Jakushitsu Genkō

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Jakushitsu Genkō
Religion Zen Buddhism
School Rinzai
Nationality Japanese
Born June 23, 1290
Died September 25, 1367
Senior posting
Title Zen master
1st abbot of Eigen-ji

Jakushitsu Genkō (寂室 元光?, June 23, 1290 – September 25, 1367) was a Japanese Rinzai master, poet, flute player, and first abbot of Eigen-ji (constructed solely for him to teach Zen). His poetry is considered to be among the finest of Zen poetry. He traveled to China and studied Ch'an with masters of the Linji school from 1320 to 1326, then returned to Japan and lived for many years as a hermit. It was only toward the end of his life that he decided to teach Zen to others.[1]

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