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The following is a list of winners and shortlisted works of the Otherwise Award, an annual literary prize for works of science fiction or fantasy that expand or explore one's understanding of gender. It was initiated (as the James Tiptree Jr. Award) in February 1991 by science fiction authors Pat Murphy and Karen Joy Fowler, and is awarded and discussed yearly at WisCon. The name of the award was changed to its current form in October 2019.

Winning titles are marked by a blue background.

Winners and shortlist[edit]

Otherwise Award winners and honors [1]
Year Author(s) Work Publisher Citation
1991 Eleanor Arnason A Woman of the Iron People William Morrow Winner
Gwyneth Jones White Queen Victor Gollancz Ltd Winner
1991 John Barnes Orbital Resonance Tor Honor
Karen Joy Fowler Sarah Canary Henry Holt and Company Honor
Mary Gentle The Architecture of Desire Bantam Books Honor
Greer Gilman Moonwise NAL / Roc Books Honor
Marge Piercy He, She and It Summit Books Honor
1992 Maureen F. McHugh China Mountain Zhang Tor Winner
1992 Carol Emshwiller Venus Rising Edgewood Press Honor
Ian R. MacLeod "Grownups" in Voyages by Starlight Davis Publications Honor
Judith Moffett Time, Like an Ever-Rolling Stream St. Martin's Press Honor
Kim Stanley Robinson Red Mars HarperCollins Honor
Sue Thomas Correspondence The Women's Press Honor
Lisa Tuttle Lost Futures Grafton Honor
Élisabeth Vonarburg In the Mother's Land (Chroniques du pays des mères) Bantam Books Honor
1993 Nicola Griffith Ammonite Del Ray Winner
1993 Eleanor Arnason Ring of Swords Tor Honor
Margaret Atwood The Robber Bride Bantam Books Honor
Sybil Claiborne In the Garden of Dead Cars Cleis Press Honor
L. Timmel Duchamp "Motherhood" in Full Spectrum 4 Bantam Books Honor
Rodrigo Garcia y Robertson "The Other Magpie" Bantam Doubleday Dell Magazines Honor
James Patrick Kelly "Chemistry" Bantam Doubleday Dell Magazines Honor
Laurie J. Marks Dancing Jack DAW Books Honor
Ian McDonald "Some Strange Desire" in The Best of Omni III Omni Publications International Ltd. Honor
Alice Nunn Illicit Passage Woman’s Redress Press Honor
Paul Park Coelestis HarperCollins Honor
1994 Ursula K. Le Guin "The Matter of Seggri" in Crank! #3 Spring 1994 Broken Mirrors Press Winner
Nancy Springer Larque on the Wing AvoNova Winner
1994 Eleanor Arnason "The Lovers" in Asimov's Science Fiction July 1994 Bantam Doubleday Dell Magazines Honor
Suzy McKee Charnas The Furies Tor Honor
L. Warren Douglas Cannon's Orb Del Ray Honor
Greg Egan "Cocoon" in Asimov's Science Fiction May 1994 Bantam Doubleday Dell Magazines Honor
Ellen Frye Amazon Story Bones Spinsters Ink Honor
Gwyneth Jones North Wind Victor Gollancz Ltd Honor
Graham Joyce and Peter F. Hamilton "Eat Reecebread" in Interzone #86 August 1994 David Pringle Honor
Ursula K. Le Guin "Forgiveness Day" in Asimov's Science Fiction November 1994 Bantam Doubleday Dell Magazines Honor
Ursula K. Le Guin A Fisherman of the Inland Sea HarperCollins
Rachel Pollack Temporary Agency St. Martin's Press Honor
Geoff Ryman Unconquered Countries St. Martin's Press Honor
Melissa Scott Trouble and Her Friends Tor Honor
Delia Sherman "Young Woman in a Garden" in Xanadu Tor Honor
George Turner Genetic Soldier William Morrow Honor
