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To date, there have been two astronauts of Arab origin. Prince Sultan bin Salman Al-Saud of Saudi Arabia flew in the US Space Shuttle in 1985.[1][2][3] Syrian astronaut Mohammad Faris made a space flight in 1987, as part of a joint Syrian-Soviet mission.[4][5][6]

Sultan bin Salman Al-Saud[edit]

In 1985, the Arab Organization of Space Communications nominated Sultan bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz. Originally a civilian pilot with experience in the leadership of some aircraft (1,000 flight hours) and holds a commercial aircraft license,[1] at the age of 28 years old. Sultan was born in Riyadh and holds a bachelor's degree of Arts in Media from the University of Denver, Colorado.

Has undergone Prince Sultan bin Salman Al-Saud before his trip to the stages of high-level training, including: how to deploy the Arab satellite at a distance of 320 km of the Earth's surface, as well as how photography using a camera from the model (Hamlad - 500) to take pictures of geological features of the Arabian Peninsula.

On 29 Ramadan 1405 corresponding to June 17, 1985 AD came delegations from all over the globe to take their places allocated in the stands overlooking the platform carrying the Space Shuttle Discovery, and has historic breakthrough on time, and in these moments to take the world, especially Arab and Muslim world following the details of the launch of the first Arab and Muslim astronaut in history, to move the Arabs from the stage of monitoring technical progress in the field of modern space to catch up and participate in this area. On the first day of the trip began to broadcast television for the deployment of satellites, the second day was the launch of the Arab satellite, on the third day went astronaut Arabian Prince Sultan and his colleague Patrick Bodra to a series of experiments their experience of medical common to monitor the conduct of members of the human body in the absence of weight.

Thus continued the successful space flight and the return was great and popular reception in the capital Riyadh on Thursday, July 11, 1985.

Mohammed Faris[edit]

Mohammed Ahmed Faris is a Syrian astronaut born in Aleppo in 05/26/1951.[4] Mohammed Faris is the first Syrian astronaut into space, flying in the Soviet spacecraft Soyuz m3 (TM-2) to space station Mir on 22 July 1987 with two Russian cosmonauts in the program for cooperation in space between Syria and the Soviet Union.

Mohammed Faris participated in the order and prepare for the trip with a group of his fellow astronauts, including the Syrian Munir Habib. Already several training tests in Syria and later in Star City in Russia, and the common scientific space flight between Syria and the Soviet Union is a Syrian-Soviet space flight, which was launched into space on 22.7.1987 by the spacecraft SOYUZ - M3. Syrian astronaut Mohammad Faris's journey included thirteen scientific experiment conducted in space aboard the spacecraft, and several research in the areas of industrial, geological, chemical, medical and space-based observations, remote sensing has been prepared in Syria and the trials are:

  • Experience the movement of blood in the human body and the extent of vulnerability to the surrounding atmosphere into space.
  • Experience cardiac monitoring by a special device to monitor and measure changes.
  • Experience the impact of space on astronauts.
  • The experience of mixing metal and gallium metal Alantamoan.
  • The experience of mixing aluminum metal and iron ore.
  • Experience of electronic connectors that go into the field of electronic industries.
  • Experience study of the geological layers in the land of Syria, 300 km of height.
  • Experience study of water basins in Syria from outer space.
  • Experience study of soil types.
  • Experience installing industrial minerals for use industrially.
  • Syria photography from outer space by special cameras (camera mfk - 6m, and a camera kate - 140)

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