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A listing of the characters from the ALF television series that ran between 1986 and 1990.


Gordon Shumway
ALF character
Gordon "ALF" Shumway in the series ALF
First appearance "ALF"
Portrayed by Paul Fusco
Voiced by Paul Fusco
Nickname(s) ALF
Aliases ALF
Species Melmacian
Gender Male
Family Bob Shumway (father)
Flo Shumway (mother)
Curtis Shumway (brother)
Augie Shumway (sister)
Significant other(s) Rhonda (girlfriend)
Nationality Melmac

ALF (an acronym for "Alien Life Form"), is an alien from the planet Melmac. ALF's real name is Gordon Shumway; he was given the nickname "ALF" by Willie Tanner in the pilot episode.

ALF was born on October 28, 1756 (though he mentions that his birthday is in August in Episode 7, "Help Me Rhonda") on the Lower East Side of the planet. Melmac was located six parsecs past the Hydra-Centaurus Supercluster and had a green sky, pink grass and a purple sun. The commonly used currency is Wernicks, and the substance we call foam is revealed by ALF in the first season episode, "Baby, You Can Drive My Car", to be as precious on Melmac as gold is on Earth. Lint also has value on Melmac as hinted in the cold open of the same episode, though ALF did not reveal what it corresponded to on Earth in terms of value. It is possible that lint may have corresponded to platinum, as both materials were used in his ship as part of what appears to be basic amenities, specifically the ship's plumbing, and Alf, surprised that the materials had value on Earth, would sell these in order to buy a Ferrari for Lynn.

ALF's body is covered with rust-colored fur (he once described his color as burnt sienna). He has a rippled snout, facial moles, eight stomachs, his heart is apparently located in his head near his ear. He likes to eat cats and had a best friend on his home planet named Malhar Naik. He attended high school for 122 years and was captain of a Bouillabaisseball team (which is played on a normal baseball diamond using fish parts as a ball). He has at least two cousins "Pretty Boy Shumway" and "Blinky", and has had liposuction. During a bout of amnesia, he believed he was an insurance salesman named Wayne Schlegel.

ALF is troublesome, sarcastic and cynical, and sometimes he puts himself at the risk of being discovered while doing some of his often unintentional pranks. However, if things have gone too far, he does as much as possible to make up for his mistakes, generally with good results. In one episode, he tried to help Brian to gain confidence during a school show, because he was too afraid to perform. In another occasion, he helped Dorothy to deal with her husband's death and move on and accept another man's friendship. He also helped Raquel Ochmonek deal with a depression she suffered after she became the laughing stock in a TV show.

Before his life on Earth, ALF was an Orbit Guard for Melmac and was often called upon to fight the villain calling himself "Versus, the Evil Larson Petty". During one such battle, nuclear missiles are used to try to quell the threat of Versus once and for all. Unknown to everyone, the missiles would not only destroy Versus, but the entire planet along with the Melmacians trying to defend their planet. When Melmac exploded, it threw a few orbit guard ships into space, one of them being ALF's. The ship drifted through space for about a year before picking up Willie Tanner's radio transmission and crash landing on earth.

ALF is generally regarded as one of the only Melmacians to survive his home planet's cataclysm. However, a few other Melmacians were shown to have survived the cataclysm. Skip and Rhonda had escaped the explosion in an interstellar space craft. It is stated in the episode titled "Help Me Rhonda" that ALF's other friend Rick got married to a Melmacian named Stella, who opened a tanning parlor on Mercury. In the episode titled "Alone Again, Naturally" ALF sees his cousin "Blinky" in a car on the highway, but Willy says that they haven't seen a car for hours and ALF was just daydreaming, so it's really left up to the viewer if ALF saw Blinky or not. Any other surviving Melmacians are unknown at this point although it is possible that more exist as many other orbit guard ships could have suffered the same fate as ALF's, stranded on other unknown planets.

