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This is a list of persons who served aboard Space Shuttle crews, arranged in chronological order by Space Shuttle missions.


Names of astronauts returning from the Mir or ISS on the Space Shuttle are shown in italics. They did not have specific crew roles, but are listed in the Payload Specialist columns for reasons of space.

STS-61-A in 1985 is the only flight to have launched with a crew of more than seven.


Order Day Year Mission Shuttle Duration Commander Pilot
Captive-active flights***
N/A June 18 1977 ALT-9 Enterprise N/A Haise Fullerton
N/A June 28 1977 ALT-10 Enterprise N/A Engle Truly
N/A July 26 1977 ALT-11 Enterprise N/A Haise Fullerton
Free flights
(1) August 12 1977 ALT-12 Enterprise 5m 21s Haise Fullerton
(2) September 13 1977 ALT-13 Enterprise 5m 28s Engle Truly
(3) September 23 1977 ALT-14 Enterprise 5m 34s Haise Fullerton
(4) October 12 1977 ALT-15 Enterprise 2m 34s Engle Truly
(5) October 26 1977 ALT-16 Enterprise 2m 1s Haise Fullerton

* Note 1 - In this year, Approach and Landing Tests (ALT) were accomplished. These were atmospheric only, non-spaceflight tests from a Boeing 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft, both with the orbiter attached and for a series of drop-test flights.
** Note 2 - The durations listed count only the orbiter free-flight time, and not total time aloft along with airborne time atop of the 747 SCA.
*** Note 3 - Flights with the orbiter attached to the SCA for the duration, but both crewed and powered to test crew procedures and orbiter systems.


Order Day Year Mission Shuttle Duration Commander Pilot Mission Specialists Payload Specialists
1 April 12 1981 STS-1 Columbia 2d 6h Young Crippen
2 November 12 1981 STS-2 Columbia 2d 6h Engle Truly
3 March 22 1982 STS-3 Columbia 8d 0h Lousma Fullerton
4 June 27 1982 STS-4 Columbia 7d 1h Mattingly Hartsfield
5 November 11 1982 STS-5 Columbia 5d 2h Brand Overmyer J. Allen Lenoir
6 April 4 1983 STS-6 Challenger 5d 0h Weitz Bobko Peterson Musgrave
7 June 18 1983 STS-7 Challenger 6d 2h Crippen Hauck Fabian Ride Thagard
8 August 30 1983 STS-8 Challenger 6d 1h Truly Brandenstein D. Gardner Bluford W. Thornton
9 November 28 1983 STS-9 Columbia 10d 7h Young Shaw Garriott Parker Merbold
Flag of Germany.svg
10 February 3 1984 STS-41-B Challenger 7d 23h Brand Gibson McCandless McNair Stewart
11 April 6 1984 STS-41-C Challenger 6d 23h Crippen Scobee Nelson van Hoften Hart
12 August 30 1984 STS-41-D Discovery 6d 0h Hartsfield Coats Mullane Hawley Resnik C. Walker
13 October 5 1984 STS-41-G Challenger 8d 5h Crippen McBride Sullivan Ride Leestma Garneau
Flag of Canada.svg
14 November 8 1984 STS-51-A Discovery 7d 23h Hauck D. Walker A. Fisher D. Gardner J. Allen
15 January 24 1985 STS-51-C Discovery 3d 1h Mattingly Shriver Onizuka Buchli Payton MSE
16 April 12 1985 STS-51-D Discovery 6d 23h Bobko D. E. Williams Seddon Griggs Hoffman C. Walker Garn
17 April 29 1985 STS-51-B Challenger 7d 0h Overmyer Gregory Lind Thagard W. Thornton van den Berg Wang
18 June 17 1985 STS-51-G Discovery 7d 1h Brandenstein Creighton Lucid Fabian Nagel Baudry
Flag of France.svg
Al Saud
Flag of Saudi Arabia.svg
19 July 29 1985 STS-51-F Challenger 7d 22h Fullerton Bridges Musgrave England Henize Acton Bartoe
20 August 27 1985 STS-51-I Discovery 7d 2h Engle Covey van Hoften Lounge W. Fisher
21 October 3 1985 STS-51-J Atlantis 4d 1h Bobko Grabe Hilmers Stewart Pailes MSE
22 October 30 1985 STS-61-A Challenger 7d 0h Hartsfield Nagel Dunbar Buchli Bluford Furrer
Flag of Germany.svg
Flag of Germany.svg
Flag of the Netherlands.svg
23 November 26 1985 STS-61-B Atlantis 6d 21h Shaw O'Connor Ross Cleave Spring Neri
Flag of Mexico.svg
C. Walker


