Kung Fu Chefs

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Kung Fu Chefs
Kung Fu Chefs poster.jpg
Directed byKen Yip
Produced byJeremy Cheung
Written byWang Bo
Simon Lu
Cyrus Cheng
Chu Jun-yue
Yuan Li-jiang
StarringSammo Hung
Vanness Wu
Cherrie Ying
Ai Kago
Timmy Hung
Lam Chi-chung
Louis Fan
Leung Siu-lung
Ku Feng
Lee Hoi San
Music byVictor Lau
Terry Tye
CinematographyKwan Chi-kan
Edited byTang Man-to
Brilliant Emperor Production Ltd.
Distributed byMy Way Film Company Limited
Release date
  • 19 February 2009 (2009-02-19) (China)
  • 12 June 2009 (2009-06-12) (Hong Kong)
Running time
92 minutes
CountryHong Kong
Box officeHK $183,338.25

Kung Fu Chefs (traditional Chinese: 功夫廚神; simplified Chinese: 功夫厨神; pinyin: GōngFū ChǔShén; Jyutping: Gung1 Fu1 Cu4 San4) is a 2009 Hong Kong action film directed by Ken Yip, starring Sammo Hung, Louis Fan, Vanness Wu, Sammo Hung's real life son Timmy Hung, Ku Feng and Lee Hoi San. This was Lee Hoi San's final film appearance. This film was shot with a low budget.


Wong Kai Joe (Louis Fan) has had hatred of his uncle Wong Ping Yee (Sammo Hung) in his heart for a very long time and does what he can to oust his uncle from the village and to claim rights to the Dragon Head Cleaver, a symbol of power to the clan. During a function, he used Yee's nephew to put poison in the form of salt. The guest become sick and Wong Ping Yee is forced out of the village. The story then shifts to Ken'chi who is the first to graduate from his school after being the first amongst his batch to place the emblem in the flag. He is advised by his principal to go and meet Master Sum who, he feels, will be able to teach him cooking. Meanwhile, Yee encounters Shum Ching (Cherrie Ying) and her sister (Ai Kago) by chance, and is determined to help them during troubled times at their restaurant "Four Seas". He trains a young chef, Ken'ichi Lung Kin Yat (Vanness Wu) to compete against Chef Tin (Lam Chi-chung), the head chef at "Imperial Palace", for the title of "Top Chef". After the tournament, he meets his brother who is alive and to the angst of Joe who watches helplessly on TV.


Cast Role Description
Sammo Hung Wong Ping Yee
Village head
Ken'ichi's master
Wing Ping Kei's younger brother
Wong Kai Joe's uncle
Briefly "Four Seas Restaurant" chef
Vanness Wu Ken'ichi Lung Kin Yat
Wong Ping Yee's disciple
Shum Ying's lover
"Four Seas Restaurant" chef
Cherrie Ying Shum Ching
"Four Seas Restaurant" owner
Shum Ying's older sister
Ai Kago Shum Ying
Shum Ching's younger sister
"Four Seas Restaurant" employee
Ken'ichi's lover
Timmy Hung Leung
Village member
Wong Kai Joe's henchman
Lam Chi-chung Tin Chow-to
Famous champion chef
King of Cantonese Restaurant head chef
Louis Fan Wong Kai Joe
Wong Ping Kei's son
Wong Ping Yee's nephew
Leung Siu-lung Wong Ping Kei
Wong Ping Yee's older brother
Wong Kai Joe's father
Two time champion chef
Xing Yu Choi
Wong Kai Joe's henchman
Ku Feng 2nd Granduncle
2nd elder of village
Hoi Sang Lee Great Grandfather
1st elder of village
Ho Kwai Lam Shum Fong Kwan
Former "For Seas Restaurant" chef
"King of Cantonese Restaurant" chef
Mok Mei Lam Principal Fong
Ken'ichi's principal
Chun Wong Yue Poon Cheung
Judge at competition

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