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Lala Hsu
Lala Hsu, 2011 (cropped).jpg
Hsu in 2011
Born (1984-12-20) 20 December 1984 (age 34)
ResidenceTaipei, Taiwan
Alma materCentral Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Years active2008–present
Bill Chia (m. 2018)
Musical career
LabelsAsiaMuse (2009–present)
LaLa Hsu's signature 20160430.jpg
Lala Hsu
Traditional Chinese徐佳瑩
Simplified Chinese徐佳莹

Lala Hsu (traditional Chinese: 徐佳瑩; simplified Chinese: 徐佳莹; pinyin: Xú JiāYíng; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Chhî Ka-êng; born December 20, 1984) is a Taiwanese singer-songwriter. Hsu was born in Hualien County, Taiwan, and grew up in Taichung.

Hsu was a contestant in the third season of CTV's One Million Star in 2008. She won the contest with a self-composed and written song on 15 August of that year.[1][2] She released her self-titled debut album on 29 May 2009. She has since published five albums to date; Lala Hsu in 2009, Limits in 2010, Ideal Life in 2012, Missing in 2014 and The Inner Me in 2017.[3]

In 2010, Hsu won the Best New Artist award at the 21st Golden Melody Awards for her eponymously named album, Lala Hsu, becoming the first One Million Star alumni to win a Golden Melody Award. In 2015, she was nominated in six categories at the 26th Golden Melody Awards for the album Missing.

In 2016, Hsu was a participant of the fourth season of I Am a Singer which gained her wider attention in China. A significant rise in popularity lead to numerous invitations to perform the theme songs of film and television works.

In 2018, Hsu was named Best Mandarin Female Singer at the 29th Golden Melody Awards.[4]

Early life[edit]

Hsu's father is a retired ROC Air Force ground officer and her mother was a kindergarten teacher. She is the third child among her brothers and sisters. The singer worked as a nurse in Taichung Veterans General Hospital before her debut.


Hsu won second place in a singing competition held by her high school. In junior college, she was the drummer and conductor of her school's Orchestra Club. She also served as an intern at the Affiliated Hospital of Chung Shan Medical College and worked in Taichung Veterans General Hospital. During university, Lala participated in the "Campus Golden Melody Award" competition, winning awards in the "Girl's Individual Singing Group" (singing award) and the "Semantic Creation Group" (creative award). She participated in four "Campus Golden Melody" compilations.[5]

Hsu took part in the third season of One Million Star singing contest in 2008, and performed well.[6] Hsu stated that her aim in participating the contest was to set up a "Starlight Chicken Restaurant" with the prize money, and she had already written a song for the restaurant. In the sixth episode, her performance of the song "Riding a White Horse" scored 25 points, making her the fastest contestant to reach the full score since the launch of One Million Star.[7] On 15 August 2008, she won the finals with an average score of 21.47 points, paving the way for her to become a professional singer.[8][9][10]


Hsu is the protégée of composer Su Tongda. "Riding a White Horse" was a collaboration between Hsu and Su.

On 29 May 2009, Hsu released her debut album Lala Hsu. The album was up for six awards at the 21st Golden Melody Awards. This include Song of the Year ("Riding a White Horse"), Best Mandarin Album (Lala Hsu), Best Composer (Hsu and Su Tongda, "Riding a White Horse"), Best New Artist, Best Arranger (Su Tongda, "Riding a White Horse") and Best Single Producer (Su Tongda, "Riding a White Horse").[11][12]

On 26 June 2010, Hsu was awarded the Best New Artist at the 21st Golden Melody Awards.[13] On 3 September of the same year, Hsu released her second Mandarin studio album, Limits.

On 6 June 2012, she released her third Mandarin studio album, Ideal Life. The album won several awards at home and abroad including the 2012 Top Ten Albums, and Albums and Singles of the Year at the Annual Association of Chinese Musicians Awards. In 2013, Hsu was nominated for Best Mandarin Female Singer for the first time at the 24th Golden Melody Awards.

On 13 June 2014, Hsu released her fourth Mandarin album Missing. On 21 March 2015, she held the "Total Eclipse" concert in Taipei Arena. It was her first concert in the Arena. In the same year, she was nominated for six awards at the 26th Golden Melody Awards, including Song of the Year, Best Mandarin Album, Best Mandarin Female Singer, Best Composer, Best Lyricist and Best Arranger.

In January 2016, she participated in the fourth season of Hunan TV I Am a Singer. Her performance of "Lost Desert" scored her first place in the first episode. Subsequently, she was invited to perform the theme songs for several film and television works. In July 2016, she held her "Total Eclipse" concert tour in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

On 22 April 2017, Hsu debuted her "You Made My Day" concert tour at Taipei Arena.[14] In May of the same year, she held the tour in Kaohsiung, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Malaysia.

On 27 December 2017, she released her fifth Mandarin studio album The Inner Me.