Order Day Year Mission Shuttle Duration Commander Pilot Mission Specialists Payload Specialists
24 January 12 1986 STS-61-C Columbia 6d 2h Gibson Bolden Chang-Diaz Hawley G. Nelson Cenker B. Nelson
25 January 28 1986 STS-51-L Challenger 1 m 13 s Scobee M. Smith Onizuka Resnik McNair McAuliffe Jarvis
26 September 29 1988 STS-26 Discovery 4d 1h Hauck Covey Lounge Nelson Hilmers
27 December 2 1988 STS-27 Atlantis 4d 9h Gibson G. Gardner Mullane Ross Shepherd
28 March 13 1989 STS-29 Discovery 4d 23h Coats Blaha Bagian Buchli Springer
29 May 4 1989 STS-30 Atlantis 4d 0h D. Walker Grabe Thagard Cleave Lee
30 August 8 1989 STS-28 Columbia 5d 1h Shaw R. Richards Adamson Leestma Brown
31 October 18 1989 STS-34 Atlantis 4d 23h D. E. Williams McCulley Chang-Diaz Lucid E. Baker
32 November 22 1989 STS-33 Discovery 5d 0h Gregory Blaha Musgrave Carter Thornton
33 January 9 1990 STS-32 Columbia 10d 21h Brandenstein Wetherbee Dunbar Low Ivins
34 February 28 1990 STS-36 Atlantis 4d 10h Creighton Casper Mullane Hilmers Thuot
35 April 24 1990 STS-31 Discovery 5d 1h Shriver Bolden Hawley McCandless Sullivan
36 October 6 1990 STS-41 Discovery 4d 2h R. Richards Cabana Shepherd Melnick Akers
37 November 15 1990 STS-38 Atlantis 4d 21h Covey Culbertson Springer Meade Gemar
38 December 2 1990 STS-35 Columbia 8d 23h Brand G. Gardner Hoffman Lounge Parker Durrance Parise