1995 Elizabeth Hand Waking the Moon HarperPrism Winner
Theodore Roszak The Memoirs of Elizabeth Frankenstein Random House Winner
1995 Kelley Eskridge "And Salome Danced" in Little Deaths Millennium / Dell Abyss Honor
Kit Reed Little Sisters of the Apocalypse Black Ice Books Honor
Lisa Tuttle "Food Man" Lisa Tuttle (chapbook) Honor
Terri Windling (ed.) The Armless Maiden and Other Stories for Childhood's Survivors Tor Honor
1995 Suzy McKee Charnas Motherlines Berkeley-Putnam Retrospective Award
Suzy McKee Charnas Walk to the End of the World Ballantine Retrospective Award
Ursula K. Le Guin The Left Hand of Darkness Walker & Co. Retrospective Award
Joanna Russ The Female Man Bantam Books Retrospective Award
Joanna Russ "When It Changed" in Again, Dangerous Visions Doubleday Retrospective Award
1995 Margaret Atwood The Handmaid's Tale Houghton Mifflin Retrospective Honor
Iain Banks The Wasp Factory Macmillan Retrospective Honor
Katherine Burdekin Swastika Night Feminist Press Retrospective Honor
Octavia E. Butler Wild Seed Doubleday Retrospective Honor
Samuel R. Delany Babel-17 Ace Retrospective Honor
Samuel R. Delany Triton Ace Retrospective Honor
Carol Emshwiller Carmen Dog Mercury Press Retrospective Honor
Sonya Dorman Hess "When I Was Miss Dow" in Women of Wonder, the Classic Years: Science Fiction by Women from the 1940s to the 1970s Vintage Books Retrospective Honor
Elizabeth A. Lynn Watchtower Berkley Books Retrospective Honor
Vonda N. McIntyre Dreamsnake Houghton Mifflin Retrospective Honor
Naomi Mitchison Memoirs of a Spacewoman Victor Gollancz Ltd Retrospective Honor
Marge Piercy Woman on the Edge of Time Fawcett Retrospective Honor
Joanna Russ The Two of Them Berkley-Putnam Retrospective Honor
Pamela Sargent (ed.) Women of Wonder (Series): Women of Wonder, More Women of Wonder, The New Women of Wonder Vintage Books Retrospective Honor
John Varley (ed.) The Barbie Murders Berkley Books Retrospective Honor
Kate Wilhelm The Clewiston Test Farrar, Straus and Giroux Retrospective Honor
Monique Wittig Les Guérillères Peter Owen Publishers Retrospective Honor
Pamela Zoline The Heat Death of the Universe Harcourt Brace Retrospective Honor
1996 Ursula K. Le Guin "Mountain Ways" in Asimov's Science Fiction August 1996 Winner
Mary Doria Russell The Sparrow Random House Winner
1996 Fred Chappell "The Silent Woman" in Farewell, I'm Bound to Leave You St. Martin's Press Honor
Suzy McKee Charnas "Beauty and the Opera, or The Phantom Beast" in Asimov's Science Fiction March 1996 Dell Magazines Honor
L. Timmel Duchamp "Welcome, Kid, to the Real World" in Tales of the Unanticipated Spring/Summer/Fall 1996 Minnesota Science Fiction Society Honor
Alasdair Gray A History Maker Canongate Books Honor
Jonathan Lethem "Five Fucks" in The Wall of the Sky, the Wall of the Eye Harcourt Brace Honor
Pat Murphy Nadya Tor Honor
Rachel Pollack Godmother Night St. Martin's Press Honor
Lisa Tuttle The Pillow Friend White Wolf Honor
Tess Williams "And She Was the Word" in Eidolon: The Journal of Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy 22/23 Eidolon Publications Honor
Sue Woolfe Leaning Towards Infinity Vintage Books Honor
1997 Candas Jane Dorsey Black Wine Tor Winner
Kelly Link "Travels with the Snow Queen" in Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet Volume 1, Number 1, winter 1996-7 Small Beer Press Winner