With ALF being a live-hand puppet, Paul Fusco is assisted in performing ALF by Bob Fappiano and Lisa Buckley. Michu Meszaros stood in for the ALF puppet when full-body shots were needed by wearing an ALF costume (although this idea was ditched in later seasons).

TV Guide ranked ALF # 8 on its "25 Greatest Sci-Fi Legends" list.[1]

ALF in animation[edit]

Animated Gordon.

ALF: The Animated Series depicts ALF's life on Melmac before it exploded. As the animated series takes place before ALF's life on Earth, he goes by his real name of "Gordon" here. Each episode depicts ALF and his family in some kind of wacky situation. His family members are his father Bob, his mother Flo, his younger brother Curtis, his little sister Augie, his dog Neep, and his bird Harry. Gordon has two friends named Skip and Rick, and a girl he adores named Rhonda.

In ALF Tales, he starts the episode featuring the story, and usually appears as the main character of the story.

His animated form also appears in the film Cartoon All Stars to the Rescue.

Main characters[edit]

Willie Tanner[edit]

William Francis Tanner
ALF character
First appearance "ALF"
Last appearance "Consider Me Gone"
Portrayed by Max Wright
Species Human
Gender Male
Family Unnamed parents
Neal Tanner (brother)
Spouse(s) Kate Tanner (wife)
Children Lynn Tanner (daughter)
Brian Tanner (son)
Eric Tanner (younger son)
Relatives Uncle Albert (uncle, deceased)
Doug (uncle, deceased)
Pat (aunt)
Dorothy Halligan Deaver (mother-in-law)
Sparky (father-in-law, deceased)
Unnamed sister-in-law
"Whizzer" Deaver (stepfather-in-law)

William Francis "Willie" Tanner (played by Max Wright) is the father figure, and a Social worker by trade. Willie is an amateur radio enthusiast, and it was a result of his shortwave radio signals that ALF followed them and crashed into his home. Willie also avidly collects scale model train sets. He attended Claremont High School, then later graduated from UCLA. When Willie uses his ham Radio to call somebody, he uses the callsign "K726XAA".

He was arrested by the Secret Service after ALF made telephone calls to the President in an attempt to convince the President to deactivate the nuclear weapons program and disassemble America's Nuclear Stockpile, which were misconstrued as the alien trying to threaten the president as he didn't explain properly what he was talking about, acting like it was a threat instead of a request. Like his wife, he was a flower child during the 1960s.

Shortly into the second season, Willie was seen without his regular glasses (but wearing reading glasses) then later in season 2, he was back to wearing his regular glasses.

Willie and ALF have a good, if often strained, relationship. They tend to bicker and snipe at one another, sometimes causing Willie to lose his temper, but each will also do their best to come to the others aid in times of strife, though Willie tends to be more strict than ALF would like. Next to Brian, Willie seems to have the strongest bond with ALF out of the cast and the two share as many scenes together, if not more, than do ALF and Brian, Willie's first son. Many of the arguments that the characters often engage in revolve around the cross cultural difference between Earth and Melmac, or sometimes simply come about because of some bizarre behavior ALF is engaging in.

Despite their strained relationship, Willie has referred to ALF as being "amazing" and often marvels at some of the things Alf has revealed about the universe beyond the Earth's solar system. ALF holds Willie in high regard for letting him stay with the Tanners and protecting him from the Alien Task Force and despite their arguments, Alf is usually the first to try to help Willie when things go wrong.

Kate Tanner[edit]

Katherine Daphne "Kate" Halligan Tanner (played by Anne Schedeen) is the mother figure. In addition to her mother who plays a role in the series, she has at least one sister. She majored in art history and sometimes works in real estate. Like her husband, she was a flower child during the 1960s. In the episode "Jump," it was mentioned that she once had a poem published in a magazine which was her goal, which shows her interest in poetry. Kate has an uneven relationship with ALF. Although she finds him a nuisance most of the time, Kate cares for ALF's well-being.