Order Day Year Mission Shuttle Duration Commander Pilot Mission Specialists Payload Specialists
39 April 5 1991 STS-37 Atlantis 5d 23h Nagel Cameron Ross Apt Godwin
40 April 28 1991 STS-39 Discovery 8d 7h Coats Hammond Bluford Harbaugh Hieb McMonagle Veach
41 June 5 1991 STS-40 Columbia 9d 2h O'Connor Gutierrez Bagian Jernigan Seddon Gaffney Hughes-Fulford
42 August 2 1991 STS-43 Atlantis 8d 21h Blaha M. Baker Lucid Adamson Low
43 September 12 1991 STS-48 Discovery 5d 8h Creighton Reightler Buchli Gemar Brown
44 November 24 1991 STS-44 Atlantis 6d 22h Gregory Henricks Musgrave Runco J. S. Voss Hennen
45 January 22 1992 STS-42 Discovery 8d 1h Grabe Oswald Thagard Hilmers Readdy Bondar
Flag of Canada.svg
Flag of Germany.svg
46 March 24 1992 STS-45 Atlantis 8d 22h Bolden Duffy Sullivan PC Leestma Foale Lichtenberg Frimout
Flag of Belgium.svg
47 May 7 1992 STS-49 Endeavour 8d 21h Brandenstein Chilton Thuot Thornton Hieb Akers Melnick
48 June 25 1992 STS-50 Columbia 13d 19h R. Richards Bowersox Dunbar PC E. Baker Meade DeLucas Trinh
49 July 31 1992 STS-46 Atlantis 7d 23h Shriver A. Allen Hoffman Chang-Diaz Nicollier
Flag of Switzerland.svg
Ivins Malerba
Flag of Italy.svg
50 September 12 1992 STS-47 Endeavour 7d 22h Gibson Brown Lee PC Davis Apt Jemison Mohri
Flag of Japan.svg
51 October 22 1992 STS-52 Columbia 9d 20h Wetherbee M. Baker Veach Shepherd Jernigan MacLean
Flag of Canada.svg
52 December 2 1992 STS-53 Discovery 7d 7h D. Walker Cabana Bluford J. S. Voss Clifford
53 January 13 1993 STS-54 Endeavour 5d 23h Casper McMonagle Runco Harbaugh Helms
54 April 8 1993 STS-56 Discovery 9d 6h Cameron Oswald Foale Cockrell Ochoa
55 April 26 1993 STS-55 Columbia 9d 23h Nagel Henricks Ross Precourt Harris Walter
Flag of Germany.svg
Flag of Germany.svg
56 June 21 1993 STS-57 Endeavour 9d 23h Grabe Duffy Low PC Sherlock Wisoff J. E. Voss
57 September 12 1993 STS-51 Discovery 9d 20h Culbertson Readdy Newman Bursch Walz
58 October 18 1993 STS-58 Columbia 14d 0h Blaha Searfoss Seddon McArthur Wolf Lucid Fettman
59 December 2 1993 STS-61 Endeavour 10d 19h Covey Bowersox Musgrave PC Thornton Nicollier
Flag of Switzerland.svg
Hoffman Akers
60 February 3 1994 STS-60 Discovery 7d 6h Bolden Reightler Davis Sega Chang-Diaz Krikalev
Flag of Russia.svg
61 March 4 1994 STS-62 Columbia 13d 23h Casper A. Allen Thuot Gemar Ivins
62 April 9 1994 STS-59 Endeavour 11d 5h Gutierrez Chilton Godwin PC Apt Clifford Jones
63 July 8 1994 STS-65 Columbia 14d 17h Cabana Halsell Hieb PC Walz Chiao D. Thomas Mukai
Flag of Japan.svg
64 September 9 1994 STS-64 Discovery 10d 22h R. Richards Hammond Linenger Helms Meade Lee
65 September 30 1994 STS-68 Endeavour 11d 5h M. Baker Wilcutt Jones PC S. Smith Bursch Wisoff
66 November 3 1994 STS-66 Atlantis 10d 22h McMonagle Brown Ochoa PC Parazynski Tanner Clervoy
Flag of France.svg
67 February 3 1995 STS-63 Discovery 8d 6h Wetherbee Collins Foale J. E. Voss Harris Titov
Flag of Russia.svg
68 March 2 1995 STS-67 Endeavour 16d 15h Oswald W. Gregory Jernigan PC Grunsfeld Lawrence Parise Durrance
69 June 27 1995 STS-71 Atlantis 9d 19h Gibson Precourt E. Baker Dunbar Harbaugh Solovyev Mir
Flag of Russia.svg
Budarin Mir
Flag of Russia.svg
Thagard Dezhurov
Flag of Russia.svg
Flag of Russia.svg
70 July 13 1995 STS-70 Discovery 8d 22h Henricks Kregel Currie D. Thomas Weber
71 September 7 1995 STS-69 Endeavour 10d 20h D. Walker Cockrell J. S. Voss PC Newman Gernhardt
72 October 20 1995 STS-73 Columbia 15d 21h Bowersox Rominger Thornton PC Coleman Lopez-Alegria Leslie Sacco
73 November 12 1995 STS-74 Atlantis 8d 4h Cameron Halsell Ross McArthur Hadfield
Flag of Canada.svg