1997 Storm Constantine "The Oracle Lips" in The Fortune Teller DAW Books Honor
Paul Di Filippo "Alice, Alfie, Ted and the Aliens" in i 117 Honor
Emma Donoghue Kissing the Witch: Old Tales in New Skins HarperCollins Honor
L. Timmel Duchamp "The Apprenticeship of Isabetta di Pietro Cavazzi" in Asimov's Science Fiction September 1997 Honor
Molly Gloss The Dazzle of Day Tor Honor
M. John Harrison Signs of Life St. Martin's Press Honor
Gwyneth Jones "Balinese Dancer" in Asimov's Science Fiction September 1997 Honor
Ian McDonald Sacrifice of Fools Victor Gollancz Ltd Honor
Vonda N. McIntyre The Moon and the Sun Pocket Books Honor
Shani Mootoo Cereus Blooms at Night Press Gang Publishers Honor
Salman Rushdie "The Firebird's Nest" in The New Yorker June 23, 1997 The New Yorker Honor
Paul Witcover Waking Beauty HarperPrism Honor
1998 Raphael Carter "Congenital Agenesis of Gender Ideation" in Starlight 2 Tor Winner
1998 Eleanor Arnason "The Gauze Banner" in More Amazing Stories Tor Honor
Octavia E. Butler Parable of the Talents Seven Stories Press Honor
Ted Chiang "Story of Your Life" in Starlight 2 Tor Honor
Stella Duffy Singling Out The Couples Sceptre Honor
Karen Joy Fowler Black Glass Henry Holt and Company Honor
Maggie Gee The Ice People Richard Cohen Books Honor
Carolyn Ives Gilman Halfway Human Avon Eos Honor
Phyllis Gotlieb Flesh and Gold Tor Honor
Nalo Hopkinson Brown Girl in the Ring Warner Aspect Honor
Gwyneth Jones "La Cenerentola" in Interzone 136 Honor
James Patrick Kelly "Lovestory" in Asimov's Science Fiction June 1998 Honor
Ursula K. Le Guin "Unchosen Love" in Amazing Stories Fall 1994 TSR Honor
Elizabeth A. Lynn Dragon's Winter Ace / Berkley Books Honor
Maureen F. McHugh Mission Child Avon Eos Honor
Karl-Rene Moore "The Hetairai Turncoat" in Wired Hard 2 Circlet Press Honor
Rebecca Ore "Accelerated Grimace" in Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction February 1998 The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Honor
Sara Paretsky Ghost Country Delacorte Press Honor
Severna Park Hand of Prophecy Avon Eos Honor
Kit Reed Weird Women, Wired Women Wesleyan University Press Honor
Kit Reed "Bride of Bigfoot" in Weird Women, Wired Women Wesleyan University Press Honor
Robert Reed "Whiptail" in Asimov's Science Fiction October/November 1998 Honor
Mary Rosenblum "The Eye of God" in Asimov's Science Fiction March 1998 Honor
Joan Slonczewski The Children Star Tor Honor
Martha Soukup "The House of Expectations" in Starlight 2 Tor Honor
Sean Stewart Mockingbird Ace Honor
Sarah Zettel Playing God Warner Aspect Honor
1999 Suzy McKee Charnas The Conqueror's Child Tor Winner
1999 Judy Budnitz If I Told You Once Picador / St. Martin's Press Honor
Sally Caves "In the Second Person" in Terra Incognita #4 Honor
Graham Joyce "Pinkland" in Crossing the Border Indigo Honor
Yumiko Kurahashi The Woman with the Flying Head: And Other Stories (Japanese Woman Writers in Translation) M. E. Sharpe Honor
Penelope Lively "5001 Nights" in The Five Thousands and One Nights (European Short Stories, No. 4) Fjord Press Honor
David E. Morse The Iron Bridge Harcourt Brace Honor
Kim Stanley Robinson "Sexual Dimorphism" in The Martians Harper Voyager Honor
2000 Molly Gloss Wild Life Simon & Schuster Winner
