was reborn as a young girl named Ko Reishun. She also steals the magic ball Tasuki has, and breaks it. Despite the young girl's size, she is able to lift a heavy rock much like Nuriko, revealing that she is indeed Nuriko's reincarnation.


Voiced by: Tomokazu Seki (anime), Kouki Miyata (game) (Japanese); Randy McPherson (English)

Chichiri (井宿), a wandering monk, has trained for several years with Taiitsukun, the creator. A 24-year-old native of a village on the Shōryū River (near the northern Kōnan-Kutō border), he variously wields a shakujō staff, kasa hat, and kesa mantle to fight and employs various magical techniques taught by Taiitsukun, the first of which was the ability to form a barrier around himself. His true name is Houjun Ri (李 芳准, Ri Hōjun, Lǐ Fāngzhǔn), born under the star Well (井).

As the oldest and wisest of all of the Suzaku warriors, Chichiri thinks of himself as the older brother who looks after them all. Appearing superficially light-hearted, he can put on super deformed 'chibi' frivolity or suddenly become very serious and grim. While Tamahome and Hotohori are the obvious leaders, Chichiri is the ever-staunch advisor and supporter from behind the scenes, always willing to help when needed. Unconcerned with his own mortality or with earthly desires, he has a Zen master's detached attitude. He habitually ends many sentences with the emphatic phrase "no da", translated as "ya know" in the anime's English version.

When he first appears, Chichiri constantly wears a smile on his face, though he later accounts for his face as a mask with features he can move on reflex in order to make it resemble a natural face. His true face resembles his mask, save that one eye has been scarred by an injury across his forehead. When he was eighteen, Chichiri had been engaged to be married; after his best friend stole a kiss from his fiancée, she called off their betrothal. Chichiri was enraged at the betrayal and the two men began to fight. While they were fighting, a heavy rainstorm caused the Shoryuu River flooded their home village. Most of the inhabitants were drowned, including Chichiri's family and his fiancee. His friend fell into the rushing water and Chichiri attempted to rescue him, but a nearby log smashed into Chichiri's eye and gouged it out, resulting in the scar on his face. Chichiri did not know this but, his friend survived, but resentfully believes that Chichiri had abandoned him to die. When they meet again, this mistaken resentment causes him to resume the old battle, but ends when the story behind the dreadful scar is revealed.

At the end of the series, only he, Tamahome, and Tasuki of all the Suzaku Celestial Warriors remain alive in "The Universe of the Four Gods".


Voiced by: Nobutoshi Hayashi (anime), Kousuke Toriumi (game) (Japanese); Daran Norris (English)

Tasuki (翼宿) formerly led the Mount Reikaku bandits. Extremely quick and agile, he particularly enjoys joking around with Nuriko, Tamahome, and Chichiri. He is 17 years old and was born in the town of Tai-Tou in the Ko prefecture, at the foot of Mount Reikaku. His true name is Shun'u Kou (侯 俊宇, Kō Shun'u), born under the star Wings (翼). Tasuki's primary weapon is a flame throwing Tessen, an iron fan used for fighting which is eventually upgraded to become a diamond fan that could only be used by Tasuki. The technique he uses is Rekka Shinen (烈火神焔, lit. "Raging Fire, Sacred Flames"). Additionally, he is skilled in judo, archery, swordsmanship, and is briefly capable of using ofuda. As a Celestial Warrior, he possesses superhuman speed and known as Genrou or Huang-Lang (幻狼|"Phantom Wolf") because of his wolf-like appearance.

At a young age Tasuki found his calling as a bandit when Hakurō, the chief bandit of Mount Reikaku, took him under his wing. He began to improve his martial arts abilities in hopes of living up to and carrying on the role of his mentor.[3] He and fellow bandit Kōji eventually master the use of an iron fan in combat. Tasuki first meets Miaka when he kidnaps her in order to regain his rightful place as the leader of Mount Reikaku's bandits. He eventually joins her in order to help the other Celestial Warriors on their quest, reluctantly leaving Kōji as the leader of the bandits of Mount Reikaku.

Straightforward, simple-minded, and quick to pick a fight, Tasuki also has a strong sense of honor. Though he appears utterly blunt, vulgar, and loud, he is sentimental and easily becomes emotional. He provides a frequent source of comic relief in the series: he enjoys joking around. Tasuki values his friends greatly and will not hesitate to kill those who would try to endanger them or make fun of them in any way. Despite being rough around the edges, Tasuki shares a particularly strong relationship with Chiriko. Tasuki, as the youngest child and only son of a family with five older sisters, an aggressive mother, and timid father, happily accepts the role of an older brother figure to Chiriko, who looks up to him and strives to become a "manly man" like Tasuki. Of all the Suzaku Celestial Warriors, he takes the deaths of his comrades the hardest and openly cries for them. A running joke in the series is that Tasuki is afraid to swim, claiming that it is because he is a "man of the mountains", though on several occasions he is able to instinctively tread water and finds unusual means of compensating for his weakness. He also hates milk, due to the fact that his overly endowed mother almost smothered him as an infant.

As the youngest and only son in a family with strong females and a weak father, Tasuki claims to hate women. He seems to have special feelings for Miaka.

At the end of the series, he and Chichiri remain the only living Suzaku Celestial Warriors in "The Universe of the Four Gods".


Voiced by: Koji Ishii (anime), Kenta Miyake (game) (Japanese); Richard Epcar (TV Series, OVA 2-3) Michael Gregory (OVA 1 only) (English)

Mitsukake (軫宿) is the healer of Suzaku's warriors. He is soft-spoken and one of the most serious of the Suzaku Celestial Warriors. He is 22 years old and was born in Sōen Village, near Chōkō of northern part of Kōnan. His true name is Juan Myō (妙 寿安, Myou Juan), born the star Chariot (軫). Mitsukake's fighting abilities are limited to his own strength, but as a Celestial Warrior, he possesses incredible healing powers at the cost of exchanging some of his own life force. He uses this ability frequently to heal minor injuries, but after healing life-threatening injuries, Mitsukake requires an entire day to regenerate his life force. His cat Tama is the unofficial mascot of the Suzaku Celestial Warriors and, after Mitsukake's death, becomes Chichiri's pet.

The son of a country doctor, he put his natural talents to work and often would help his father with his rounds. His father eventually died attempting to save villagers close to a flooding river during the same storm that claimed the lives of Chichiri's loved ones. Mitsukake shows utter devotion to healing; however after the death of Shōka, the daughter of the local nobleman who he was in love with, Mitsukake gave up medicine and dedicated all of his time and energy into finding a miracle herb that could cure any illness. It was during this reclusive stage that Miaka and the others find him, and managed to get him to join them with little persuasion. However, he continues to cherish the memory of the late Shōka.

Despite his expressionless appearance and tendency to remain silent, Mitsukake is a kind-hearted and calm man who seems aloof, but is actually shy and does not know how to be more outgoing. He is especially kind to the weak, elderly, the sickly, and children, as well as animals. During the battle between Konan and Kutō, he is severely wounded by Nakago. Mitsukake subsequently dies exhausting all his energy to save the life of a child who is later revealed to be the reincarnation of his beloved, as well as all the soldiers who had been wounded during the battle.

In Fushigi Yûgi Eikoden, he is revived as a young boy who is not convinced that he is Mitsukake and stays to protect the reincarnated Shōka.


Voiced by: Tomoko Kawakami (anime), Akiko Kimura (game) (Japanese); Lenore Zann (English)

Chiriko (張宿) is the youngest and the genius among the seven Celestial Warriors of Suzaku. Born in Jozen in western Kōnan, Chiriko is revealed to be studying for an examination to become a government official during his first appearance. Aside from his incredible intelligence, Chiriko also employs a leaf whistle against his opponents. He is thirteen years old. His true name is Doukon Ou (王 道煇, Ō Dōkon), born the star Extended Net (張).

Chiriko's intelligence actually derives from his role as a Celestial Warrior and when his character disappears, he becomes a rather average child with limited intelligence. This limitation on his powers alongside being the youngest and physically weakest in the group is a source of frustration for Chiriko. He is particularly sensitive about his height and his peculiar intelligence and strives towards becoming a "man of strength", but is otherwise a quiet and good-natured student. Since a very young age, Chiriko has held a strong interest in research and has amassed a great deal of knowledge through books and study.

Though somewhat unusual, Chiriko develops a strong relationship with Tasuki, who happily accepts the role of an older brother figure to Chiriko and is particularly devastated when Chiriko dies. The youngest Celestial Warrior's death comes when his body is possessed by Seiryū Celestial Warrior Miboshi. After regaining control of his body, Chiriko stabs himself, taking Miboshi with him in death.