She gives birth to Eric William Tanner in the season three episode "Having my Baby." During that time, Anne Schedeen was really pregnant during the series. However, she was pregnant with a girl in reality which made the twin boys only her TV son.

Lynn Tanner[edit]

Lynn "Lynnie" Tanner (played by Andrea Elson) is the eldest child of the Tanner family and their only daughter. She was a shy girl whom ALF attempted to make more extroverted. One of ALF's ways to get Lynn to raise her confidence was entering her in a beauty contest. Kate actually confided to Willie once that she was concerned her daughter was spending too much time with ALF, sardonically suggesting that if they weren't careful they might end up with half-alien grandchildren. She often defends ALF's behaviour to her parents.

Over the course of the series, she dates several men including a boy nicknamed "Lizard", a performer named Robert, a boy (unseen) named "Lloyd" (but he pronounced both L's), and an athlete named Danny Duckworth.

Brian Tanner[edit]

Brian "Bri" Tanner (played by Benji Gregory) is the elder son and middle child of the Tanner family. He seems to bond with ALF the most. It is fairly common to see the two paired in scenes together during the series, and Brian is often involved in some of Alf's pranks and schemes. Nicknamed 'B' by the rest of the cast, Brian formed a friendship with the Ochmonech's nephew Jake, who also discovered the existence of Alf, and the three characters were often seen together during the third season of the show. Brian usually acts as the straight man to Alf's jokes and gags out of the duo, but Brian has gotten in a few jokes at Alf's expense during the series as well. They often appear to have a relationship resembling that of siblings despite the gap in their relative ages and cultural differences (Brian was in elementary school during the series' run, while Alf was well over two hundred by the time he arrived on earth.). Brian is also the one who is quickest to worry for Alf's safety if it seems something has happened to him, and Alf seems to have the most regard for Brian's feelings throughout the series than any other member of the cast. Alf will go to great lengths for Brian both to cheer him up if he's upset, or to help out when he needs it though his plans tend to go awry, though Brian usually forgives him for any problems he's caused because he knows the alien is simply trying to help.

Recurring characters[edit]

The Ochmonek Family[edit]

Trevor Ochmonek[edit]

Trevor Ochmonek (played by John LaMotta) is a Master of Arts graduate, who played football for 7 years through high school. He is a veteran of the Korean War, where he served as a pilot. He is a heavy cigar smoker and often unintentionally rude.

Raquel Ochmonek[edit]

Raquel Ochmonek (played by Liz Sheridan) always wanted children, but never had any. She is very nosy, often spying on the neighbors with a looking glass and spreading rumors. One time, she spots ALF and reports him to the Alien Task Force. When Jake came to live with her, she considers him a replacement for the children she never had. She was also a cheerleader in high school and, according to her husband, still has the same figure.

Jake Ochmonek[edit]

Jason "Jake" Ochmonek (played by Josh Blake) is the nephew of Trevor and Raquel who was sent to live with Raquel and Trevor after his father was in jail. His mother struggles with kleptomania and is unable to care for Jake. A mechanical genius, he has an unrequited crush on Lynn, although he also falls for a schoolmate named Laura (Carla Gugino). His girlfriend appeared in one episode in Season 3. He was one of ALF's best friends; they met while Jake was trying to steal the Tanner's telescope and ALF caught him. When Jake breaks it, he promises to fix it and forms a bonding friendship with ALF. Jake would also befriend Brian Tanner, and the three often shared scenes during the third season. Jake was shown to be skilled with cars in the episode "Fight Back", and when ALF posited the idea that Willie was being scammed, he readily jumped at the opportunity to help ALF in his plan to expose the crooked mechanic behind it. He was also willing to aid ALF in his attempt at helping Brian overcoming his fear of being out at night in the outdoors in the episode "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark", also from the third season. ALF and Jake banter in some episodes much like ALF and Willie do, but it is less a case of occasionally antagonizing one another and more a friendly banter where the two are generally just having fun since the two have similar personalities, as compared to the much stricter Willie and ALF, whose personalities are often at cross-purposes due to ALF's alien nature and mannerisms.