2000 Michael Blumlein "Fidelity: A Primer" in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction September 2000 The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Honor
James L. Cambias "Diagram of Rapture" in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction April 2000 The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Honor
David Ebershoff The Danish Girl Viking Honor
Mary Gentle Ash: A Secret History Victor Gollancz Ltd Honor
Camille Hernandez-Ramdwar "Soma" in Whispers from the Cotton Tree Root Invisible Cities Press Honor
Nalo Hopkinson (ed.) "The Glass Bottle Trick" in Whispers from the Cotton Tree Root Invisible Cities Press Honor
Nalo Hopkinson Midnight Robber Warner Aspect Honor
China Miéville Perdido Street Station Macmillan Honor
Pamela Mordecai "Once on the Shores of the Strem Senegambia" in Whispers from the Cotton Tree Root Invisible Cities Press Honor
Severna Park The Annunciate Eos Honor
Tess Williams Sea As Mirror Harper Voyager Honor
2001 Hiromi Goto The Kappa Child Red Deer Press Winner
2001 Joan Givner Half Known Lives New Star Books Honor
Hugh Nissenson The Song of the Earth Algonquin Books Honor
Ken MacLeod Dark Light Tor (US), Orbit (UK) Honor
Sheri S. Tepper The Fresco HarperCollins/Eos Honor
2002 M. John Harrison Light Victor Gollancz Ltd Winner
John Kessel "Stories for Men" in Asimov's Science Fiction October-November 2002 Winner
2002 Eleanor Arnason "Knapsack Poems" in Asimov's Science Fiction May 2002 Honor
Ted Chiang "Liking What You See: A Documentary" in Stories of Your Life and Others Tor Honor
John Clute Appleseed Tor (US), Orbit (UK) Honor
Karen Joy Fowler "What I Didn't See" in SciFiction July 10, 2002 Special Honor
Gregory Frost "Madonna of the Maquiladora" in Asimov's Science Fiction May 2002 Honor
Shelley Jackson The Melancholy of Anatomy Anchor Books Honor
Larissa Lai Salt Fish Girl Thomas Allen & Son Limited Honor
Peter Straub (ed.) Conjunctions 39: The New Wave Fabulists Bard College Honor
2003 Matt Ruff Set This House in Order: A Romance of Souls HarperCollins Winner
2003 Carol Emshwiller "Boys" Honor
Geoff Ryman "Birth Days" in Interzone April, 2003 Honor
Kara Dalkey "Lady of the Ice Garden" in Firebirds: An Anthology of Original Fantasy and Science Fiction Firebird Books Honor
Kij Johnson Fudoki Tor Honor
Kim Antieau Coyote Cowgirl Tom Doherty Associates Honor
Nina Kiriki Hoffman A Fistful of Sky Ace Honor
Christina Flook "The Catgirl Manifesto" in Album Zutique #1 Ministry of Whimsy Honor
Ruth Nestvold "Looking Through Lace" in Asimov's Science Fiction September 2003 Honor
Sandra McDonald "The Ghost Girls of Rumney Mill" in Realms of Fantasy August 2003 Sovereign Media Honor
Tricia Sullivan Maul Orbit Honor
2004 Joe Haldeman Camouflage Ace Winner
Johanna Sinisalo Not Before Sundown (Ennen päivänlaskua ei voi)
Published in the United States as Troll - a love story
Peter Owen Publishers Winner
2004 A. S. Byatt Little Black Book of Stories Chatto & Windus Honor
L. Timmel Duchamp Love's Body, Dancing in Time Aqueduct Press Honor
Carol Emshwiller "All of Us Can Almost …" Honor
Nancy Farmer The Sea of Trolls Atheneum Books Honor
Eileen Gunn Stable Strategies and Others Tachyon Publications Honor
Gwyneth Jones Life Aqueduct Press Honor