In Fushigi Yûgi Eikoden, Chiriko is revived as Gakuren, a child of a politician. Despite being still an infant, he is capable of speech and is the only character to remember who he is in the first place, but has to fully revive quickly or will be reborn as a normal boy.

Cast of Seiryū[edit]

Yui Hongo[edit]

Voiced by: Yumi Touma (Japanese); Wendee Lee (English)

Yui Hongo (本郷 唯, Hongō Yui) is the Priestess of Seiryū (Seiryū no Miko). An intelligent and mature girl, she is a tenth grade student and Miaka Yūki's best friend. A passionate person at heart, she tends to see the world in black and white terms and is easily infuriated with perceived betrayal. Yui is confident and bold with everything she does, but longs for someone to take care of her. It is revealed in the manga that Yui cut her hair to avoid all the attention she was getting from boys.

Yui is initially transported to "The Universe of Four Gods" with Miaka, but almost immediately returns to the real world and becomes the one who reads the book in order for events in the world to progress. However, she later becomes trapped in the book while trying to help Miaka return to the real world. Shortly after arriving in the book, bandits chase Yui down and beat her so badly in attempt to rape her that she falls unconscious. When she regains consciousness, she believes she has been raped and, distraught, attempts to kill herself. Nakago rescues her and convinces her that Miaka is responsible for Yui's misfortunes, leaving Yui unaware that he had saved her just before she had been raped. He manipulates Yui into becoming the Priestess of Seiryū, convincing her that it will allow Yui to take revenge on Miaka. She eagerly agrees, swearing to fight Miaka and to take away her lover, Tamahome, whom Yui has become attracted to.

After succeeding in summoning Seiryū, Yui uses her first wish to seal away Suzaku's powers, preventing the god from being summoned and the Celestial Warriors from using their powers. Her second wish is to take Miaka and herself back to their world, hoping to separate Miaka and Tamahome, but Tamahome also arrives in their world with them. When Yui finally realizes that Nakago has been manipulating her for his own ambition and revenge, she is too late to stop him, as she cannot help but witness hopelessly upon the death and destruction of her own world, friends and family alike, including her best friend Miaka and her love interest Tamahome. Therefore, with her deep regret and remorse, she makes her own self-sacrifice and redemption with her third and final wish, in order to repeal the seal on Suzaku, letting Seiryū devour her, and begging Miaka to protect their dear world at all costs. So, after summoning Suzaku, Miaka uses her first wish to rescue Yui, and her second wish to seal Seiryū away, which finally allows Tamahome to defeat Nakago once and for all. Afterwards, both Yui and Miaka make amends and renew their friendship with each other once again.

After the events of the "Universe of the Four Gods", Yui enters a long-term relationship with Tetsuya Kajiwara, a friend of Keisuke Yūki, who fell in love with her while following her journey when reading the book.

When Tenkō is revived after being sealed away by the Four Gods for centuries, and threatens to cast great calamity and chaos upon both worlds of Miaka and Tamahome, Yui decides to help them out, as her way of redemption, repentance and determination to make sure that everyone is really happy and free. She even puts herself in the line of fire sometimes in order to do so. In the end, she finally relieves and redeems herself of all her past pain and sorrow, as she sees that all is well in the end.


Voiced by: Toru Furusawa (anime), Ken Narita (game) (Japanese); Jack Hammer (English)

Nakago (心宿), considered to be the leader of the Seiryū warriors, is the main antagonist of Fushigi Yûgi. His true name is Ayuru Gi (魏 アユル, Gi Ayuru), born under the star Heart (心). Nakago is both merciless and charismatic; he eliminates those whose usefulness to him is exhausted and skillfully manipulates others into doing as he wishes. Nakago's powers as a Celestial Warrior is shown to be stronger than any of the Suzaku and Seiryū warriors, having the ability to manipulate chi, enabling himself to become psychokinetic, fire energy blasts, and set up force fields. In battle, Nakago also utilizes a whip and sword.

As Kutō's highest ranking general, Nakago commands two thirds of Kutō's army. The last of the Hin Tribe—a people destroyed at the orders of the Emperor of Kutō—Nakago was captured after seeing his mother being raped by Kutō soldiers; the trauma of seeing this triggered his powers and killed the soldiers and his own mother. With the surviving soldiers recognizing him as a Celestial Warrior, Nakago was brought to the Emperor where his natural beauty resulted in his being sexually abused by the Emperor. As he mastered complete control over his abilities, he eventually became a seemingly loyal soldier of Kutō, with the Emperor unaware that Nakago has been planning to betray him all his life.

Once he finds Yui, Nakago manipulates her by letting her believe she was raped so that he can become the person she depends on. He uses her to gain the power of Seiryū, originally intending to take over the world. After learning about the real world that Yui and Miaka come from, he changes his goals to take over it, desiring above all to be a God who controls everything. He uses his powers to go to the real world, where he tries to take over this world. Realizing her mistake, Yui frees Suzaku and Miaka uses her wishes to seal Seiryū, returning Nakago to normal. Surrendering to defeat, he is killed by Tamahome.

Yu Watase notes on several occasions in the chapter notes, as well in the second installment of the omake "The Tale of the Forbidden Women's Hot Spring" from the series 1 OVA (as stated by Nakago himself), that Nakago is her favourite character.


Voiced by: Yuji Ueda (anime), Tetsuya Kakihara (game) (Japanese); Steve Staley (English)

Amiboshi (亢宿) is a Seiryū Celestial Warrior. He is the elder twin brother of Suboshi and was born in Tenryō, San'un Province in Kutō Empire. His real name is Kōtoku Bu (武 亢德, Bu Koutoku), born under the star Neck (亢). As a Celestial Warrior, Amiboshi is capable of emitting chi through his mouth and channel it through a flute to control the will of others. A skilled flute player, Amiboshi holds the instrument to the left when using his powers, but to the right when he is simply playing the flute. He works as a spy.

Tranquil and reserved, Amiboshi can become single-minded and merciless. Before Miaka arrives in The Universe of Four Gods, he was a kind young man who was determined to judiciously protect his younger brother. Amiboshi first appears while impersonating Chiriko at the orders of Nakago. When discovered, he falls into a river and is believed to be dead. Found by an old couple, Amiboshi pretends that he has amnesia and the couple adopt him as a son, calling him Kaika. He saves Miaka while she is searching for the Shinzahō, but he pretends that he does not recognize her. As the story progresses, he gradually becomes conflicted between aiding the Celestial Warriors of Suzaku and those of Seiryū.

To save his life, Suboshi gives Amiboshi the forgetfulness potion (through a kiss) instead after Amiboshi nearly dies in order to save his life and protect his future. Losing his memory forever, Amiboshi is protected from sharing the same fate as the rest of the Seiryū warriors and becomes the only surviving member the Celestial Warriors of Seiryū. When Suboshi dies by his own weapon in Miaka's world, after following Tamahome, Amiboshi claimed that he felt like a part of him had disappeared. However, a moment later, he retracts this to say that it felt more like a part of him had come back.


Voiced by: Yuji Ueda (anime), Tetsuya Kakihara (game) (Japanese); Steve Staley (English)

Suboshi (角宿) is a Seiryū Celestial Warrior and the younger twin brother of Amiboshi. His real name is Shunkaku Bu (武 俊角, Bu Shunkaku), born under the star Horn (角). As a Celestial Warrior, he can use a secret weapon known as the Ryūseisui, a double-meteor bell, and control it with his will alone. He and his brother can communicate with one another by writing messages on their bodies.

In terms of temperament, Suboshi is fierce, impulsive, and stubborn to a fault, unwilling to listen to reason once he becomes determined to do something. He and his brother are extremely close as a result of their losing their parents at a young age and of having a tough childhood. Suboshi is particularly devoted to his brother and will not hesitate to kill if it means protecting Amiboshi, even killing fellow Seiryū warrior Tomo without a second thought for this reason alone.[4]

Suboshi falls in love with Yui Hongo (the first person aside from his brother to show him any tenderness) when she comforts him after the apparent death of Amiboshi. As a result, he develops a strong hatred for Miaka for supposedly abandoning Yui and jealousy towards Tamahome, whom Yui loves. Believing Tamahome to be responsible for Amiboshi's death, Suboshi murders Tamahome's family for revenge.

