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A list of British films released in 1932.

Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Account Rendered Leslie Howard Gordon Cecil Ramage, Reginald Bach Crime Drama Short
After Office Hours Thomas Bentley Viola Lyel, Heather Angel, Frank Lawton Drama
After the Ball Milton Rosmer Esther Ralston, Basil Rathbone Comedy
Aren't We All? Harry Lachman Gertrude Lawrence, Owen Nares Comedy
Arms and the Man Cecil Lewis Barry Jones, Anne Grey Comedy
Bachelor's Baby Harry Hughes William Freshman, Henry Wenman, Alma Taylor Comedy
The Bad Companions J.O.C. Orton Nor Kiddie, Renee Gadd, Walter Lupino Comedy Short
The Bailiffs Frank Cadman Bud Flanegan, Chesney Allen Comedy Short
Baroud Rex Ingram Rex Ingram, Rosita Garcia, Dennis Hoey Romantic Adventure
The Barton Mystery Henry Edwards Ursula Jeans, Lyn Harding, Wendy Barrie Thriller
Betrayal Reginald Fogwell Stewart Rome, Marjorie Hume Drama
Black Diamonds Charles Hanmer Beckett Bould, Jennie Stevens Drama
Blind Spot John Daumery Muriel Angelus, Percy Marmont Drama
Blockade Geoffrey Barkas
Michael Barringer
Johnny Butt, J.P. Kennedy Drama Re-issue of 1928 silent film 'Q' Ships with sound added
The Blue Danube Herbert Wilcox Brigitte Helm, Joseph Schildkraut Romance
Brother Alfred Henry Edwards Gene Gerrard, Molly Lamont Comedy
The Callbox Mystery G. B. Samuelson Harold French, Wendy Barrie Thriller
Carmen Cecil Lewis Marguerite Namara, Thomas F. Burke Musical Based on Bizet's Carmen. Alternative title Gipsy Blood.
Castle Sinister Widgey R. Newman Haddon Mason, Isla Kilpatrick, Wally Patch Horror
The Changing Year Mary Field Rene Ray, Eric Finton Short
The Chinese Puzzle Guy Newall Leon M. Lion, Elizabeth Allan, Austin Trevor Drama
C.O.D. Michael Powell Garry Marsh, Peter Gawthorne Thriller
Collision G.B. Samuelson Sunday Wilshin, Henrietta Watson Crime
Come Into My Parlour John Longden Pat Aherne, Renée Houston Mystery
Condemned to Death Walter Forde Arthur Wontner, Gordon Harker Crime
The Crooked Lady Leslie S. Hiscott Ursula Jeans, Austin Trevor Drama
Dance Pretty Lady Anthony Asquith Ann Casson, Moore Marriott, Flora Robson Drama
Detective Lloyd Henry MacRae
Ray Taylor
Jack Lloyd, Muriel Angelus Drama 12 part Movie serial
Diamond Cut Diamond Fred Niblo
Maurice Elvey
Adolphe Menjou, Claud Allister Comedy
Discord Henry Edwards Benita Hume, Owen Nares, Harold Huth Drama
Don't Be a Dummy Frank Richardson Georgie Harris, Garry Marsh, Muriel Angelus Drama
Double Dealing Leslie S. Hiscott Frank Pettingell, Richard Cooper, Zoe Palmer Comedy
Down Our Street Harry Lachman Elizabeth Allan, Hugh Williams, Binnie Barnes Drama
Dual Control Walter Summers Amy Johnson, Jim Mollison Short
Ebb Tide Arthur Rosson Chili Bouchier, George Barraud Drama
The Face at the Window Leslie S. Hiscott Raymond Massey, Isla Bevan, Claude Hulbert Thriller
The Faithful Heart Victor Saville Herbert Marshall, Edna Best, Anne Grey Romantic Drama
The Final Reckoning John F. Argyle James Benton, Margaret Delane Drama
Fires of Fate Norman Walker Lester Matthews, Dorothy Bartlam, Donald Calthrop Romantic Drama
The First Mrs. Fraser Sinclair Hill Joan Barry, Henry Ainley, Harold Huth Romantic Drama
The Flag Lieutenant Henry Edwards Henry Edwards, Anna Neagle War
Flat No. 9 Frank Richardson Jane Baxter, Reginald Gardiner Comedy Short
The Flying Squad F. W. Kraemer Carol Goodner, Harold Huth, Henry Wilcoxen Thriller
Frail Women Maurice Elvey Mary Newcomb, Owen Nares Drama
The Frightened Lady T. Hayes Hunter, Emlyn Williams, Cathleen Nesbitt Thriller
For the Love of Mike Monty Banks Bobby Howes, Constance Shotter Musical Comedy
A Game of Chance Charles Barnett John Argyle, Margaret Delane Crime
