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Emblem of Khabat

The Revolutionary Khabat Organization of the Iranian Kurdistan, usually called Khabat (Kurdish for "struggle") is a Kurdish nationalist opposition group in Iran which seeks autonomy for Iranian Kurdistan.


After the Iranian Revolution, many political organizations with different beliefs appeared in Iran and Iranian Kurdistan. In those conditions, a group of Kurdish religious men formed a political organization on the bases of Islamic and Kurdish nationalistic ideas.

On August 27, 1980, it was decided to establish the Organization of the Nationalistic and Islamic Khabat of the Iranian Kurdistan.


Organization Khabats’ goal for Iranian Kurdistan is Self-determination and a secular democratic system in Iran. Organization Khabat is active for:

  • Emancipation of women in society without any discrimination
  • Freedom for every religion and ideologies
  • Freedom of speech and mass media
  • Kurdish language should be allowed at school, university and in public and administration as a first language
  • Integration of all Kurdish Territory in Iranian Kurdistan
  • Governors should be elected by Kurdish people and represent interest of Kurdish Nation
  • The right of the peoples of Kurdistan to self-government
  • Religion should not be implemented for discrimination of people
  • Democratic education system
  • Modern infrastructure
  • Free financial system
  • Protection of poor people financially and socially
  • Motivate sociality for modernization of cultural attitude

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