Order Day Year Mission Shuttle Duration Commander Pilot Mission Specialists Payload Specialists
74 January 11 1996 STS-72 Endeavour 8d 22h Duffy Jett Chiao Barry Scott Wakata
Flag of Japan.svg
75 February 22 1996 STS-75 Columbia 15d 17h A. Allen Horowitz Hoffman Cheli
Flag of Italy.svg
Flag of Switzerland.svg
Chang-Diaz Guidoni
Flag of Italy.svg
76 March 22 1996 STS-76 Atlantis 9d 5h Chilton Searfoss Godwin Clifford Sega Lucid Mir
77 May 19 1996 STS-77 Endeavour 10d 0h Casper Brown Bursch Runco Garneau
Flag of Canada.svg
A. Thomas
78 June 20 1996 STS-78 Columbia 16d 21h Henricks Kregel Helms Linnehan Brady Favier
Flag of France.svg
Flag of Canada.svg
79 September 16 1996 STS-79 Atlantis 10d 3h Readdy Wilcutt Akers Apt Walz Blaha Mir Lucid
80 November 19 1996 STS-80 Columbia 17d 15h Cockrell Rominger Jernigan Jones Musgrave
81 January 12 1997 STS-81 Atlantis 10d 4h M. Baker Jett Grunsfeld Ivins Wisoff Linenger Mir Blaha
82 February 11 1997 STS-82 Discovery 9d 23h Bowersox Horowitz Lee Hawley Harbaugh S. Smith Tanner
83 April 4 1997 STS-83 Columbia 3d 23h Halsell Still J. E. Voss D. Thomas Gernhardt Crouch Linteris
84 May 15 1997 STS-84 Atlantis 9d 5h Precourt Collins Noriega Lu Clervoy
Flag of France.svg
Flag of Russia.svg
Foale Mir Linenger
85 July 1 1997 STS-94 Columbia 15d 16h Halsell Still J. E. Voss D. Thomas Gernhardt Crouch Linteris
86 August 7 1997 STS-85 Discovery 11d 20h Brown Rominger Davis Robinson Curbeam Tryggvason
Flag of Canada.svg
87 September 25 1997 STS-86 Atlantis 10d 19h Wetherbee Bloomfield Titov
Flag of Russia.svg
Parazynski Chrétien
Flag of France.svg
Lawrence Wolf Mir Foale
88 November 19 1997 STS-87 Columbia 15d 16h Kregel Lindsey Scott Chawla Doi
Flag of Japan.svg
Flag of Ukraine.svg
89 January 22 1998 STS-89 Endeavour 8d 19h Wilcutt Edwards Dunbar PC M. Anderson Reilly Sharipov
Flag of Russia.svg
A. Thomas Mir Wolf
90 April 17 1998 STS-90 Columbia 15d 21h Searfoss Altman Linnehan D. Williams
Flag of Canada.svg
Hire Buckey Pawelczyk
91 June 2 1998 STS-91 Discovery 9d 19h Precourt Gorie Lawrence Chang-Diaz Kavandi Ryumin
Flag of Russia.svg
A. Thomas
92 October 29 1998 STS-95 Discovery 8d 21h Brown Lindsey Robinson PC Parazynski Duque
Flag of Spain.svg
Flag of Japan.svg
93 December 4 1998 STS-88 Endeavour 11d 19h Cabana Sturckow Currie Ross Newman Krikalev
Flag of Russia.svg
94 May 27 1999 STS-96 Discovery 9d 19h Rominger Husband Ochoa Jernigan Barry Payette
Flag of Canada.svg
Flag of Russia.svg
95 July 23 1999 STS-93 Columbia 4d 22h Collins Ashby Hawley Coleman Tognini
Flag of France.svg
96 December 19 1999 STS-103 Discovery 7d 23h Brown S. Kelly S. Smith Foale Grunsfeld Nicollier
Flag of Switzerland.svg
Flag of France.svg
97 February 11 2000 STS-99 Endeavour 11d 5h Kregel Gorie Kavandi J. E. Voss Mohri
Flag of Japan.svg
Flag of Germany.svg
98 May 19 2000 STS-101 Atlantis 9d 21h Halsell Horowitz Weber J. Williams J. S. Voss Helms Usachev
Flag of Russia.svg
99 September 8 2000 STS-106 Atlantis 11d 19h Wilcutt Altman Burbank Lu Mastracchio Malenchenko
Flag of Russia.svg
Flag of Russia.svg
100 October 11 2000 STS-92 Discovery 12d 21h Duffy Melroy Wakata Chiao Wisoff Lopez-Alegria McArthur
101 November 30 2000 STS-97 Endeavour 10d 19h Jett Bloomfield Tanner Noriega Garneau
Flag of Canada.svg