Jaye Lawrence "Kissing Frogs" in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction May 2004 Spilogale, Inc. Honor
2005 Geoff Ryman Air St. Martin's Griffin Winner
2005 Aimee Bender Willful Creatures Doubleday Honor
Margo Lanagan "Wooden Bride" in Black Juice Eos Honor
Vonda N. McIntyre "Little Faces" Honor
Wen Spencer A Brother's Price Roc Books Honor
Wesley Stace Misfortune Back Bay Books Honor
Mark W. Tiedemann Remains BenBella Books Honor
2006 Shelley Jackson Half Life HarperCollins Winner
Catherynne M. Valente The Orphan’s Tales: In the Night Garden Spectra Books Winner
Julie Phillips James Tiptree, Jr.: The Double Life of Alice B. Sheldon St. Martin's Press Special Recognition
2006 Andrea Hairston Mindscape Aqueduct Press Honor
Betsy James Listening at the Gate Atheneum Books Honor
Ellen Kushner The Privilege of the Sword Spectra Books Honor
James Morrow The Last Witchfinder William Morrow Honor
Karen Russell St. Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves Knopf Honor
Karen Traviss Matriarch Eos Honor
Mark von Schlegell Venusia Semiotext(e) Honor
2007 Sarah Hall The Carhullan Army Faber and Faber (UK 2007); HarperCollins (US 2008) Winner
2007 Kelley Eskridge Dangerous Space Aqueduct Press Honor
Laurie J. Marks Water Logic Small Beer Press Honor
Karen Miller Empress of Mijak and The Riven Kingdom HarperCollins Honor
Nnedi Okorafor The Shadow Speaker Hyperion Books Honor
Delia Sherman and Theodora Goss (eds.) Interfictions: An Anthology of Interstitial Writing Small Beer Press Honor
Charles Stross Glasshouse Ace Honor
Sheri S. Tepper The Margarets HarperCollins Honor
Brian K. Vaughan Y: The Last Man DC Vertigo Honor
Ysabeau S. Wilce Flora Segunda Harcourt Honor
2008 Patrick Ness The Knife of Never Letting Go Walker & Co. (UK); Candlewick Press (US) Winner
Nisi Shawl Filter House Aqueduct Press Winner
2008 Christopher Barzak The Love We Share Without Knowing Bantam Books Honor
Jenny Davidson The Explosionist HarperTeen Honor
Gregory Frost Shadowbridge and Lord Tophet: A Shadowbridge Novel Del Ray Honor
Alison Goodman The Two Pearls of Wisdom
Published in the United States as Eon: Dragoneye Reborn
Published in the United Kingdom as Eon: Rise of the Dragoneye
HarperCollins / Viking Honor
John Kessel "Pride and Prometheus" in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction January 2008 Spilogale, Inc. Honor
Margo Lanagan Tender Morsels Knopf Honor
Ursula K. Le Guin Lavinia Harcourt Honor
John Ajvide Lindqvist Let the Right One In (Låt den rätte komma in) Quercus (UK) Honor
Paul Park A Princess of Roumania (Series): A Princess of Roumania, The Tourmaline, The White Tyger, and The Hidden World Tor Honor
Ekaterina Sedia The Alchemy of Stone Prime Books Honor
Ali Smith Girl Meets Boy Canongate Books Honor
Ysabeau S. Wilce Flora's Dare: How a Girl of Spirit Gambles All to Expand Her Vocabulary, Confront a Bouncing Boy Terror, and Try to Save Califa from a Shaky Doom (Despite Being Confined to Her Room) Harcourt Honor
2009 Greer Gilman Cloud and Ashes: Three Winter's Tales Small Beer Press Winner
Fumi Yoshinaga Ōoku: The Inner Chambers VIZ Media Winner
2009 Alice Sola Kim "Beautiful White Bodies" in Strange Horizons 07-14 July 2009 Strange Horizons Honor
Vandana Singh Distances Aqueduct Press Honor
Caitlín R. Kiernan "Galapagos" in Eclipse 3 Night Shade Books Honor
