Coordinates: 25°32′N 87°35′E / 25.53°N 87.58°E / 25.53; 87.58
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Katihar Junction
Katihar is located in Bihar
Location in Bihar
Katihar is located in India
Location in India
Coordinates: 25°32′N 87°35′E / 25.53°N 87.58°E / 25.53; 87.58
Urban AgglomerationKatihar
 • BodyKatihar Municipal Corporation
 • Total33 km2 (13 sq mi)
20 m (70 ft)
 • Total240,565
 • Rank117
 • MainMaithili[2]
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
854105 (Katihar)[3]
Vehicle registrationBR-39
Lok Sabha constituencyKatihar
Vidhan Sabha constituencyKatihar

Katihar is a city situated in the eastern part of the state of Bihar in India. It is the regional headquarters of Katihar district. It is one of the important cities of Bihar. It is also a main stop on the Barauni–Guwahati line.


Katihar is a part of the Mithila region.[4] Mithila first gained prominence after being settled by Indo-Aryan peoples who established the Mithila Kingdom (also called Kingdom of the Videha's).[5]

During the late Vedic period (c. 1100–500 BCE), Kingdom of the Videha's became one of the major political and cultural centers of South Asia, along with Kuru and Panchal. The kings of the Kingdom of the Videhans were called Janakas.[6] The Mithila Kingdom was later incorporated into the Vajjika League, which had its capital in the city of Vaishali, which is also in Mithila.[7] Later it was dominated by Chaudhary family who were the biggest landlord of Kosi commissioner and holds approximately 15,000 acres of land in Katihar district and 8,500 acres in Purnia district. The founder of Chaudhary family was Taj Ali Chaudhary and his four sons Chaudhary Khuda Baksh, Chaudhary Qadir Baksh, Khan Bahadur Chaudhary Mohammad Baksh and Elahi Baksh.



Katihar is connected through road network to the neighboring cities of Bihar. Interstate bus services are not available. A highway NH 131A, however, connects it to Purina, from where NH 27, NH 231 and NH 31 passes through or starts through.


The nearest airport is located at Purnia Airport near Purnia (30 km), but it is an Airforce station. The nearest commercial airport is located at Bagdogra Airport (160 km) near Siliguri (West Bengal). However, recently the government has announced to open an air force base airport in Chunapur, Purnia to be allowed to use for commercial use. However, it is not operational yet.


Katihar Junction is a major strategic Railway Junction under Northeast Frontier Railway which connects North East India with the rest of India.[citation needed]


Katihar Ramakrishna Mission

Katihar has many education institutions, including:

Government colleges
Other important institutes


As per the 2011 census, Katihar Urban Agglomeration had a population of 240,565.[24] Katihar Urban Agglomeration includes Katihar (municipal corporation plus outgrowth) and Katihar Railway Colony (outgrowth).[25] Katihar Municipal Corporation had a total population of 225,982, out of which 119,142 were males and 106,840 were females. It had a sex ratio of 897. The population below 5 years was 31,036. The literacy rate of the 7+ population was 79.87 per cent.[26] Katihar is at 193rd rank in terms of its population among the top 200 cities of India as per the 2011 census.


Religion in Katihar city (2011)
Religion Percent

Hinduism is major religion in Katihar city with 185,196 Hindus (76.9%) and 53,213 Muslims (22.1%). Other religions include 794 Christians (0.33%), 373 Sikhs (0.15%), 221 Jains (0.09%), 70 Buddhists (0.03%) and 960 (0.4%) not stated.[27]


The climate of Katihar is nearly moderate with widespread rainfall during the monsoons sometimes bringing flood to the adjoining rural areas of the Katihar District.[citation needed]


  1. Koshi River - the lifeline of Katihar.
  2. Ganga River - The Holy river.
  3. Mahananda River- The Pristine River.
  4. Righa River - The quiet Companion.
  5. Buri Gantok River- The Water Ways Connection.

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