Though he is eventually reunited with Amiboshi, Suboshi chooses to administer a potion of forgetfulness to save Amiboshi, who is near death. With his memories completely lost, Amiboshi is saved by his brother from sharing the same fate as the Seiryū warriors. Suboshi later arrives, using Yui's school-uniform's ribbon as a medium, in the real world trying to kill Miaka and Tamahome, but is killed by his own weapon, vanishing shortly afterwards. The ribbon stays in the real world, and Miaka returns it to Yui.


Voiced by: Atsuko Tanaka (anime), Youko Honna (game) (Japanese); Melodee M. Spevack (English)

Soi (房宿) is a Seiryū Celestial Warrior. She was rescued by Nakago when she was a child and is his most devoted follower. Her real name is Kaen Haku (白 花婉, Haku Kaen), born under the star Room (房). As a Celestial Warrior, Soi possesses Feng Shui related powers allowing her to control lightning, induce electromagnetic fields, but is also skilled in Fhangzang and chi raising techniques. She is 21 years old and was born in Gen, a province near the Kutō border.

Because her family was so poor, Soi was sold when still a child to a brothel and grew up there. When she was twelve, Nakago rescued her and she fell in love with him. While aware that her love was unrequited and he was only using her to recover and heighten his chi, Soi nevertheless continues to serve him faithfully and to the full extent of her abilities.

Soi normally appears as a formidable armoured fighter who speaks like a man, concealing a kind heart and feminine nature. Despite being enemies with Suzaku, she actually shows sympathy towards Miaka Yūki, particularly out of jealousy towards Yui, and Tamahome, going so far as to state that she envies the strength of their love and revealing to Miaka that she wasn't actually assaulted by Nakago. Like Tomo, she has no desire to harm Miaka, but will do anything for the sake of Nakago.

She is killed by Tasuki in a battle between Kōnan and Kutō in an attempt to save Nakago; she puts herself between Nakago and Tasuki's sword. Nakago then carries her dead body until he passes from the world of the book into the Real World. In the manga, she is seen again by Nakago in "paradise," alongside his mother when he dies.


Voiced by: Nobuo Tobita (anime), Yūichi Nakamura (game) (Japanese); Kevin Seymour (English)

Tomo (氐宿) is an illusionist and performer among the Celestial Warriors of Seiryū, known also as Aono Tomo (青野智, Blue Field Tomo). His true name is Ragun (羅軍, Ragun), born under the star Root (氐). Having faced hardship since childhood, Tomo is sadistic and cruel, possessing a contorted mentality and severe attitude toward others. It is said he was taken in by dancers when he was young, exposing him to the world of Chinese opera, which is the reason behind his exotic appearance.

Tomo stands as one of Nakago's most trusted allies as Nakago freely discusses his plans with Tomo. Though Tomo loves Nakago, Nakago regards him only as another member of the Seiryū Celestial Warriors. Like Soi, he has little desire to harm Miaka, but wants to do anything for Nakago's sake, and has difficulty getting along with Soi and stays away from her, though they can work efficiently together when necessary.

Tomo's abilities as a Celestial Warrior allow him to hypnotize opponents and create illusions involve various senses, additionally being able to put himself into the illusion as a sort of actor to help things along. Employing a clam shell called Shin (蜃), Tomo is able to see his illusions as the unfold and also trap a person's body and mind within it in order to extract their memories. The extracted memories can be used to create a scenario for the victim or be replayed at a later time. A short story in the Genbu Kaiden tankōbon release describes how Tomo received Shin from a young woman.

When he attempts to trap Miaka in an illusory world, he is thwarted by Amiboshi. After trying to kill Amiboshi, Tomo was killed by Suboshi, who appeared to rescue his brother.


Voiced by: Ryuzaburo Otomo (anime), Kenji Nomura (game) (Japanese); Lenore Zann (English)

Ashitare (尾宿), born under the star Tail (尾), is a werewolf from Hokkan whom Nakago found in a circus tent; until then, Ashitare apparently was a circus side-show. Because of his werewolf nature, Ashitare was shunned and unwelcome wherever he went. Hardened and angry, he developed a hatred of humans and would devour human flesh after killing them. Because of Ashitare's brute strength, he is seemingly unstoppable.

When Soi fails to kill Miaka and the Suzaku warriors, Nakago sends Ashitare to obtain the Shinzaho of the Priestess of Genbu (Takiko Okuda). He kills Nuriko during the fight to acquire the Shinzaho, but with the last of his strength, Nuriko breaks his neck. Though Nuriko has killed Ashitare's human side, Ashitare's beast half takes over his body and successfully steals the Shinzaho and delivers it to Nakago. With his usefulness to Nakago exhausted, Nakago kills Ashitare.


Voiced by: Midori Nakazawa (Japanese); Barbara Goodson (English)

Miboshi (箕宿), born under the star Winnowing Basket (箕), is the last of the Seiryū Celestial Warriors to appear. While he looks like a young boy, he is actually much older than the other Seiryū warriors. As a Celestial Warrior he can possess others - as well as summoning and controlling demons. He employs a Tibetan prayer-wheel with sutras inscribed on it to summon monsters and to perform sorcery. He is known also as Mimadō.

Miboshi possesses Chiriko's body and attempts to use him against the Suzaku warriors. Chiriko succeeds in overcoming the possession and regaining control of his body for long enough to stab himself, killing both himself and Miboshi.[5]

Miboshi also appeared in the Fushigi Yûgi Byakko Ibun one-shot. Here, he is a young man named Nirusha whose family was killed by a curse that his father tried to reverse but it failed. He meets Neiran when she is little and becomes a friend to her.


Takiko Okuda[edit]

Voiced by: Satsuki Yukino (drama CD/game)

Takiko Okuda (奧田 多喜子 Okuda Takiko) is the Priestess of Genbu and the heroine of Fushigi Yûgi Genbu Kaiden. The daughter of Einosuke Okuda, the Japanese translator of the original scripture for "The Universe of the Four Gods", Takiko is a serious young girl skilled with the naginata. She demonstrates a strong will and good heart, but shows insecurity with her own abilities and tends to be impulsive. Takiko is sincere, honest, and possesses a strong sense of justice.

When Takiko's mother fell ill with tuberculosis, her family moved from Tokyo to Morioka. Takiko spent most of her days taking care of her mother and resented her father's obsession with The Universe of Four Gods. When her mother dies from her illness, Takiko's frustrations with her life, including her unrequited love of Takao Ōsugi and her father's apparent disappointment with her being born a girl, culminate in an attempt to destroy The Universe of Four Gods to spite her father. Spirited into the book, Takiko is revealed to be the Priestess of Genbu in the land of Hokkan. Originally reluctant to become the priestess because she doubts he ability to do so, Takiko accepts her destiny after witnessing Tomite's mother getting hurt defending her and strives to protect Hokkan. Takiko and Uruki, the first Celestial Warrior of Genbu she meets, gradually fall in love with one another, which neither is willing to admit to initially. She develops strong relationships with each of her Celestial Warriors, save the remaining warrior, Urumiya, and functions as their backbone and driving force to fight for a country that regards the Celestial Warriors as a misfortune.

During her adventures, Takiko briefly returns to her own world in time for her mother's wake and manages to resolve her strained relationship with her father and her unrequited love of Takao Ōsugi. When her father reveals that his obsession with The Universe of Four Gods had been come about in an attempt to find a way to cure Takiko's mother, she resolves to return to the book and to summon Genbu to bring back her mother. As she gathers her remaining Celestial Warriors, the revelation of Urumiya's identity and the political agenda of Hokkan and Kutō's armies endanger Takiko to the extent that the Celestial Warriors lie to her, saying she is no longer needed, thus forcing her to return to her world. In an attempt to endure the painful turn of all the recent events, Takiko briefly accepts a proposal from Oikawa, an acquaintance who had been an assistant to Takiko's mother's doctor. Realizing she could not forget her feelings, she breaks off their engagement, particularly in light of the fact she had also contracted tuberculosis. As her father and Oikawa prepare to move Takiko to Tokyo to treat her ailment, Einosuke (Takiko's father) attempts to dispose of the book by throwing it into a lake as it cannot be destroyed. She eventually learns that by summoning Genbu, she will be sacrificed. Realizing then that she is doomed to die regardless of where she goes, Takiko returns to The Universe of Four Gods in hopes of saving Hokkan.

Later in the battle against Kutou, Takiko summons Genbu to end Hokkan's winter and to restore all living things of the country to the way they once were. But exercising these two wishes causes a strain on Takiko due to Genbu consuming her.