Jo Walton Lifelode NESFA Press Honor
Maureen F. McHugh "Useless Things" in Eclipse 3 Night Shade Books Honor
Paul Haines "Wives" in X6 Coeur de lion Honor
L. Timmel Duchamp The Marq'ssan Cycle Aqueduct Press Special Honor
2010 Dubravka Ugresic Baba Yaga Laid an Egg Canongate Books Winner
2010 Amanda Downum The Bone Palace Orbit Honor
N. K. Jemisin The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms Orbit Honor
Sandra McDonald "Diana Comet and the Disappearing Lover" Strange Horizons Honor
Sandra McDonald "Drag Queen Astronaut" in Crossed Genres issue 24 Crossed Genres Honor
Helen Merrick The Secret Feminist Cabal Aqueduct Press Honor
Nnedi Okorafor Who Fears Death DAW Books Honor
Kari Sperring Living with Ghosts DAW Books Honor
Jillian Weise The Colony Soft Skull Press Honor
2011 Andrea Hairston Redwood and Wildfire Aqueduct Press Winner
2011 Libba Bray Beauty Queens Scholastic Press Honor
L. Timmel Duchamp "The Nones of Quintilus" in Never at Home Aqueduct Press Honor
Kameron Hurley God's War Night Shade Books Honor
Gwyneth Jones The Universe of Things Aqueduct Press Honor
Alice Sola Kim "The Other Graces" in Asimov's Science Fiction July 2010 Dell Magazines Honor
Sandra McDonald "Seven Sexy Cowboy Robots" in Strange Horizons, 2010.10.04 Strange Horizons Honor
Maureen F. McHugh "After the Apocalypse" in After the Apocalypse Small Beer Press Honor
Delia Sherman The Freedom Maze Big Mouth House Honor
Kim Westwood The Courier's New Bicycle Harper Voyager Honor
2012 Caitlín R. Kiernan The Drowning Girl Roc Books Winner
Kiini Ibura Salaam Ancient, Ancient Aqueduct Press Winner
2012 Elizabeth Bear Range of Ghosts Tor Honor
Roz Kaveney Rituals Plus One Press Honor
M. J. Locke Up Against it Tor Honor
Kim Stanley Robinson 2312 Orbit Honor
Karin Tidbeck Jagannath Cheeky Frawg Books Honor
Ankaret Wells Firebrand Epicon Press Honor
Lesley Wheeler The Receptionist Aqueduct Press Honor
2013 N. A. Sulway Rupetta Tartarus Press Winner
2013 Eleanor Arnason Big Mama Stories Aqueduct Press Honor
Aliette de Bodard "Heaven Under Earth" in Electric Velocipede #24 Electric Velocipede Honor
Nicola Griffith Hild Farrar, Straus and Giroux Honor
Alaya Dawn Johnson The Summer Prince Arthur A. Levine Books Honor
Ann Leckie Ancillary Justice Orbit Honor
Bennett Madison September Girls HarperTeen Honor
Sarah McCarry All Our Pretty Songs St. Martin's Press Honor
Janelle Monáe The Electric Lady Bad Boy Records Honor
Helene Wecker The Golem and the Jinni HarperCollins Honor
S. M. Wheeler Sea Change Tor Honor
2014 Monica Byrne The Girl in the Road Penguin Random House Winner
Jo Walton My Real Children Tor Winner
2014 Jennifer Marie Brissett Elysium Aqueduct Press Honor
Seth Chambers "In Her Eyes" in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction January/February 2014 The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Honor
Kim Curran "A Woman Out of Time" in Irregularity Jurassic London Honor
Emmi Itäranta Memory of Water Harper Voyager Honor
Jacqueline Koyanagi Ascension Masque Books Honor
Alisa Krasnostein & Julia Rios (eds) Kaleidoscope Twelfth Planet Press Honor
Pat MacEwen "The Lightness of the Movement" in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction March/April 2014 The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Honor