The Deaver Family[edit]

Dorothy Halligan Deaver[edit]

Dorothy Halligan Deaver (played by Anne Meara) is the widowed mother of Kate, the mother-in-law of Willie, and the grandmother of Lynn, Brian, and Eric. She first appeared halfway through the first season as an unwelcome houseguest, passive-aggressively criticizing everything Kate did by re-doing it. Incensed at her mistreatment of Kate, ALF revealed himself to her, and used her frightened state to make her listen. By the next episode she still hadn't gone home, and ALF once again schemes to get to the truth, discovering that her roommate threw her out. Ever since, Dorothy has had a love-hate relationship with ALF, often threatening to hand him over to the military if he does not behave. This in turn has ALF calls her the Wicked Witch of the West. She is afraid to remarry, until ALF in his own way convinces her it would be a good idea not to die lonely (initially by staging a fake séance to "speak" with her late husband - a stunt which inevitably backfires). She eventually marries a jazz musician nicknamed "Whizzer".

"Whizzer" Deaver[edit]

"Whizzer" Deaver (played by Paul Dooley) is Dorothy's second husband, Kate's stepfather, Willie's stepfather-in-law, and Lynn, Brian, and Eric's step-grandfather. Whizzer is a talented jazz musician. He accidentally meets ALF in Season 4. He ran into the kitchen where ALF usually hides when there is company. Before the Tanners were able to hide him, Whizzer fainted when he first saw him. Whizzer and ALF both eventually came to hate each other.


Jody (played by Andrea Covell) is a blind woman who ALF befriends in the first season of the series. Jody is unaware that ALF is an alien and rather thinks he is just a weird person. After she moves out of her apartment, ALF invites her to stay with the Tanners until she finds a new one. When she does find a new apartment, ALF moves in with her uninvited until Kate and Willie manage to make him move out again. She appeared once more in Season 3 when ALF celebrated a reunion, featuring everyone who's ever met him (Dorothy, Larry, Jake, Neil, etc.) at a party where the other people attending tried to hide the info about what ALF really is.

Larry Dykstra[edit]

Lawrence "Larry" Dykstra (played by Bill Daily) is a shrink who appears in several episodes first appears in Season 1 when ALF and Willie Tanner have problems living together. In Season 2, Larry helps the Tanners when ALF is addicted to a ventriloquist dummy who starts controlling ALF. Larry helps the Tanners again for ALF's reunion of his friends. Larry appeared again in Season 3 when ALF seemed too bored to do anything, but by listening to Larry diagnose a problem of Willie's at the dinner table, ALF began trying to practice psychology, to everyone's frustration.

Uncle Neal Tanner[edit]

Neal Tanner (played by Jim J. Bullock) is Willie's younger brother and the uncle of Brian, Lynn, and Eric. Neal lived with the Tanner family briefly after his wife Margaret left him before moving into his own apartment and gaining employment in the same apartment building as a handyman. Neal met Margaret in the Future Farmers group at Claremont High School. ALF originally did not like Neal as he was forced to hide, but eventually got to form some friendship after Willie revealed ALF's existence to Neal.

Eric Tanner[edit]

Eric William Tanner is the younger son of the Tanner family. He was born during the episode "Having My Baby" from season 3. Then, he debuted on season 4 from the episode, "Baby, Come Back".

Lucky the Cat[edit]

Lucky is the Tanner family's cat. Since cats are a common dinner on Melmac, ALF occasionally tries to eat him, though he refrains from doing so because the Tanners trust him. The character died in the fourth season, replaced by a kitten adopted by ALF himself.

Lucky II[edit]

Lucky II is the Tanner family's new cat. ALF originally wanted to eat him, but after seeing a kitten for the first time ALF fell in love with Lucky II. ALF adopted Lucky II after Lucky died in Season 4.