In order to contact her, Takiko's father stabs his hand since they both carry the same blood so it can be used as a connection. Since their blood is the connection, in order to end Takiko's suffering, her Father stabs himself. This wound is also inflicted on Takiko and thus ends her life. But Takiko thanks her Father, knowing despite his actions, he had good intentions.

On the verge of dying, Takiko tells Uruki to take care of Hokkan's fate. He says he understands and then he asks her if she remembers how they first met. He holds her in his arms as they reminisce on the past. He promises her that no matter what happens, he will love only her for all eternity.

In return Takiko promises she'll never leave him and always be next to him. Then using the last of her strength, she sings the "Song Of The Gondola" from when they first met. She dies peacefully in Uruki's arms after completing the song.

Later the final chapter hints that she and Uruki meet again - either in heaven or as reincarnated humans.

In the original Fushigi Yûgi, when Keisuke Yūki and Tetsuya investigate the author of the book, Einosuke Okuda, they find a report in the newspaper from Takiko's time stating that Einosuke killed Takiko and then himself. When they go to Takiko's hometown to meet Suzuno Ōsugi, they discover that Einosuke killed his daughter only because Genbu had eaten her.


Voiced by: Takahiro Sakurai (male form), Miki Nagasawa (female form) (drama CD/game)

Uruki (女宿), born under the star Woman (女), is the first Genbu Celestial Warrior Takiko meets. Though he is the crown prince Limdo Rowun (女宿 ロウン·リムド, Roun Rimudo) of the Hokkan Empire and second in line to the throne, he has been on the run from assassins all his life. Born in Touran, the capital of Hokkan, he is sixteen years old and the only son of the current emperor's brother. He wields a bladed discus to fight, but as a Celestial Warrior, he is able to manipulate the wind in various ways, particularly for teleportation; the only setback to this power is that he must transform into a woman in order to utilize it.

At Uruki's birth, a priestess prophesized to Uruki's father that "When the Priestess opens the Book of the Four Gods of Heaven and Earth and appears, your son will definitely kill you." Fearing for his life, Temdan Rowun tried to have his son killed; his wife opposed and sent her infant son away to a family who had served her family with unmatched loyalty for many years – a man named Tawul and his twelve-year-old son, Soren. Tawul raised Uruki as would befit a son of the royal family of Hokkan and the boy grew to love Tawul and Soren as his true father and brother. However, when Uruki was eight, Tawul was killed by assassins sent by Temdan to kill Uruki. Uruki's powers as a Celestial Warrior awoke and he learned of his heritage; burdened with Tawul's death, Uruki decided to fulfill the prophecy and attempted to kill his father; the failed attempt resulted in a higher bounty to be placed on his head and Uruki came to desire nothing but revenge, refusing to accept his destiny as Uruki.

While Uruki initially refuses to join Takiko as a Celestial Warrior and fights in the Kutō army, he gradually falls in love with her and eventually refuses to leave her side, seeing the importance of protecting Hokkan. While they acknowledge their feelings for one another, they choose to keep their relationship a secret because of the present dangers in their lives. When Uruki learns from Taiitsukun that Takiko will be devoured by Genbu after she summons the god and her three wishes are granted, he arranges with the Celestial Warriors to lie to her and deem her useless in order to send her back to her own world to save her life. After Takiko returns to the book determined to save her country, Uruki confesses to her that he wishes her to be his wife, while at the same time hoping she would do so and lose the ability to summon Genbu therefore. She refuses however and instead Uruki buys them a pair of matching charm bracelets.

After Takiko's return to the book she infiltrates the palace with help from Efinluka to save Urumiya's twin brother Teg from Temdan's chains, resulting in Uruki finally confronting his father. When Takiko stumbles upon Uruki's mother Ayula in attempts to find the labyrinth in which Teg is held prisoner, it is revealed that she did not die at childbirth but had been in hiding. Through Hikitsu's Celstial Power it is also revealed that the priestess who had prophesized Temdan's death had lied, and that she had been hired by Emperor Tegil in order to rid Temdan of all hope. Ultimately holding his sword to Temdan's neck, Uruki resolves not to kill him and Temudan is instead killed by a spy loyal to the executed Tegil Rowun. In his death Temdan passes on the proof of the throne: a necklace containing an ore of the star life stone to Uruki, and entrusts the future of the country to him and Takiko.

Taking up the role of Emperor with much encouragement from his father's ministers and followers Uruki orders food and blankets be brought to the common people and swears that he will protect the country without the need of Genbu. With the help of the other Celestial Warriors and Efinluka, Uruki and Takiko say their vows before the Genbu chapel and become wife and husband. After Takiko's death, Uruki signs a peace treaty with prince Bo-Hui who had become the next emperor of Qu-Dong. He never took a queen, and raised Efinluka's great-grandson as his heir. On the first day of the 100th spring Emperor Xing-Ming formerly Limdo the Wind Slasher died a peaceful death.

It is later speculated that he and Takiko met in heaven or in reincarnated forms.


Voiced by: Tetsuya Iwanaga

Tomite (虚宿) is a Genbu Celestial Warrior and a bounty hunter from the Ka Tribe, an ethnic minority in western Hokkan. His true name is Tan Chamka (チャムカ·ターン, Chamuka Taan), born under the star Emptiness (虛). He also makes an appearance along with Hikitsu in the original Fushigi Yûgi as a guardian of the Priestess of Genbu's Shinzaho. In addition to being a skilled archer, Tomite, as a Celestial Warrior, is capable of manifesting and manipulating ice.

In Fushigi Yûgi Genbu Kaiden, he initially appears with the desire to kill Uruki based on a rumour that Uruki has killed 1000 people and kidnaps Takiko, believing that she is Uruki's lover. When the debacle is resolved, Tomite develops a resentful rivalry towards Uruki, in part because Tomite has developed a slight crush on Takiko and because Uruki is considerably stronger than he is. Tomite has doubts concerning his own strength, particularly because he had promised himself that he would become stronger than his father, but eventually overcomes his uncertainties with encouragement from Takiko and Hikitsu.

Tomite is the first Celestial Warrior to join Takiko and, after accepting that she loved Uruki, maintains a strong friendship with her, acting as an older brother to her. He shares a bond of brotherhood with Hikitsu, with Hikitsu being the older brother and Tomite the younger and Hikitsu's sister Aila seems to be rather taken with Tomite, even though he (accidentally) froze her for a year. He and Uruki share a teasing-rivalry relationship, mainly for Takiko's attention, and despite Tomite's initial jealousy of Uruki, they become friends. Their interaction often provides comic relief.

When Takiko attempts to perform the ceremony to summon Genbu, Tomite lets his guard down in order to help a woman to safety. Except that woman turned out to be Shigi in disguise so he stabs Tomite, knowing that if one Celestial Warrior died, the ceremony wouldn't be able to proceed. However, Tomite was able to hang on until the ceremony was completed due to Hikitsu shielding his body from the arrows fired from the Kutou warriors.

Both of them died after the War but the two of them refused to go to heaven so Taiitsukun allowed them to stay in their spiritual forms in order to guard Takiko's necklace.

It is shown in the original series Fushigi Yûgi, Takiko's necklace is the Shinzaho and he and Hikitsu are still guarding it.

Deadly serious when it comes to his duties, Tomite speaks only when necessary and still retains his powers despite being dead for two hundred years. He tests Miaka's worthiness to possess the Shinzaho by encasing her in ice. It is similar as when Takiko was encased by Tomite's ice and repelled the ice using the light of the Priestess. However, in Miaka's situation, she was able to break free of the ice with the help of Noriko's armbands. But this proves Miaka's worth as the Priestess of Suzaku, so Tomite escorts her, along with Hikitsu, to the shrine where the Shinzaho is held.


Voiced by: Megumi Ogata (drama CD)

Hatsui (室宿) is a Genbu Celestial Warrior and the son of medical doctors. His true name is Zara Erutai (ザラ-·エルタイ, Erutai Zaraa), born under the star Encampment (室). He possesses the ability to shoot spikes from his body and the ability to form a steel cage/basket around himself and others as a means of protection. He is timid, shy, and cries easily and finds it difficult to trust others.

When he was nine, Hatsui's parents died and left behind large debts to pay off. When villagers began to pick on him, he accidentally unleashed his celestial power for the first time and ended up killing many people. Though he had acted in self-defence and he did not have any intention of hurting others, Hatsui ran away from his village and secluded himself. Sometime later, a woman named Fen discovered him there and befriended him. However, when Takiko and Tomite arrive to find Hatsui, it is revealed that Fen is an assassin with a mission to kill the Genbu Celestial Warriors and their priestess. After rescuing him from Fen, Hatsui becomes the second Celestial Warrior to join Takiko.