Goodnight, Vienna Herbert Wilcox Jack Buchanan, Anna Neagle, Gina Malo Musical
Help Yourself Jean Daumery Benita Hume, Martin Walker Comedy
Her First Affaire Allan Dwan Ida Lupino, George Curzon Drama
Her Night Out William C. McGann Dorothy Bartlam, Lester Matthews Comedy
Heroes of the Mine Widgey R. Newman Moore Marriott, Wally Patch Drama
High Society John Rawlins Florence Desmond, William Austin Comedy
His Lordship Michael Powell Jerry Verno, Polly Ward Comedy
His Wife's Mother Harry Hughes Jerry Verno, Molly Lamont Comedy
Holiday Lovers Jack Harrison Margery Pickard, George Vollaire Romance
Hotel Splendide Michael Powell Jerry Verno, Anthony Holles Crime
The Impassive Footman Basil Dean Owen Nares, Betty Stockfeld, Allan Jeayes Drama
Illegal William C. McGann Isobel Elsom, Ivor Barnard Drama
In a Monastery Garden Maurice Elvey John Stuart
Hugh Williams
The Indiscretions of Eve Cecil Lewis Steffi Duna, Fred Conyngham Comedy
The Innocents of Chicago Lupino Lane Henry Kendall, Binnie Barnes Comedy
Insult Harry Lachman Elizabeth Allan, John Gielgud Drama
Jack's the Boy Walter Forde Jack Hulbert, Cicely Courtneidge Comedy
Josser in the Army Norman Lee Ernie Lotinga, Hal Gordon Comedy
Josser Joins the Navy Norman Lee Ernie Lotinga, Cyril McLaglen Comedy
Josser on the River Norman Lee Ernie Lotinga, Molly Lamont Comedy
The Last Coupon Frank Launder Leslie Fuller, Mary Jerrold Comedy
Leap Year Tom Walls Tom Walls, Anne Grey, Edmund Breon Comedy
Let Me Explain, Dear Gene Gerrard, Frank Miller Gene Gerrard, Claude Hulbert Comedy
A Letter of Warning Jean Daumery Margot Grahame, Richard Bird Drama Short
Life Goes On Jack Raymond Elsie Randolph, Betty Stockfeld Crime
Lily Christine Paul L. Stein Corinne Griffith, Colin Clive Drama
Little Waitress Widgey R. Newman Claude Bailey, Moore Marriott Musical
The Lodger Maurice Elvey Ivor Novello, Elizabeth Allan Thriller
Looking on the Bright Side Graham Cutts, Basil Dean Gracie Fields, Richard Dolman Comedy
Lord Babs Walter Forde Bobby Howes, Jean Colin Comedy
Lord Camber's Ladies Benn W. Levy Gerald du Maurier, Gertrude Lawrence, Benita Hume Drama
The Love Contract Herbert Selpin Winifred Shotter, Owen Nares Musical
Love on the Spot Graham Cutts Rosemary Ames, Richard Dolman Musical
Love on Wheels Victor Saville Jack Hulbert, Leonora Corbett, Gordon Harker Musical/Comedy
Lucky Girl Gene Gerrard, Frank Miller Gene Gerrard, Molly Lamont Comedy
The Lucky Number Anthony Asquith Clifford Mollison, Gordon Harker Comedy
Lucky Ladies John Rawlins Sydney Fairbrother, Emily Fitzroy Comedy
A Lucky Sweep A.V. Bramble John Longden, Diana Beaumont Comedy
The Maid of the Mountains Lupino Lane Nancy Brown, Harry Welchman Musical
The Marriage Bond Maurice Elvey Mary Newcomb, Guy Newall Drama
Marry Me Wilhelm Thiele Renate Müller, Ian Hunter Musical/Comedy
The Mayor's Nest Maclean Rogers Sydney Howard, Claude Hulbert Comedy
Men of Steel George King John Stuart, Benita Hume Drama
Men of Tomorrow Zoltan Korda Emlyn Williams, Robert Donat, Merle Oberon Drama
The Merry Men of Sherwood Widgey R. Newman John J. Thompson, Aileen Marson, Patrick Barr Adventure Short
The Midshipmaid Albert de Courville Jessie Matthews, Basil Sydney Comedy
The Missing Rembrandt Leslie S. Hiscott Arthur Wontner, Jane Welsh Mystery
Money for Nothing Monty Banks Seymour Hicks, Betty Stockfeld Comedy
Money Means Nothing Herbert Wilcox John Loder, Kay Hammond Comedy
Money Talks Norman Lee Julian Rose, Judy Kelly Comedy
Mr. Bill the Conqueror Norman Walker Henry Kendall, Heather Angel Comedy
Murder at Covent Garden Leslie S. Hiscott Dennis Neilson-Terry, Anne Grey Crime
Murder on the Second Floor William C. McGann Pat Peterson, John Longden Thriller