Minor characters[edit]


Luis (played by Phillip Gordon) is a Mexican boy who was taken in for one night by Willie. Luis meets ALF when he mistakes him to for the neighbors' dog. They have "tilled together" and "mulched together", according to ALF. Luis is the only one not invited back to ALF's reunion featuring the friends who have met him. After the episode featuring Luis, he is never heard from again.


In the hour-long episode "ALF's Special Christmas," ALF meets a terminally ill child named Tiffany (played by Keri Houlihan). They become friends, when they realize that they are both in similar ways alone on this planet.

Uncle Albert[edit]

Uncle Albert (played by Elisha Cook, Jr.), is Willie's uncle. He is described as a grumpy, inconsiderate and stingy man, but he changes his ways when he had a heart attack and was hospitalized for over a month. While hospitalized, no one came to visit him or send him a card, which made him realize he brought it on himself due to his past attitude. This inspires Albert to become more considerate towards people and generous with others; giving each member of the Tanner family expensive gifts and paying for dinner. He tragically dies of shock when he discovers ALF staying in a tent in the backyard, arguably triggering a second heart attack. ALF celebrates his death according to Melmacian funeral customs, which sparks a debate between him and Willie over the proper way to show respect for the dead. When ALF realizes that Albert collapsed in shock due to his sight, this causes ALF to believe he is responsible, and isolates himself from everyone like a condemned murderer until Lynn consoles ALF by showing the death was accidental and that Albert was given a chance to mend his past sins, which many do not get to do.


Paul is the name that ALF gives to his ventriloquist dummy. Apparently "Paul" and "son of a Paul" are derogatory terms on Melmac. ALF projects negative emotions through Paul, and Dr. Larry Dykstra is called in to alleviate the situation.

Angel Bob[edit]

Angel Bob ALF is surprised to see Bob when no one else can, and is somewhat puzzled that his guardian angel is not a Melmacian. After convincing Gordon he is an angel, Bob grants ALF's request for a new life. He previews this new life in an "It's a Wonderful Life" manner. In the end, ALF decides that he doesn't want a new life and wants everything to go back to normal.

Bobby Duncan[edit]

Bobby Duncan (played by Martin Doyle) a bully that lives down the street from the Tanners. Brian gets into a fight him when he insults Kate. ALF attempts to call his mother, but she is out purchasing liquor. ALF says some angry things pretending to be Willie to Mr. Duncan, Bobby's father, causing him to come to the Tanner house with the intent to beat up Willie.


Eddie He was a graduate student in architecture, taught history for a while, and is a substitute novelist (he signs books for authors when they are too busy) when Lynn meets him.


Scott Maynard, one of Lynn's boyfriends in the first season. When his dad has a garage sale, Scott asks Lynn to store his instruments in the Tanner garage. Scott's band was called the "G-men", but when they found out that another band already claimed that name, they changed it to the "Doors".


Lizard One of Lynn's boyfriends in the second season. His nickname "Lizard" comes from his removing a tumor from a lizard in biology class. His true love is quantum physics. Willie is so pleased with this, that he preemptively gives "Lizard" permission to marry Lynn. He got a job at the Weiner on a Stick restaurant at the mall, where Willie ate dinner on the night of its grand opening. He appeared on the episode "Some Enchanted Evening" in which he meets ALF at the Tanners' Halloween party. ALF asks him what he thinks extraterrestrials might be like. When he says that they would be very advanced and intelligent, ALF says "thank you."


Robert Sherwood, a street performer at the beach. He is also a caterer's assistant for Rex Savage. His talents include twirling fire batons and pantomime. Robert takes an immediate interest in Lynn and the two start dating soon after meeting.


Donny Duckworth is Danny Duckworth's geeky cousin. ALF accidentally sets Lynn up on a date with Donny instead of Danny.


Danny Duckworth (played by Ricky Paull Goldin) is one of Lynn's boyfriends. He plays on the high school baseball team. ALF tries to set Lynn up on a date with him and accidentally sets her up with Danny's cousin Donny Duckworth, the waterboy, by mistake.