Namame (壁宿), born under the star Wall (壁), is a Genbu Celestial Warrior who appears as a small doll made of rock that resembles the kodama. He is capable of manipulating earth and rock as a Celestial Warrior and proves to be extremely resourceful, using his power to change into a horse for transportation, a replacement for Takiko's naginata and a small shelter for Takiko to ride out her wait for Hagas. Though he is apparently unable to speak, Takiko eventually is able to hear his voice and Namame speaks in simple and short sentences. It is unknown if his voice is capable of reaching the other Celestial Warriors, nevertheless, he is on good terms with all of them and is usually carried around by Hatsui or Hikitsu.

Namame was born from the Seimei stone (Star-Life Stone) near Iferui. When Takiko and her friends find him, he is a stone giant protecting the oracle Anlu, who sat in his mouth. After being traumatized by human cruelty when he attempted to fit in, Namame found it hard to trust others; it took Anlu a whole day of sitting right next to him to earn his trust. Despite the difficulty for a being of rock to have any concrete personality, Namame is very perceptive of the feelings of others. Like a child, he is very sensitive to the treatment of others and quick to lose his temper should something upset him. The death of his first friend, the Oracle Anru, triggered such a violent outburst that his giant rock form had to be completely destroyed by Hagas just to get him to calm down. Though unable to cry physically, he does later mourn the death of Anruu taking Takiko's tears as his own as they drip onto his head.


Voiced by: Nobuyuki Hiyama (Japanese); Skip Stellrecht (English)

Hikitsu (斗宿) is a Genbu Celestial Warrior, born in the Han Tribe, an ethnic minority in western Hokkan. His true name is Chen Emthatt (エムタト·チェン, Chen Emutato), born under the star Dipper (斗). As a Celestial Warrior, he is able to manipulate water in the form of snakes, but also possesses a second ability which he has no control over: Shikyokan, where anyone who looks upon the eye with his character is forced to remember their worst memories. He is 21 years old.

Hikitsu is very withdrawn, almost to the point of being cold, to everyone apart from his sister Aira and his best friend Tomite, whom Hikitsu had saved during an attack which caused the death of Tomite's father. He refuses to join Takiko because he is guarding Aira, who was frozen in a block of ice, but after being reunited by Tomite, Hikitsu is persuaded to join them once Aira is freed. Though he initially interacts very little with his fellow Celestial Warriors aside from Tomite and demonstrating particular fondness for Namame, Hikitsu slowly begins to open up to them, proving to be an invaluable friend and companion. Alongside Inami, he is a voice of reason amongst the group and an effective fighter, able to assess situation and agreeing with Inami that it would be best to retreat during a battle to defend villagers.

In the original Fushigi Yûgi, he and Tomite are guardians to the Shinzaho of the Priestess of Genbu, the necklace that the Oracle Anlu had given Takiko, after their deaths. While he takes his duty seriously, Hikitsu speaks freely to Miaka concerning the Shinzaho when confronted by the Celestial Warriors of Suzaku.


Voiced by: Masako Katsuki (drama CD)

Inami (牛宿) is a Genbu Celestial Warrior, initially found in the country of Konan working as a brothel madam. Her true name is Tarma (牛宿 タルマ, Taruma), born under the star Bull (牛). She fights using a large pipe shaped weapon and, as a Celestial Warrior, possesses the ability to manipulate the length of her hair and the smoke from her oversized pipe.

Because she was brought up in the imperial harem for the Rowun clan, Inami possesses a surprising amount of knowledge concerning the inner workings of Hokkan's imperial court. During this time, she witnessed Teg being brought before Hokkan's emperor and the revelation that Teg was only half of the warrior Urumiya, information which becomes key when Hagus is revealed to be Urumiya. When Inami's own existence as a Celestial Warrior surfaced eleven years ago, Inami was forced to flee in order to protect herself and her unborn child. Though she escaped her attackers, she was wounded and left to freeze to death with her stomach bleeding in the streets of Touran, Hokkan's capital. Though Inami was rescued by a brothel madam named Shunu and her attendants, Inami's child did not survive. Though thrown into a depression, Inami was permanently taken in by Shunu, who presented an optimistic view that someday they'd all be able to live happily in the sunlight instead of the darkness of the night. To protect Inami, Shunu moved her brothel down to Konan.

Inami, like most of the Celestial Warriors, first comes across as cold and stubborn and unwilling to accept her destiny. A proud woman despite her profession, Inami's loyalties lay solely with Shunu until Takiko demonstrates the attitude Inami had when she was the priestess' age. Instead of dying with Shunu amidst the powers of an Enma addressed as the Grudge, she renews her vow to live and work towards stepping into the daylight. Because she is the eldest of the Celestial Warriors, she holds the role of an aunt to Takiko and the other warriors. She and Hikitsu develop a friendly relationship based on respect and acknowledgement as the more experienced members of the group and Inami seems to enjoy looking after Hatsui, perhaps in her desire to appease her maternal instincts.


Voiced by: Takehito Koyasu (drama CD)

Urumiya (危宿), born under the star Danger (危), introduced by his birthname of Hagas (ハーガス, Hagasu), is the last of the Genbu Celestial Warriors to be unveiled. In actuality, he is only half a Celestial Warrior since he only possesses half a character – the other half is marked on the body of his twin brother, Tegu. A dangerous and skilled assassin, Hagas always carries a wide bladed sword and is a proficient archer. As a Celestial Warrior, he is able to absorb the powers of other Celestial Warriors though his mouth and then use them as he pleases. Hagas comes across as a coldhearted and merciless man whose only desire is to succeed in his mission to kill Uruki. He is unemotional and able to remain calm and focused, even in the heat of battle, but demonstrates an unexpectedly compassionate side to him when he saves two children from misaimed arrows. When he is not battling Uruki and Takiko, he comes across as morose and quiet.

Takiko is stunned to discover that Hagas is Urumiya, since the necklace of the Oracle Anru had indicated two markings for Urumiya and one was in Touran. Hagas reveals to Takiko and Soruen that he is a twin and that his elder twin brother, Teg (テグ, Tegu), carries the other half of the character. When Teg's existence as a Celestial Warrior was revealed seventeen years ago, he was imprisoned by the former emperor while Hagas remained undetected. To this end, Hagas intends to obey Temudan's orders to kill Uruki in order to rescue his brother; however, Hagas holds no loyalty to the emperor, keeping his character concealed, and plans to kill Temudan once Teg is freed. As a result, Hagas is the only Genbu Celestial Warrior who does not want to cooperate with Takiko, though she continues to have faith that he will join her someday and promises to help him rescue his brother. During Takiko's attempt to enter the royal palace and rescue Teg, she and Firuka witness Hagus killing Tegiru. Distraught by the death of her father, Firuka attempts to kill Hagus and then herself, though Hagus stops her from doing either and they realize their love for one another. However, after finding Teg, Hagus is injured and it is revealed that he also has the same sickness that King Temudan has. When he dies, his Celestial symbol is passed on to Teg, completing the symbol of "Urumiya" in one individual.


Suzuno Ōsugi[edit]

Voiced by: Midori Nakazawa

Suzuno Ōsugi (大杉 鈴乃, Ōsugi Suzuno) was the Priestess of Byakko. She is the daughter of Takao Ōsugi, the research assistant of Einosuke Okuda, translator of The Universe of Four Gods and the long time crush of Einosuke's daughter, Takiko, the Priestess of Genbu. After Takiko's death, Suzuno's father was entrusted with The Universe of Four Gods.

Suzuno managed to obtain the book, despite the precautions her father had taken to prevent the book from causing the same tragedy that befell Takiko and her father, and became the second priestess to enter the book. In Byakko Senki, she is sent into the book by her father, who uses the book to save her from the destruction of the 1923 Great Kantō earthquake. When she enters, she is about to be abducted by bandits but is saved by Neiran in her tiger form. Serving as the Priestess of Byakko, she fell in love with her Celestial Warrior Tatara. They were not allowed to stay together: when they asked Byakko to let them live together using Suzuno's final wish, he replied, "That is the one wish which cannot be granted." Suzuno returned to her world to live out the rest of her life. In her old age, she is cared for by her grandson Toki, who brings Keisuke and Tetsuya to meet her. Eventually, she and Tatara, across time and space, die at exactly the same moment. Their spirits are reunited and they find love in their eternal rest.