Order Day Year Mission Shuttle Duration Commander Pilot Mission Specialists Payload Specialists
102 February 7 2001 STS-98 Atlantis 12d 21h Cockrell Polansky Curbeam Jones Ivins
103 March 8 2001 STS-102 Discovery 12d 19h Wetherbee J. Kelly A. Thomas P. Richards Usachev ISS
Flag of Russia.svg
J. S. Voss ISS Helms ISS Shepherd Gidzenko
Flag of Russia.svg
Flag of Russia.svg
104 April 19 2001 STS-100 Endeavour 11d 21h Rominger Ashby Hadfield
Flag of Canada.svg
Parazynski Phillips Guidoni
Flag of Italy.svg
Flag of Russia.svg
105 July 12 2001 STS-104 Atlantis 12d 18h Lindsey Hobaugh Gernhardt Reilly Kavandi
106 August 10 2001 STS-105 Discovery 11d 21h Horowitz Sturckow Barry Forrester Culbertson ISS Tyurin ISS
Flag of Russia.svg
Dezhurov ISS
Flag of Russia.svg
Flag of Russia.svg
J. S. Voss Helms
107 December 5 2001 STS-108 Endeavour 11d 19h Gorie M. Kelly Godwin Tani Onufrienko ISS
Flag of Russia.svg
Walz ISS Bursch ISS Culbertson Tyurin
Flag of Russia.svg
Flag of Russia.svg
108 March 1 2002 STS-109 Columbia 10d 22h Altman Carey Grunsfeld PC Currie Newman Linnehan Massimino
109 April 8 2002 STS-110 Atlantis 10d 19h Bloomfield Frick Ross S. Smith Ochoa Morin Walheim
110 June 5 2002 STS-111 Endeavour 13d 20h Cockrell Lockhart Chang-Diaz Perrin
Flag of France.svg
Korzun ISS
Flag of Russia.svg
Whitson ISS Treshchev ISS
Flag of Russia.svg
Flag of Russia.svg
Walz Bursch
111 October 7 2002 STS-112 Atlantis 10d 19h Ashby Melroy Wolf Sellers Magnus Yurchikhin
Flag of Russia.svg
112 November 23 2002 STS-113 Endeavour 13d 18h Wetherbee Lockhart Lopez-Alegria Herrington Bowersox ISS Budarin ISS
Flag of Russia.svg
Pettit ISS Korzun
Flag of Russia.svg
Whitson Treshchev
Flag of Russia.svg
113 January 16 2003 STS-107 Columbia 15d 22h Husband McCool M. Anderson PC Brown Chawla Clark Ramon
Flag of Israel.svg
114 July 26 2005 STS-114 Discovery 13d 21h Collins J. Kelly Noguchi
Flag of Japan.svg
Robinson A. Thomas Lawrence Camarda