Nnedi Okorafor Lagoon Hodder & Stoughton Honor
Nghi Vo "Neither Witch nor Fairy" in Long Hidden: Speculative Fiction from the Margins of History Crossed Genres Honor
Aliya Whiteley The Beauty Unsung Stories Honor
2015 Eugene Fischer "The New Mother" in Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine April/May 2015 Dell Magazines Winner
Pat Schmatz Lizard Radio Candlewick Press Winner
2015 Susan Jane Bigelow "Sarah's Child" in Strange Horizons 19 May 2014 Strange Horizons Honor
Nino Cipri "The Shape of My Name" on Tor Honor
Carola Dibbell The Only Ones Two Dollar Radio Honor
Matt Fraction and Christian Ward Off to Far Ithicaa (ODY-C Vol. 1) Image Comics Honor
Alex Marshall A Crown for Cold Silver Orbit Honor
Seanan McGuire "Each to Each" in Lightspeed: Women Destroy Science Fiction! Special Issue Issue 49, June 2014 Lightspeed Honor
A. Merc Rustad "How to Become a Robot in 12 Easy Steps" in Issue 4 Scigentasy Honor
Ian Sales All that Outer Space Allows Whippleshield Books Honor
Taneka Stotts and Sfe Monster (eds.) beyond: the queer sci-fi and fantasy comic anthology beyond Honor
Rebecca Sugar Steven Universe Cartoon Network Honor
Catherynne M. Valente Radiance Tor Honor
2016 Anna-Marie McLemore When the Moon Was Ours Thomas Dunne Books / St. Martin's Griffin Winner
2016 Eleanor Arnason Hwarhath Stories: Transgressive Tales by Aliens Aqueduct Press Honor
Mishell Baker Borderline Saga Press Honor
Nino Cipri "Opals and Clay" PodCastle Honor
Seanan McGuire Every Heart a Doorway Tor Honor
Ada Palmer Too Like the Lightning Tor Honor
Johanna Sinisalo The Core of the Sun (Auringon ydin) Grove Press / Black Cat Honor
Nisi Shawl Everfair Tor Honor
Rachael K. Jones "The Night Bazaar for Women Becoming Reptiles" in Beneath Ceaseless Skies 203 Beneath Ceaseless Skies Honor
Andrea Hairston Will Do Magic for Small Change Aqueduct Press Honor
2017 Virginia Bergin Who Runs the World? Macmillan Winner
2017 Charlie Jane Anders "Don't Press Charges and I Won't Sue" Boston Review Honor
Indra Das The Devourers Del Ray Honor
April Daniels Dreadnought Diversion Books Honor
April Daniels Sovereign Diversion Books Honor
Maggie Shen King An Excess Male Harper Voyager Honor
Carmen Maria Machado Her Body and Other Parties Graywolf Press Honor
Rivers Solomon An Unkindness of Ghosts Akashic Books Honor
JY Yang Black Tides of Heaven Tor Honor
JY Yang Red Threads of Fortune Tor Honor
2018 Gabriela Damián Miravete "They Will Dream in the Garden" Latin American Literature Today Winner
2018 Meg Elison "Big Girl" The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Honor
A. C. Buchanan, ed. Capricious Magazine: The Gender Diverse Pronouns Issue Capricious SF Honor
L. Timmel Duchamp Chercher la Femme Aqueduct Press Honor
Janelle Monáe Dirty Computer Bad Boy Records Honor
Keffy R. M. Kehrli GlitterShip Year Two Self-published Honor
Maria Turtschaninoff, translated by A. A. Prime Maresi: The Red Abbey Chronicles Amulet Books Honor
D. Warrick "Me, Waiting for Me, Hoping for Something More" Shimmer Magazine Honor
Joamette Gil Power & Magic: The Queer Witch Comics Anthology P&M Honor
A. E. Prevost "Sandals Full of Rainwater" Capricious SF Honor
Amber Dawn Sodom Road Exit Arsenal Pulp Press Honor
Larissa Lai The Tiger Flu Arsenal Pulp Press Honor


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