Voiced by: Jin Yamanoi

Tatara (婁宿) is a Byakko Celestial Warrior and during his time with Priestess of Byakko, he fell in love with her. He remains deeply devoted to Suzuno Ōsugi and faithfully guards the Shinzaho left behind. Though he is 110 years old, he only appears 20 years old as a result of a spell cast by Subaru and from residing in the Temple of Byakko since Suzuno's departure from The Universe of Four Gods. He possesses the ability to control all plants, regardless of their form. His true name is Kasaru Tsuonie (ツオニエ カサル, Tsuonie Kasaru), born under the star Bond (婁).

When Nakago removes Tatara from the Byakko Temple, Tatara begins to age rapidly. He takes it upon himself to look after Miaka when she is captured by Nakago and falls under the spell of Miboshi, rendering her mute. He reveals to Miaka from his own experience that the wish to remain with Tamahome in The Universe of Four Gods is the one wish that none of the Four Gods will grant.

Tatara is very close to his comrades, Tokaki and Subaru. Despite their efforts to save him, he is mortally wounded during a battle with Miboshi. He dies at exactly the same moment Suzuno dies of old age in Miaka's world; he and his beloved are reunited in their eternal rest.


Voiced by: Kōji Ishii (Japanese); Tom Wyner (English) (Old)
Voiced by: Katsuya Shiga (Japanese); Bob Buchholz (English) (Young)

Tokaki (奎宿) is a Byakko Celestial Warrior married to the beautiful and kind Subaru. Extremely lecherous in nature, Tokaki takes it upon himself to comment on any attractive young woman he comes across, including Miaka. Despite his womanizing habits, Tokaki loves Subaru dearly and would go to any length to protect her. He cares deeply for Tatara and Tamahome, whom he sees as a son.

He is 109 years old, but only appears 19 years old. Tokaki's power is teleportation and is supplemented by his knowledge of pressure points as well as his use of earrings as weapons. His true name is Ranva Ham (ハム ランヴァ, Hamu Ranba), born under the star Legs (奎).

Because he kept picking up other women, Subaru threw him out of their house and Tokaki ended up traveling around the four cardinal realms. While traveling in Konan, he came across a young Tamahome. Realizing that the bullied child was a Celestial Warrior, he trained Tamahome in martial arts so that he could one day protect his priestess. They meet again when the Suzaku Warriors travel to Sairō to find Byakko's Shinzaho, though it is not a happy reunion. Tokaki, seeing that Miaka and Tamahome are in love, knows from experience that they cannot wish to be together because once a priestess fulfills her duty in the book, she must return to her own world. Believing that it would be kinder if Miaka and Tamahome ended their relationship willingly rather than being forced apart like Tatara and Suzuno, Tokaki tries to encourage a romantic relationship between his adopted daughter Xi-Fang and Tamahome.

It is suspected that Tokaki and Subaru die together near the end of Fushigi Yûgi as the spell Subaru casts on their bodies has the unfortunate effect of damaging their internal organs beyond repair. However, they are seen in the novel version of Eikoden, which takes place 10 years after the original story of the book.


Voiced by: Mika Doi (Japanese); Barbara Goodson (English)

Subaru (昴宿) is a Byakko Celestial Warrior and married to the lecherous Tokaki for reasons no one can figure out. She possesses the ability to manipulate time through spells and is actually 107 years old, though she appears only 17. Her true name is Dorin Ham (ハム ドウリン, Hamu Dōrin), born under the star Hairy Head (昴).

Sweet and nurturing, Subaru tends to the exhausted Suzaku Warriors who descend upon her home. Though she is often exasperated by Tokaki's roving eye, she does love her husband. Unlike Tokaki, she feels that Miaka and Tamahome should enjoy what happiness they have, though she does agree with telling the pair that they could never have a happy ending. Subaru is unaware that Tokaki had told Xi-Fang to seduce Tamahome, and is irritated that he would do such a thing, but soon becomes preoccupied with saving Tatara, recovering Suzuno's Shinzaho and Miaka running off.


Kokie (胃宿) is a Byakko Celestial warrior, born under the star Stomach.


Amefuri (畢宿) is a Byako Celestial warrior, born under the star Net.


Karasuki (參宿) is a Byakko Celestial warrior, born under the star Three Stars.


Toroki (觜宿) is a Byakko Celestial warrior, born under the star Turtle Beak.

Supporting characters[edit]


Voiced by: Hisako Kyouda (Japanese); Catherine Battistone (English)

As the creator of "The Universe of the Four Gods", Taiitsukun watches over all. In the manga, she is known as Tai Yi-Jun. Usually appearing as a wrinkled old woman (giving rise to the Sunukake-baba (Sand Witch) nickname), she frightens all of the Suzaku warriors, particularly Tasuki; the exception is Chichiri, who claims he is gotten used to her face in the three years he had studied under her. In Genbu Kaiden, she reveals to Uruki that when Takiko summons Genbu and receives her three wishes, Takiko will be sacrificed to the god.

She resides at Mount Taikyoku, which is very beautiful, but to those with evil in their hearts will see nothing but rocky cliffs. She is aided by the Nyan-Nyans. Her true identity is eventually revealed to be the Emperor of the Heavens.


Voiced by: Tomoko Kawakami (Japanese); Melissa Fahn (English)

The childlike goddesses serve Taiitsukun and reside at Mount Taikyoku with her. They are also known as Lai Lai. They can take the appearance of floating orbs and can appear when commanded.

They have healed Miaka and her warriors when it was necessary, also offering to fix Nuriko's perversion (much to his dismay) and Taiitsukun's face (much to her annoyance). Their other function is to serve as vessels for the spirits of the dead Celestial Warriors, so that they can fight alongside their priestess, in which case they take on the appearance of whomever they are inhabited by, and have all of their powers.


Voiced by: Chika Sakamoto (Japanese); Dorothy Elias-Fahn (English)

Yoh Houki (揚鳳綺) (Also known as Feng-qi) is the woman who becomes the wife of Emperor Hotohori and subsequently the Empress of Kōnan. She bears a strong resemblance to Nuriko and is a kind, gentle woman who is extremely loyal to her husband.

In the battle between Kōnan and Kutō, Hotohori dies at hands of Nakago leaving Houki pregnant with his son, Boushin. Her name means "Beautiful Phoenix" or "Phoenix Beauty".



Voiced by: Kenichi Ono

A loyal retainer of Uruki, Soruen has known Uruki since the former was twelve years old. He uses gunpowder and a sword in combat. Uruki's mother had entrusted the infant to Soruen's father, Tauru, and Soruen. They raised Uruki while living on the run, avoiding the assassins who would be sent to kill the outlawed crown prince. Soruen and Uruki grew as close as brothers.

When Soruen was 21 years old, Tauru died defending Uruki from assassins and told Soruen to protect Uruki with his life. Mentally fragile after Tauru's death, nine-year-old Uruki decided to jump off a cliff. Soruen held on to Uruki, but was tempted to let go of the boy so he could live a normal life. However, realizing that he needed Uruki as much as Uruki needed him, Soruen saved the boy's life and vowed to remain by his side. Since then, he has always appeared when Uruki has needed him and they are able to find each other using the scent of the Toka seed, which both men carry all the time. Soruen becomes the first to realize Uruki is falling in love with Takiko, urging him to pursue those feelings, and comes to Takiko's aid when Uruki is unable to.

Soruen protects Uruki with his life until he sacrifices himself at the Oroko Valley to ensure that Takiko and Uruki are reunited and neither is captured by Kutō soldiers. He leaves Takiko with his Toka seeds so that she will share the same bond he held with Uruki. Soruen's death devastates Uruki and Uruki is only able to overcome his grief when Soruen's soul is properly sent to heaven with a Hoshikaeri (lit. return to the stars) ceremony.

Temudan Rowun[edit]

Voiced by: Kazuya Nakai

Uruki's father and the prince of Hokkan, Temudan Roun (テムダン·ロウン) was originally set to inherit the throne, but had developed a strange disease which caused his limbs to slowly fall off bit by bit. Each of his missing limbs are replaced with one made of lead. Because it was expected that he would die by age 20, Temudan abdicated in favour of his younger brother. However, Temudan did not die from his disease when expected and became the first-in-line to the throne after his brother. Because of a prophecy stating the arrival of the Priestess of Genbu would result in Temudan's death by Uruki's hand, Temudan is intent on killing his son as soon as possible. Hagas is currently under his command. It is later revealed that the prophecy was a hoax, devised by Tegiru to spite his brother.

