Insubordination Fest

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Insubordination Fest
Genre Punk-rock, Pop-punk, Power pop
Date(s) Summer
Frequency Annual
Location(s) Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Years active Since 2006; 11 years ago (2006)
Participants Musicians
Organized by Insubordination Records

Insubordination Fest is an American annual punk rock music festival held in Baltimore, Maryland, that usually takes place over three days, in late June.

The festival started in 2006 as a tenth-anniversary showcase for Insubordination Records,[1] and has been held every summer since. In the past, the festival has been headlined by bands such as Dillinger Four, Less Than Jake, The Mr. T Experience, The Queers and Teenage Bottlerocket.

Lineups by year[edit]



July 5–7, The Sidebar (Thursday) and The Ottobar (Friday and Saturday)

  • Groovie Ghoulies were originally scheduled to play but did not because of the band's break up earlier that year. Head was booked to replace them. Members of the band did, however, appear as guests during The Mr. T Experience set.
  • Guff was also originally scheduled to play but did not. Banner Pilot was booked to replace them.
  • The God Damn Doo Wop Band was on the final schedule, but did not play.


June 26–28, The Ottobar (Thursday Pre-show), Recher Theater (Friday) and Sonar (Saturday)


June 25–27, The Ottobar (Thursday Pre-show) and Sonar (Friday and Saturday)


June 24–26, The Ottobar (Thursday Pre-show) and Sonar (Friday and Saturday)


August 11–13, The Ottobar


June 21–23, The Ottobar


June 27–29, The Ottobar


During 2007, a live CD/DVD was released compiling various performances from that year's festival.[2] Additionally CD/DVD sets where released compiling the entirety of some bands set that year including The AV Club, Dead Mechanical, The Guts, The Leftovers, Paper Dragons, Short Attention, The Steinways, Varsity Weirdos and Wimpy Rutherford.[3]

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