Jim "Jimbo" Hutchinson is a co-worker of Willie's at the Social Services Department of Los Angeles County. He prefers to go by "Jimbo," but when he reveals that he is in the Federal Witness Protection Program for testifying against counterfeiters in the Cleveland Syndicate, he confesses that his real name is Steve (though he prefers to be called "Steverino"). According to his cover story, he is an orphan who was born in Seattle. He graduated from NYU in 1974 and previously worked in record promotions. His hobbies are saving the whales and driving his Delorean. He claims that his Delorean is in the shop and comes up with a number of excuses not to return to his own apartment. Fortunately he is at the Tanner residence when an agent from the Cleveland Syndicate arrives with fake FBI identification to find him, as ALF captures him with a homemade trap.

Nick "The Fish" Mints[edit]

Nick "The Fish" Mints (played by David Leisure) is a bookie with which Dorothy places bets on The Gambler. Following her lead, ALF places bets with Nick Mints in order to help the Tanner family pay their balloon payment. Unfortunately, ALF loses a large bet resulting in owing $6000 to Nick Mints. Nick visits the Tanner household to demand his money and breaks a vase to intimidate Willie. The Tanners are able to raise the money to pay the gambling debt by renting his spaceship to Carl Buck, a set decorator for the movie Jupiter Guys.


Andrea is the name of one the women that attends Kate's surprise baby shower. She brings her baby Elliot since she can't find a babysitter. The baby is left in the crib, and when ALF gets near it, he begins sneezing violently, leading him to believe that he is allergic to babies.


Elliot is the name of Andrea's baby that she brings to the baby shower. ALF begins sneezing when he gets near Elliot and believes that he is allergic to babies. ALF, consequently, decides to try to move in with Jake Ochmonek next door.


Maura Norris (played by Dorothy Lyman) Kate's college roommates. In college, she earned the nickname "boilermaker" because she drank 14 boilermakers in a single night. She is a successful lawyer and has tried cases before the state's supreme court. Kate and Lynn both have tremendous respect for her. Lynn even read her comments in "People vs. Fusco." She had a falling out with her husband and stayed with the Tanners for the night, where she mistook ALF for her imaginary drinking buddy Sammy, who she had been seeing for seven years.


Betty (played by Stephanie Hagen) Kate's college roommates. She sells houses on the west side. Kate meets with her and other college friends for dinner at Summa Cum Lately, and feels somewhat inadequate when she perceives that her college friends have achieved more than she has.


Sylvia (played by Hilary Thompson) Kate's college roommates. She says that she sold her card shop and bought a stationery store, which she sold to by a paper mill, which she sold to buy a forest. Presumably the forest part is a joke. She resides in Portland.


Laura (played by Carla Gugino) Jake's girlfriend. Her dad is a policeman and she has a pet named Fluffy. Jake was at first too shy to even speak to her. When ALF learns of his shyness, he helps Jake out by writing love poems on his behalf. She is impressed with the poems and thinks he's cute, so they go on a date together. Jake is uncertain if he is going to continue going out with her because she has a high-pitched, whiny, and annoying laugh.


A little girl who is the owner of the lost dog Brian found.


An old lady that claims the dog Alfina under false pretenses. ALF gives it to her because he is tired of Alfina getting more attention and affection than him. When Willie goes to get Alfina back, Ethel tries to sell her to him for $500. Her ex-boyfriend Vince is extremely jealous and violent.


Vince, played by Logan Ramsey, was Ethel Buttonwood's extremely jealous and violent ex-boyfriend. He enters group therapy for his anger issues. Willie is at Ethel's house trying to retrieve the dog Alfina, which ALF had given to her, when Vince arrives. Willie has to jump out the window to avoid being attacked by Vince.