Musical style[edit]

Hsu's music is known for its subtle, unique narrative lyrical composition style, integrating elements of Taiwanese opera into her songs. Using the Mandarin language and the southern Fujian language flexibly, the logic of the two different languages is put together naturally and smoothly. The rhythm of the main song is usually fast, while the chorus is mostly clear, lyrical, and easy to memorize. In the accompaniment and harmony, she tries to create a unique approach to chord progression, which is different than other pop music.

Personal life[edit]

Hsu and director Bill Chia got married in August 2018.[15]


Studio albums[edit]

Title Details
Lala Hsu (LaLa首張創作專輯)
Limits (極限)
  • Released: 3 September 2010
  • Label: AsiaMuse
  • Formats: CD, Digital download
Ideal Life (理想人生)
  • Released: 6 June 2012
  • Label: AsiaMuse
  • Formats: CD, Digital download
Missing (尋人啟事)
  • Released: 13 June 2014
  • Label: AsiaMuse
  • Formats: CD, Digital download
The Inner Me (心裡學)
  • Released: 27 December 2017
  • Label: AsiaMuse
  • Formats: CD, Digital download

Live albums[edit]

Title Details
On the Way to the Ideal Life (繼續·理想人生)
Total Eclipse (日全蝕)
  • Released: 13 May 2016
  • Label: AsiaMuse
  • Formats: CD, Digital download
I Am a Singer 4 (收•音)
  • Released: 22 September 2016
  • Label: AsiaMuse
  • Format: Digital download


Title Year Peak chart positions Album
NetEase QQ
"Song of Airport - On the Road"
(在旅行的路上 機場之歌)
2013 Non-album single
"One Minute More" (只要一分鐘) 2014 Missing
"The Rain is Coming" (大雨將至) The Imperial Doctress OST
"Suddenly Missing You" (突然好想你) 2015 Herstory with Mayday
"Little Princess" (小公主) 2016 Total Eclipse
"You Made My Day" (是日救星) The Inner Me
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released in that region.

Promotional singles[edit]

Title Year Album
"Disco" (迪斯可) 2010 Limits
"Oasis" (綠洲)
"Dare to Celebrate" (不怕慶祝) 2012 Ideal Life
"Steady" (明天的事情) 2014 Missing
"Gone with the Wind" (耳邊風)
"Combat" (格斗场) 2016 Non-album release
"Perfect Landing" (完美落地) 2017 Non-album release
"Ten Years of Us" (我们的十年) 2018 Non-album release

Soundtrack appearances[edit]

Title Year Peak chart positions Album
Baidu Billboard QQ
"Jianghu" (江湖) 2008 OST
"Palette" (調色盤) 2012 Touch of the Light OST
"Cuckoo" (布穀) The Girl Who Swims Breaststroke OST
"Rolling! My Baby" (翻滾吧!我的寶貝)
"One Minute More" (只要一分鐘) 2014 One Minute More OST
"The Rain is Coming" (大雨将至) 2016 The Imperial Doctress OST
"Oblivion" (遗忘之前)
"You Only Live Once" (潇洒走一回) New York New York OST
"Blossom" (女人花) MBA Partners OST
"All I Need" (我所需要的) My Fair Lady OST
"It's Cold Without Your Love" (湫兮如风) Big Fish & Begonia OST
"Never Alone" (不要再孤单) Love O2O OST
"Finding You" (当我找到了你) Suddenly Seventeen OST
"My First Memory" (最初的记忆) 2017 Rush to the Dead Summer OST
"Shining with Love" (因爱闪光) Our Shining Days OST
"A Love is Hard to Wish for" (一爱难求) 2018 23 Legend of Fuyao OST
"The River" (一江水) Eagles and Youngster OST
"Beautiful Encounter" (最美的遇见) All Out of Love OST
"Really Stupid" (真的傻) 2019 Fall in Love at First Kiss OST
"One Sentence of the Universe" (一句话的宇宙) The Sound 2 OST
"Missing" (寻人启事) If I Can Love You So OST
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released in that region.


Title Year Album
"If You Think" (自以為) (feat. Khalil Fong) 2011 15
"Under the Willow" (柳樹下) (feat. A Chord) Growing Up
"Shhh……" (噓……) (feat. Soft Lipa) By Bicycle
"Break-up Night" (分手夜) (feat. Lie Gramophone) 2012 Future Primitive
"Flaming Beacon" (烽火) (feat. Europa Huang and William Wei) 2014 Non-album single
"Always in Love" (feat. Amber Kuo and Apay) 2015 Begin Again
"To See Love" (看见爱) (feat. Various Artists) 2016 Non-album single
"Yuan Zou Gao Fei" (远走高飞) (feat. Kim Ji-mun) 2017 Hello 1
"Catfight" (傲嬌) (feat. A-mei and Eve Ai) Story Thief
"The River" (一江水) (feat. Mao Buyi) 2018 Eagles and Youngster OST
"Make Friends Now" (現在開始做朋友) (feat. Various Artists) 2019 Non-album single

Songwriting credits[edit]