My Friend the King Michael Powell Jerry Verno Comedy
The New Hotel Bernard Mainwaring Hal Gordon, Mickey Brantford Musical
A Night Like This Tom Walls Ralph Lynn, Winifred Shotter Comedy
Nine till Six Basil Dean Florence Desmond, Elizabeth Allan Drama
Number Seventeen Alfred Hitchcock John Stuart, Anne Grey, Leon M. Lion Crime
Old Spanish Customers Lupino Lane Leslie Fuller, Binnie Barnes Comedy
Once Bitten Leslie S. Hiscott Ursula Jeans, Richard Cooper Comedy
Partners Please Lloyd Richards Pat Paterson, Tony Sympson Comedy Short
Pyjamas Preferred Val Valentine Jay Laurier, Betty Amann Comedy
Postal Orders Jean Daumery Margot Grahame, Garry Marsh Comedy Short
The Return of Raffles Mansfield Markham George Barraud, Camilla Horn Crime
Reunion Ivar Campbell Stewart Rome, Anthony Holles Drama
The Right to Live Albert Parker Davy Burnaby, Pat Person Crime
The River House Ghost Frank Richardson Florence Desmond, Hal Walters Comedy/Crime
Rome Express Walter Forde Conrad Veidt, Gordon Harker Thriller
Rynox Michael Powell Stewart Rome, John Longden Crime
The Safe Angela Baddeley, Michael Hogan Crime Short
A Safe Proposition Leslie S. Hiscott A. W. Baskcomb, Barbara Gott, Harold French Comedy Short
Sally Bishop T. Hayes Hunter Joan Barry, Harold Huth Romance/Drama
Say It with Music Jack Raymond Jack Payne, Percy Marmont Musical
Self Made Lady George King Heather Angel, Henry Wilcoxon Drama
Service for Ladies Alexander Korda Leslie Howard, Elizabeth Allan Comedy
The Sign of Four Graham Cutts Arthur Wontner, Isla Bevan Crime
The Silver Greyhound William C. McGann Percy Marmont, Anthony Bushell Crime
Sleepless Nights Thomas Bentley Stanley Lupino, Polly Walker Musical
Smilin' Along John Argyle James Benton, Margaret Delane, Rene Ray Comedy Short
The Spare Room Redd Davis Jimmy James, Ruth Taylor Comedy Short
The Star Reporter Michael Powell Harold French, Garry Marsh Crime
The Strangler Norman Lee Moira Lynd, Hal Gordon Crime
Strip, Strip, Hooray! Norman Lee Ken Douglas, Betty Norton, Binnie Barnes Comedy Short
Tell Me Tonight Anatole Litvak Jan Kiepura, Sonnie Hale Comedy
The Temperance Fête Graham Cutts George Robey, Sydney Fairbrother Comedy
Thark Tom Walls Tom Walls, Ralph Lynn Comedy
That Night in London Rowland V. Lee Robert Donat, Pearl Argyle Crime
There Goes The Bride Albert de Courville Jessie Matthews, Owen Nares Comedy
The Third String George Pearson Sandy Powell, Kay Hammond Comedy
The Thoroughbred Charles Barnett John Argyle, Margaret Delane Sports
Threads G.B. Samuelson Lawrence Anderson, Dorothy Fane Drama
A Tight Corner Leslie S. Hiscott Frank Pettingell, Gina Malo Comedy
Tin Gods F.W. Kraemer Frank Cellier, Dorothy Bartlam Drama
Two White Arms Fred Niblo Adolphe Menjou, Margaret Bannerman Comedy
Verdict of the Sea Frank Miller, Sidney Northcote John Stuart
Moira Lynd
A Voice Said Goodnight William C. McGann Nora Swinburne, Jack Trevor Crime Short
Watch Beverly Arthur Maude Henry Kendall, Dorothy Bartlam Comedy
The Water Gipsies Maurice Elvey Ann Todd, Sari Maritza Drama
Wedding Rehearsal Alexander Korda Roland Young, Wendy Barrie Comedy
When London Sleeps Leslie S. Hiscott Francis L. Sullivan, René Ray Crime
Where Is This Lady? Victor Hanbury, Ladislao Vajda Mártha Eggerth, Owen Nares Musical
White Face T. Hayes Hunter Hugh Williams, Gordon Harker and Renee Gadd Crime
Women Are That Way John Stuart, Hal Walters Short
Women Who Play Arthur Rosson Mary Newcomb, Benita Hume Comedy
The Wonderful Story Reginald Fogwell Wyn Clare, John Batten Drama
The World, the Flesh, the Devil George A. Cooper Harold Huth, Isla Bevan Drama
A Yell of a Night Gustav A. Mindzenti Mickey Brentford, Mignon Swaffer Short

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