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Holy See-Mexico relations
Map indicating locations of Holy See and Mexico

Holy See


Holy See – Mexico relations are foreign relations between the Holy See and Mexico. The Vatican assigned an Apostolic Delegate as resident representative in Mexico in 1904, after diplomatic relations had earlier been broken off.[1] In 1992 diplomatic relations were restored and resident diplomatic missions were established in each other's capitals, respectively. As of 1990 about 90 percent of Mexico's 86 million people declared themselves Roman Catholics.[1]

The current apostolic nuncio of the Holy See to Mexico is Archbishop Franco Coppola.


Pope Francis and President Enrique Peña Nieto, accompanied by First Lady Angélica Rivera, held a meeting in the premises of the Presidential hanger following the Pope's arrival in Mexico.

Mexico and the Vatican broke diplomatic relations after President Benito Juárez confiscated church property between 1856 and 1861. He disbanded religious orders and ordered the separation of church and state. Some of the powers of the Catholic Church were reinstated by the dictator Porfirio Diaz.[1][2]

In 1992 after more than 130 years the Mexican Government re-established formal diplomatic relations with the Holy See and restored civil rights to the Roman Catholic Church in Mexico.[1][2]

State visits[edit]

Papal visits from the Holy See to Mexico[3]

Presidential visits from Mexico to the Holy See

Resident diplomatic missions[edit]

  • Holy See has an Apostolic Nunciature in Mexico City.[4]
  • Mexico has a resident embassy to the Holy See in Rome.[5]

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