The Castaways from Gilligan's Island[edit]


Gilligan (played by Bob Denver) Gilligan is a crewman of the S. S. Minnow who worked for the Skipper. He is well-meaning but bumbling, and he always seems to inadvertently mess up the castaways' escape. He wears a red shirt, light blue pants, and a white sailor's hat.


The Skipper (played by Alan Hale, Jr.) - His real name is Jonas Grumby and he is the captain of the S. S. Minnow. He is well over-weight, leading to numerous fat jokes from Gilligan. Such an instance is when the Professor and Gilligan are helping him into a wetsuit: the Skipper says that he just has big bones, to which Gilligan adds: "and they're covered in big meat." Whenever he gets frustrated with Gilligan, he swats him in the head with his hat.

Mary Ann[edit]

Mary Ann Summers (played by Dawn Wells) - A farm girl from Winfield, Kansas. Not much is said about her before she gets to the island. She is portrayed as a typical "girl next door" and does most of the laundry and cooking with some help from Ginger. She is famous for her coconut cream pies which usually end up on Gilligan's face. She also appears to have a slight crush on Gilligan.


Professor (played by Russell Johnson): His real name is Roy Hinkley and he was a high school teacher before being stranded on the island. He has numerous scientific degrees and uses his knowledge to build many things on the island out of bamboo and other materials. He is the most well-educated of the group and always has a logical answer to everything (although not always correct).

Pete "Flaky" Finnegan[edit]

Pete Finnegan (played by David Ogden Stiers) was a hobo who hung around the Tanner house and spotted ALF during Thanksgiving, while the family was over at the Ochmoneks having Thanksgiving Dinner. Pete first calls the Alien Task Force on ALF. But as the two bond, Pete realizes that like him, ALF is on his own. After realizing this, he turns himself into the Alien Task Force and they consider it a prank by a homeless man.

Aaron King[edit]

Aaron King (played by Pete Willcox) was a reclusive neighbor and truck driver from Tupelo, Mississippi, who ALF is convinced is Elvis Presley in hiding in the Season 3 episode "Suspicious Minds". He reaches this conclusion after reading a book on conspiracy theories of Elvis being alive. ALF goes as far as calling Mr. King with a fruit basket and makes grilled peanut butter and banana sandwiches for him. After seeing him eat them, He has a dream where he enters Mr. King's home and sees it is filled with Elvis memorabilia, further convincing him he met Elvis, despite Mr. King's objections.

Howie Anderson[edit]

Howie Anderson (played by John Pinette) A comedian who highlights his own obesity in his stand up routine. When ALF has a dream about becoming a comedian, he suggest to Howie that he should use his weight as part of his routine. Later when ALF becomes a washed-up has-been, Howie comes back and ridicules him.

Elaine Ochmonek[edit]

Elaine Ochmonek (played by Randee Heller) Jake's mother. She suffers from kleptomania. She lives in New York City, but visits Jake hoping that he will come back and stay with her. Jake insists that she receive professional help for her kleptomania before he will consider coming back home to live with her. By sheer mistake, ALF witnessed Mrs. Ochmonek stealing some of Kate's jewelry when his need to use the bathroom was overpowering. Fortunately, ALF remained hidden from her sight, but when he attempted to reveal this to Jake, a disappointed Jake says he believes ALF but tries to explain the concept of kleptomania to ALF as opposed to robbery for greed or envious purposes (such as the burglar's). ALF is less successful telling Kate and Willie about this, believing him to be making slanderous stories until Kate says her brooch was indeed stolen. Jake later confronts his mother about the larceny. Upset, he states she has more progress to make to cure her condition before he will live with her again. This is also shown when she steal Trevor's coin collection.

She is Trevor's sister-in-law. Trevor's brother (Jake's father) is in jail for five years for fixing horse races.

Senior Citizens[edit]

Jack (played by Phil Leeds), Bernie (played by Eric Christmas), Rebecca (played by Amzie Strickland), and Louise Beaumont were four senior citizens in a retirement home that ALF sneaks into to meet Louise as seen in "When I'm 64." They meet ALF by accident, but become friends with him almost instantly.