Order Day Year Mission Shuttle Duration Commander Pilot Mission Specialists Landing
115 July 4 2006 STS-121 Discovery 12d 18h 36m 48s Lindsey M. Kelly Fossum Sellers Nowak Wilson Reiter ISS
Flag of Germany.svg
116 September 9 2006 STS-115 Atlantis 11d 19h 6m 35s Jett Ferguson Tanner Burbank FE Stefanyshyn-Piper MacLean
Flag of Canada.svg
117 December 9 2006 STS-116 Discovery 12d 20h 45m 16s Polansky Oefelein Patrick Curbeam Fuglesang
Flag of Sweden.svg
Higginbotham S. Williams ISS Reiter
Flag of Germany.svg
118 June 8 2007 STS-117 Atlantis 13d 20h 12m 44s Sturckow Archambault Forrester Swanson Olivas Reilly C. Anderson ISS S. Williams
119 August 8 2007 STS-118 Endeavour 12d 17h 55m 34s S. Kelly Hobaugh Caldwell Mastracchio D. Williams
Flag of Canada.svg
Morgan Drew
120 October 23 2007 STS-120 Discovery 15d 2h 23m 55s Melroy Zamka Wilson Parazynski Wheelock Nespoli
Flag of Italy.svg
Tani ISS C. Anderson
121 February 7 2008 STS-122 Atlantis 12d 18h 21m 50s Frick Poindexter Melvin Walheim Schlegel
Flag of Germany.svg
Love Eyharts ISS
Flag of France.svg
122 March 11 2008 STS-123 Endeavour 15d 18h 12m 27s Gorie G. H. Johnson Behnken Foreman Linnehan Doi
Flag of Japan.svg
Reisman ISS Eyharts
Flag of France.svg
123 May 31 2008 STS-124 Discovery 13d 18h 14m 7s M. Kelly Ham Nyberg Garan Fossum Hoshide
Flag of Japan.svg
Chamitoff ISS Reisman
124 November 14 2008 STS-126 Endeavour 15d 20h 30m 34s Ferguson Boe Pettit Bowen Stefanyshyn-Piper Kimbrough Magnus ISS Chamitoff
125 March 15 2009 STS-119 Discovery 12d 19h 31m 1s Archambault Antonelli Acaba Swanson Arnold Phillips Wakata ISS
Flag of Japan.svg
126 May 11 2009 STS-125 Atlantis 12d 21h 38m 19s Altman G. C. Johnson Good McArthur Grunsfeld Massimino Feustel
127 July 15 2009 STS-127 Endeavour 15d 16h 44m 58s Polansky Hurley Cassidy Payette
Flag of Canada.svg
Marshburn Wolf Kopra ISS Wakata
Flag of Japan.svg
128 August 28 2009 STS-128 Discovery 13d 20h 54m 55s Sturckow Ford Forrester Hernández Fuglesang
Flag of Sweden.svg
Olivas Stott ISS Kopra
129 November 16 2009 STS-129 Atlantis 10d 19h 16m 13s Hobaugh Wilmore Melvin Bresnik Foreman Satcher Stott
130 February 8 2010 STS-130 Endeavour 13d 18h 8m 3s Zamka Virts Hire Robinson Patrick Behnken
131 April 5 2010 STS-131 Discovery 15d 2h 47m 11s Poindexter Dutton Mastracchio Metcalf-Lindenburger Wilson Yamazaki
Flag of Japan.svg
C. Anderson
132 May 14 2010 STS-132 Atlantis 11d 18h 29m Ham Antonelli Reisman Good Bowen Sellers
133 February 24 2011 STS-133 Discovery 12d 19h 4m 50s Lindsey Boe Stott Drew Barratt Bowen
134 May 16 2011 STS-134 Endeavour 15d 17h 38m 51s M. Kelly G. H. Johnson Fincke Vittori
Flag of Italy.svg
Feustel Chamitoff
135 July 8 2011 STS-135 Atlantis 12d 18h 28m 50s Ferguson Hurley Magnus Walheim

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