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K-9 Mail
Original author(s)Jesse Vincent
Developer(s)K-9 Dog Walkers: cketti, et al.
Stable release
5.600 / 2 September 2018; 2 years ago (2 September 2018)
Repository Edit this at Wikidata
Written inJava, Kotlin
Operating systemAndroid
TypeEmail application
LicenseApache License 2.0

K-9 Mail is an independent email application for the Android operating system. It is made available as Free/Open Source Android Software under the Apache License version 2.0. The program is marketed as a more functional replacement for the default mail application included on most phones. It supports both POP3 and IMAP mailboxes and supports IMAP IDLE for real-time notifications.

Its name and logo stem from a dog-like robot in the BBC cult TV series Doctor Who.

The source code was first published to its git repository on October 27, 2008[1] by Jesse Vincent and the first binaries were released to the public on the Google Code site the same month.[2]


  • Works with IMAP, POP3 and Exchange 2003/2007 (with WebDAV) accounts
  • Folder Sync
  • Encryption with OpenKeychain support
  • Signatures
  • SD Card Storage

Missing features[edit]

The application does not allow you to view the message source code.


This application has been downloaded from the Google Play Store between 5 million and 10 million times since its release and has been rated by over 70,000 people with either 4 or 5 stars. It has been widely reviewed, and was particularly praised in the media between 2011 and 2013 as a replacement for the default mail application.[3][4][5]


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