Rodney was a Melmacian Cockroach that escaped to planet Earth in ALF's spaceship. ALF and Brian named him after Willie's brother. Although in the beginning Rodney was small and relatively harmless, exposure to certain chemicals found in Earth bug sprays caused him to grow to the size of a Human and become very dangerous. After many failed attempts that only resulted in Rodney growing larger and larger, ALF finally managed to kill the creature using Kate's perfume.

Brothers of the Peaceful Dominion[edit]

The Brothers of the Peaceful Dominion are silent monastic order that ALF joins when he discovers that he was born in wedlock (a disgrace on Melmac). Their pamphlet describes the brotherhood as a place where "peace and tranquility allow for the contemplation of life's vicissitudes."

The Alien Task Force and other Government[edit]

Various actors appeared in the ALF TV series as the Alien Task Force in many episodes, such as the ALF pilot (both versions), and the Thanksgiving special.

Also, many police officers appeared at their house whenever there was chaos in the neighborhood, including when a notable actor appeared as a thief in an episode of Season 1.

Also, Air Force One appears in an episode in Season 1, where it shows two men monitoring phone calls made by ALF, until we finally hear Ronald Reagan's voice, but the President does not appear in the show. Two FBI agents showed up at their house when they found out ALF was making phone calls to the President, which were misconstrued as threatening, when in fact Alf was trying to convince the president to disassemble the nuclear weapons program due to nuclear war being the cause of the destruction of Melmac, something he feared would happen to Earth as well if countries continued to stockpile nuclear weapons.


Most Melmacians appear in ALF: The Animated Series. However, Rhonda, Skip, Rick, and Stella have appeared in the live-action series.

  • Bob Shumway (voiced by Thick Wilson) - Gordon's father
  • Flo Shumway (voiced by Peggy Mahon) - Gordon's mother.
  • Curtis Shumway (voiced by Michael Fantini) - Gordon's little brother.
  • Augie Shumway (voiced by Paulina Gillis[2]) - Gordon's little sister.
  • Harry - The Shumway family's pet bird.
  • Neep - The Shumway family's pet vespa (a species like a dog).
  • Rhonda (performed by Lisa Buckley in the live-action series, voiced by Paulina Gillis[2] in the animated series) - Gordon's girlfriend. She appeared in the episode of the live-action series titled "Help Me, Rhonda." Before the destruction of Melmac, Skip saves Rhonda by taking her away in his spaceship. When performing Rhonda, Lisa Buckley is assisted in performing her by Scott Hopper, Steve Lamar, John Lovelady, Richard J. Schellbach, and Randy Simper.
  • Skipper "Skip" III (performed by Bob Fappiano in the live-action series, voiced by Rob Cowan in the animated series) - One of Gordon's friends. He appeared in the episode of the live-action series titled "Help Me, Rhonda." Before the destruction of Melmac, Skip saves Rhonda by taking her away in his spaceship. When performing Skip, Bob Fappiano is assisted in performing her by Scott Hopper, Steve Lamar, John Lovelady, Richard J. Schellbach, and Randy Simper.
  • Rick Fusterman (performed and voiced by Paul Fusco in both TV series) - One of Gordon's friends. He appeared in the episode of the live-action series titled "Help Me, Rhonda." Following the destruction of Melmac, Rick got married to Stella and they opened up a tanning parlor on Mercury. When performing Rick, Paul Fusco is assisted in performing her by Scott Hopper, Steve Lamar, John Lovelady, Richard J. Schellbach, and Randy Simper.
  • Stella (voiced by Ellen-Ray Hennessy) - A coffee shop waitress on Melmac. Following the destruction of Melmac, Stella got married to Rick Fusterman and they opened a tanning parlor on Mercury.
  • Larson Petty (voiced by Thick Wilson) - The primary villain of the animated series. He has tried to invade Melmac many times only to be thwarted by ALF.


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