Ayura Rowun[edit]

Ayura is Temudan's wife and Uruki's mother. She is a Princess from Sairou and it was through an arranged marriage that she married Temudan. She deeply cared and loved Temudan with all her heart. She stayed with him even when he gained his illness. When she gave birth to Uruki, she noticed his Celestial mark. Then after Temudan wanted to kill him, she commanded Soren's Father, Tauru to flee with Soren and protect Uruki. After that, it is said that she died to the public when in reality, she was locked away in a tomb. Takiko found her there lying on a bed with Ayura's guards guarding her. She lay on a bed clutching a charm that was given to Temudan when he became King. Then Takiko sees the past after Hikitsu used his power.

Tegiru Rowun[edit]

Uruki's uncle and Temudan's younger brother, Tegiru has ruled Hokkan with an iron fist since Temudan stepped down from the throne. Because he only has daughters, the current heir to the throne is his brother and Uruki. He seemed to dislike his older brother, and forbids his subordinates from even mentioning Temudan's name. He is also very proud of his bloodline and continues to believe that the Rowun clan is the most superior clan and other clans in Hokkan must bow to the Rowun clan. Tegiru despises the Priestess of Genbu and the Celestial Warriors, especially as they gain trust from the local people. He is later assassinated by Hagus under King Temudan's orders.

Firuka Rowun[edit]

Firuka initially appears as a member of the Odo clan who rescues Uruki after he falls into a forest after Teg's singing thwarts Uruki's attempt to attack the palace at Tewulon. She cares for Uruki's terrible woods and expresses a deep interest in him, which incites jealousy in Takiko when she and the other Genbu warriors finally catch up to Uruki. She and the other Odo clan members also rescue Hagus when he is injured and Firuka nurses him back to health. Her friendliness toward Uruki is explained when she is revealed to be the eldest daughter of King Tegiru and the princess of Hokkan, making her Uruki's cousin. Because Tegiru wanted a son for an heir, he shunned Firuka, who ran away after her mother died a year earlier and she joined the Odo clan. Since then, she has not returned to the palace and only does so for the sake of aiding Takiko and the Genbu warriors to rescue Teg. Her connections in the palace allow her to prevent guards from arresting Takiko when they believe she is a follower of King Temudan. In the palace, Firuka reveals to Takiko that her real name is Princess Efinruka Ro-Un and tells her the true reason she returned to the palace is to assassinate Tegiru to find Teg's whereabouts. When Hagus kills Tegiru, Firuka nearly kills him and herself, but is stopped by Hagus, whom she realizes that she loves.

Borate Tan[edit]

Voiced by: Ai Satou

Borate Tan (旦 ボラ-テ, Taan Boraate) is Tomite's mother. She is the first person in Hokkan to accept Takiko as the Priestess of Genbu, subsequently leading the rest of villagers in the Ha Tribe to follow in suit. They are among the few who believe the coming of the Priestess of Genbu and her summoning of the god will be a good thing. During a raid on the village, Borate takes an arrow to defend Takiko; Borate's faith in Takiko brings her the needed conviction to become the Priestess of Genbu.

Aila Chen[edit]

Voiced by: Sayuri Yahagi

Aila Chen (チェン アイラ, Chen Aira) is Hikitsu's younger sister. When beasts attacked the Ha and Kan Tribes' former village, Tomite accidentally encased her in ice. The trauma of the incident, which included the death of his father, caused Tomite to forget what had happened after Hikitsu saved him. For the past year, Hikitsu has guarded Aila's icy prison and she is freed only after Tomite returns to find Hikitsu. After Tomite releases her to free Hikitsu of the responsibility of protecting her, Aila stays with Tomite's mother. Despite the fact Tomite was the one who encased her in ice, she still loves him.


Voiced by: Ayako Kawasumi

The Oracle Anlu (巫尊師 アンルウ, Oracle Anrū) is a young girl who possesses the ability to see the future. She is Namame's first friend. Realizing that he had been treated very cruelly by other humans when he attempted to fit in, she sat beside him for an entire day before he accepted her. After that, he protected her by shaping himself into a stone giant and let her sit in his mouth as shelter. She is killed by Shigi after she prophesied that "The priestess will definitely summon Genbu — Go away!" With her dying words, she reveals to Takiko the key in communicating with Namame — her necklace, which is made out of the same rock as him. Anlu's parting gift is a key artifact in Takiko's quest to summon Genbu: not only is it able to detect where the remaining Celestial Warriors are, but it eventually becomes one of the Shinzaho Miaka requires in order to summon Suzaku.



Voiced by: Mitsuaki Madono

Hakei (玻慧) is the Crown Prince of Kutō during Genbu Kaiden. While he possesses evil intentions and is determined to invade Hokkan, he acts in a friendly manner toward Uruki during Uruki's time as a Kutō soldier named "Taki". Shigi and Hien are under his command.


Voiced by: Jun Fukuyama (drama CD/game)

A beautiful and calm, but cruel boy, Shigi (紫義) is a loyal subordinate of Prince Hakei. He constantly wears a smile on his face (even when brutally killing someone) and speaks very politely, using female speech-patterns. A powerful fighter who is not to be underestimated in battle, Shigi wields a weapon resembling a whip used like a nunchaku. It is revealed that his effeminate mannerisms resulted from being castrated and tortured when he was younger. He believes strongly that Genbu must not be summoned, at all costs, even going so far as to kill the Oracle Anlu, the guardian of the warrior Namame, when she predicts that Takiko will succeed in summoning Genbu.

Shigi is a general in the Kutō army and his direct subordinate Hien are bent on killing the Genbu Celestial Warriors and Takiko Okuda. It is revealed that Shigi was given a place in the army by Hakei at the age of 12 after being found alone and castrated. He does not have an especially good relationship with Hien, He is a Eunuch.


Voiced by: Kishō Taniyama (drama CD)

Hien (緋鉛) is a violent, hot-tempered man and a direct subordinate of Shigi in the Kutō army. He is a skilled warrior, able to hold his own against Uruki with only one arm and almost kill Tomite, on par with Shigi. The sole survivor of an attack which destroyed his village, Hien was found by Hakei and offered a job on the spot. As a result, his loyalties are only to Hakei and Shigi.

During Uruki's stay in the Kutō army as a man named "Taki", Hien and Shigi are commanded by Hakei to take him with them to eliminate Takiko and the Celestial Warriors. Neither man trusts Taki, but they do not throw him out of the army as Hakei is adamant that Taki remains with them. Subsequently, Hien loses his arm to Uruki during a fight against Takiko and Tomite. While Uruki initially pretends to be on Hien and Shigi's side, Uruki transforms into a woman and attacks Hien from behind and cuts off Hien's arm. Bent on getting revenge, Hien relentlessly stalks Uruki and will stop at nothing until he sees Uruki dead.

Keisuke Yūki[edit]

Voiced by: Shin-ichiro Miki (Japanese); Derek Stephen Prince (English)

Keisuke Yūki (夕城 圭介, Yūki Keisuke) is the beloved older brother of Miaka Yūki. He is a college student who still lives with his mother, younger sister, and stepfather. An all-around genuinely nice guy who tries hard to protect the women he cares for, the only person who seems to appreciate and recognizes his efforts is his younger sister. Keisuke is twenty years old.

Keisuke is selfless and kind; he is the sort of person who would give up pursuing the girl he likes if his friend happened to like the same girl. He cares deeply for his younger sister and has been especially protective of her since their father left. When Miaka explains to him the power of The Universe of Four Gods, he warns her to stay away from the book. However, Miaka defies him and re-enters the book, leaving Keisuke, out of concern for her safety and desire to help her with her quest, to continue reading it in order for the story to progress.

In the anime, a few strands of her hair that had been caught in the book form a connection between him and Miaka; in the manga she gives him one of her hair ribbons. His dedication to Miaka is shown throughout the manga and in the OVA series — he tries to encourage Miaka and Taka (Tamahome) to stay together against all costs. His one fault is that he can get obnoxiously intense about a theme, either enacting it (as he did when telling Miaka about satanic rituals) or providing storytelling lines from the background.

Tetsuya Kajiwara[edit]

Voiced by: Ken Narita (Japanese); Kirk Baily (English)

Tetsuya Kajiwara (梶原 哲也, Kajiwara Tetsuya) is Keisuke Yūki's best friend who helps Keisuke solve the mysteries of The Universe of Four Gods. He is twenty years old and studying in college. While he appears fun-loving and carefree, he is serious, responsible, and reliable.