Year Album Artist Song Lyrics Music
Credited With Credited With
2010 Second Home Kay Tse "Second Home" No N/A Yes N/A
Loneliness is Not the Hardest Part A-Lin "Whether Happiness Comes or Not" No Yes
2011 Non-album single Lala Hsu "Starting Point" Yes Yes
Longing for... Rainie Yang "Fast Forward" No Yes
Another She Claire Kuo "Originally" Yes Yes
Non-album single Lala Hsu "Our Talk Show" Yes Yes
Hi! Jing Wen Jing Wen Tseng "Ex-Boyfriend" Yes Ko Ta-wei Yes
Black Apple Bibi Zhou "Singlism" No N/A Yes
2012 Home Girl Sharon Kwan "Rainy Days" No Yes
Die Sterntaler OST Jing Wen Tseng "Pointed Forward" No Yes
If You Luv Me Eve Ai "Critical Moment" No Yes
Love or Not Cyndi Wang "Become Strangers" No Yes
Keep Loving Claire Kuo "Love to Say Du Du" No Yes
2013 Prima Donna OST Chien Chih-cheng "Prima Donna" No Yes
For the Loved Rene Liu "My Enemy" Yes Ko Ta-wei Yes
Don't Cry Issac Dang "Consolation" Yes N/A Yes
In Front of You Jin Chi "Lovelorn Party" No Yes
Zero Naiwen Yang "What Am I" Yes Naiwen Yang Yes
Alone the Way Jia Jia "Not Equal" No N/A Yes
2014 Girls Shi Shi "Live with You" No Yes
Until We Meet Claire Kuo "Part-Time Lover" No Yes
"Whatever" No Yes
With You Amber An "New Home" No Yes
A Tale of Two Rainie Rainie Yang "Ripples" Yes Yes
2015 This is Me Xuan Xuan "Fortunately Love is Not So Deep" No Yes
Darling Julia Peng "Shut Up" Yes Yes
When Everything Around was Empty Liu Xijun "Even Now" No Yes
2016 Fanfan's Time to Give Thanks Christine Fan "Coincide" No Yes
The One I'm Waiting For Chen Bing "The One I'm Waiting For" No Yes
Non-album singles Lala Hsu "All I Need" Yes Yes
Meng Huiyuan "We People" No Yes
Morning Bound for Midnight Diamond Zhang "Half and Half" No Yes
2017 Story Thief A-mei "Catflight" No Yes
2018 About Jess Jess Lee "The Same" No Yes
Freyja Valen Hsu "Springtime Allergies" No Yes
#Unlovely Summer Meng "I'm Unlovely" No Yes
2019 Confession Pets Tseng "Confession" No Yes



Year English Title Chinese Title Role Notes
2011 Rio 里約大冒險 Jewel Mandarin voice (Taiwanese release)
2014 Rio 2 里約大冒險2 Jewel Mandarin voice (Taiwanese release)

Television series[edit]

Year English Title Chinese Title Role Network Notes
2010 Days We Stared at the Sun 他們在畢業的前一天爆炸 Lala PTS: PTS Main Channel Cameo

Variety shows[edit]

Year English Title Chinese Title Network Notes
2008 One Million Star (season 3) 超級星光大道3 CTV: CTV Main Channel
One Million Star (season 4) 超級星光大道4 CTV: CTV Main Channel Ep. 10
2009 One Million Star (season 5) 超級星光大道5 CTV: CTV Main Channel Ep. 17
2010 One Million Star (season 6) 超級星光大道6 CTV: CTV Main Channel Ep. 16
2016 I Am a Singer (season 4) 我是歌手(第四季) HBS: Hunan Television
2017 Singer 2017 歌手 2017 HBS: Hunan Television Ep. 13
One Night Food Trip - International Edition 吃貨48小時-國際篇 tvN Asia

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nomination Result
2010 21st Golden Melody Awards Song of the Year "Riding A White Horse" Nominated
Best Composer Nominated
Best Mandarin Album Lala Hsu Nominated
Best New Artist Won
Association of Music Workers in Taiwan Ten Best Songs "Riding A White Horse" Won
2012 "Under the Willow" Won
2013 24th Golden Melody Awards Best Mandarin Female Singer Ideal Life Nominated
Association of Music Workers in Taiwan Ten Best Songs "Not That Hard" Won
Ten Best Albums Ideal Life Won
2015 26th Golden Melody Awards Song of the Year "Missing" Nominated
Best Mandarin Album Missing Nominated
Best Mandarin Female Singer Nominated
Association of Music Workers in Taiwan Ten Best Songs "Missing" Won
Ten Best Albums Missing Won
2016 53rd Golden Horse Awards Best Original Film Song Big Fish & Begonia
(Performer: "It's Cold Without Your Love")
2017 Association of Music Workers in Taiwan Ten Best Songs "You Made My Day" Won
2018 22nd China Music Awards Song of the Year "From Now On" Won
Most Popular Singer-songwriter Lala Hsu Won
29th Golden Melody Awards Album of the Year The Inner Me Nominated
Best Mandarin Album Won
Best Mandarin Female Singer Won
Association of Music Workers in Taiwan Ten Best Songs "The Prayer" Won
Ten Best Albums The Inner Me Won
2019 Ten Best Songs "Springtime Allergies" Won


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