Tetsuya is initially sceptical of Keisuke's claim that Miaka and Yui have gone into The Universe of Four Gods, but eventually believes his friend and helps Keisuke discover the true nature of the book. He is somewhat more intelligent than Keisuke and the two young men take turns reading the book in order for the story to progress. Tetsuya personally takes on the responsibility of reading the most difficult passages in the book to prevent Keisuke from discovering events such as Miaka nearly getting raped by claiming that nothing is happening and Miaka and her companions are only travelling about. As he reads, he falls in love with the tragic figure of Yui and expresses his love for her when she returns to the real world. They eventually begin dating and Tetsuya reveals the extent of his devotion to her such that he would enter the book to save Yui. They remain together even after Miaka and Taka marry.

Einosuke Okuda[edit]

Voiced by: Tōru Ōkawa

Einosuke Okuda (奧田 永之助, Okuda Einosuke) is Takiko's father and researcher of folklore who seems more concerned about his most recent discovery, the Book of Four Gods, than he does for his sickly wife and their impetuous daughter. Takiko believes her father does not love her or her mother and deeply regrets that Takiko was born a girl rather than a boy. When his daughter is pulled in the Book of Four Gods, her father reads the book, which allows the story to progress, and gradually comes to realize and understand Takiko's feelings.

When she briefly returns to her own world, her father apologizes for regretting that he would have preferred a son over her and confesses that his interest in the book was largely in hopes that a wish from one of the four gods could cure Takiko's mother. Despite his aloof relationship with his daughter, he does care deeply for her and attempts to destroy the Book of Four Gods when she returns to their world the second time in order to save her life and allow her to be treated for tuberculosis. When Takiko, realizing that she will likely die regardless of which world she remains in, chooses to return to The Universe of Four Gods, her father, as a scholar, reveals that the prophecy concerning Hokkan's destruction would not result from war with Kutō, but from what he believes is an impending ice age. Despite her father's warnings and aware of his love for her, Takiko re-enters the book, leaving her father behind to read the story.

According to the original series, Einosuke will be forced to kill Takiko to save her from being devoured by Genbu and would later kill himself. Knowing from his own experience that it could not be destroyed, Einosuke entrusts The Universe of Four Gods to his assistant, Takao Ōsugi.

Takao Ōsugi[edit]

Voiced by: Susumu Chiba (Drama CD)

Takiko's first love and her father's research assistant. He gently rejects her feelings because he loves his wife, but does seem to care about Takiko in a friendly manner. Takiko seems to be friends with his daughter, Suzuno, who eventually becomes the Priestess of Byakko. In Fushigi Yûgi: Byakko Senki, he and his wife are killed in the 1923 Great Kantō earthquake. Before he dies, he saves Suzuno by telling her to open the book, thus prompts her to go into the Universe of the Four Gods.

According to the original Fushigi Yûgi, after the deaths of both Takiko and Einosuke, Takao is entrusted the book in hopes that no one should suffer the same fate as Takiko. After Suzuno's own adventures in the book, The Universe of Four Gods is eventually stored at the National Diet Library with specific instructions from Takao.

Toki Ōsugi[edit]

Voiced by: Katsuya Shiga (Japanese); Jeff Nimoy (English)

The adopted grandson of Suzuno Ōsugi, Priestess of Byakko, he always thought the tales of her being a priestess in The Universe of the Four Gods were ludicrous. When Toki finds out that Keisuke and Tetsuya know about the Universe of the Four Gods, he takes them to Suzuno and tells them that she claimed to have been a priestess of the book.

Until Suzuno died, Toki had always been sceptical of her story. He finally believes her when he sees her spirit and that of her lover from the book, Tatara, reunited at the moment of death with the appearances they had in their youth.

Mayo Sakaki[edit]

Voiced by: Junko Noda (Japanese); Lynn Fischer (English)

Mayo is an original character in Fushigi Yûgi Eikoden. She is a sixteen-year-old girl who attends Yotsubadai High School and is a member of the Basketball Club. When she was in the eighth grade, she saw Taka working in an ice cream parlor and instantly fell in love with him; however, Taka was unaware of her feelings towards him and only had eyes for Miaka. She found The Universe of the Four Gods as it was being taken for recycling, but then lost it on a bus. Years later, she finds the lost "The Universe of the Four Gods" again while she walking home one night. When she opens it, she instantly learns about Miaka and Yui's adventures in the book. Heartbroken to learn that Taka is married and his wife is pregnant with their first child, and with her own parents about to be divorced, Mayo feels her life is falling apart. She opens the book again and enters it in hopes of getting a storybook ending with Taka. In doing so, she becomes the "new", false Priestess of Suzaku.

In the book, she tells outrageous lies and tries to make people hate Miaka. When she tries to make Boushin, Hotohori's son, believe Miaka was a bad person, he chastises her and wonders if Mayo can save anyone. With the world out of balance, Mayo begins disappearing and then realizes she was being used by a fake Suzaku. She tries to kill herself, but Taka saves her. Both Mayo and Miaka disappear, but are saved when Miaka summons the true Suzaku to defeat the fake. At the end of her adventures, Mayo returns to the real world and finds a new love interest in Miaka's brother Keisuke.

Four Demon Gods[edit]


Voiced by: Juurouta Kosugi

Tenkō (Tenkou) is an evil, powerful man and the King of the Four demon gods, who he controls and commands. He is even more powerful than Nakago, who served him for some time, and even more evil. Tenkou believes he is a true god himself, and it is his dream to attain the ultimate power of The Universe of the Four gods and become the ruler of both the book world and the real world. Tenkou is extremely powerful, merciless, and cruel. He kills people with no hesitation or remorse, and controls others, forcing them to acknowledge his superior powers. Even Nakago no longer wanted to work with him.

During his evil existence, he constantly uses evil magic in several attempts to turn the Seven Celestial Warriors of Suzaku against each other (such as summoning their worst nightmares and making them kill each other) for his own sick and disgusting goals; he even manipulates and sabotages the romanctic relationship of Miaka Yuki and Tamahome, forcing them to break apart. However, during the final confrontation, Miaka and Tamahome successfully summon Sukazu, who then reveals that Tenkō is no god after all, but instead a deranged, delusional and destructive evil spirit, who seeks the ultimate power from "The Universe of the Four Gods" in his own quest of ambition, with absolutely no respect and responsibility whatsoever. Therefore, the Four Gods have decided to seal him once again within the void of The Universe of the Four Gods once and for all, thus ending the chaos and destruction that Tenkō has brought upon both worlds of Miaka Yuki and Tamahome.

Shigyou Renhou[edit]

Voiced by: Akira Ishida

Ren Shigyou, also known as Renhou, is a character from the Second OVA. Ren is one of the Four demon gods. As a demon god, he has the ability of controlling people. He is the younger brother of Kashimiro Miiru. Although he is a demon god, it is revealed that he is the human form of Tenkou. He considers Miaka as his enemy. He is very popular at school and is in the same grade as Miaka and Yui are at Yotsubadai High School. He is also a freshman and becomes the leader of the group of students who threaten Taka and Miaka. He became student council President and fought against Yui who became Vice President.

Kashimiro Miiru[edit]

Voiced by: Yuri Amano

Kashimiro Miiru is one of the Four demon gods and is the twin sister of Shigyou Ren. In the manga she joins Keisuke's college circle and accompanies on a trip where they meet up with Miaka and Taka. She implants a demonic monster within Taka's body by biting on his ear.


Hiko is the best friend of Chichiri who was killed in the storm that resulted in a flood. He also considers Chichiri as his enemy when he is reborn, and said that Chichiri just let him go, but in fact Chichiri tried to save him but a tree crashed into his eye resulting the scar on his face. He stole a kiss from Chichiri's fiancee, Kouran. Actually Chichiri saw them kissing, and was enraged at this. After that, a flood crashed into their village, killing Hiko and Kouran, leaving Chichiri completely filled with loneliness. Hiko later becomes one of the Four demon gods who controls flood and drought in the two worlds. Hiko's demon god name is Hang-ri, which was mistaken by Miaka as "Hungry" in the manga and demands him to hand over the food. Hiko is considered to be the second strongest of the demon gods next to Tenkou.


Yousui, or Yong-Shua, is the last of the four demon gods. He is like a puppet master and is able to trap Miaka, Taka and the warriors with threads. Tenko reanimates Yousui's corpse with the seven stones of Tamahome's memories. The stones give Yousui Tamahome's appearance, powers, and memories and Miaka and the others are tricked into believing he is the real Tamahome and Taka is just his shadow. After realizing he isn't the real Tamahome, Miaka and the others go to confront Yousui and Tenko. Yousui, still in Tamahome's form, attacks Miaka when she jumps in front of Taka. Taka then absorbs Tamahome's memory stones and Yousui turns into a corpse or puppet.

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