List of Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series) episodes

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This is a list of Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series) episodes.

Series overview[edit]

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 13 September 18, 1993 December 11, 1993
2 13 September 10, 1994 December 3, 1994


Season 1 (1993)[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Written by Original air date Production
1 1 "Sonic Boom" Len Janson September 18, 1993 (1993-09-18) 01
Princess Sally and Antoine follow up on a lead that suggests that her father, King Acorn, may be alive. Meanwhile, Sonic attempts to rescue a captured freedom fighter.
2 2 "Sonic and Sally" Pat Allee and Ben Hurst September 25, 1993 (1993-09-25) 02
When the Princess is captured, Robotnik creates a robotic duplicate of her as a means of spying on and sabotaging the Freedom Fighters.
3 3 "Ultra Sonic" David Villaire October 2, 1993 (1993-10-02) 03
Sonic finds his long lost uncle, Sir Charles, after a failed mission in Robotropolis.
4 4 "Sonic and the Secret Scrolls" Janis Diamond October 9, 1993 (1993-10-09) 04
The Freedom Fighters embark on an outlandish mission: to find magical scrolls which may hold the key to unlimited power.
5 5 "Super Sonic" Jules Dennis October 16, 1993 (1993-10-16) 05
Robotnik searches for a computer archive of spells belonging to an ancient evil wizard. Sonic heads to Robotropolis to get the crystal before Robotnik can use it. But soon he is stripped of his legendary speed by the wizard who compromises him that he will have his speed back if he finds the wizard's computer and returns it to him.
6 6 "Sonic Racer" Len Janson October 23, 1993 (1993-10-23) 06
Robotnik holds a race in Robotropolis in a bid to lure Sonic into a trap. The other Freedom Fighters take advantage of Robotnik's fixation on the race in hopes of destroying the city's power generator.
7 7 "Hooked on Sonics" Randy Rogel October 30, 1993 (1993-10-30) 07
Antoine goes after Robotnik himself in an insane bid to impress Sally and earn personal glory.
8 8 "Harmonic Sonic" David Villaire November 6, 1993 (1993-11-06) 08
Robotnik launches a spy satellite in an effort to locate Knothole Village, the Freedom Fighters' hidden base. Sonic and Rotor head towards the satellite using a makeshift rocket to destroy it.
9 9 "Sonic's Nightmare" Frank Santopadre November 13, 1993 (1993-11-13) 09
Sonic is paralysed by a recurring nightmare personifying his own personal fears; meanwhile, Robotnik unleashes a machine that can literally destroy the world.
10 10 "Warp Sonic" Matt Uitz November 20, 1993 (1993-11-20) 10
The Freedom Fighters find themselves defending an underground city of Mobian refugees, all the while coming to terms with their own personal relationships.
11 11 "Sub-Sonic" Barbara Slade November 27, 1993 (1993-11-27) 11
The Freedom Fighters home, the Great Forest, is dying. In search of magical water that causes plants to grow at an accelerated speed, the Freedom Fighters journey underground where they begin disappearing one by one.
12 12 "Sonic Past Cool" Kayte Kuch and Sheryl Scarborough December 4, 1993 (1993-12-04) 12

Robotnik has set his greedy eyes on the last living herd of a dinosaur-like species. The Freedom Fighters help the creatures navigate through the Great Jungle while fighting off the advances of Robotnik's machines.

13 13 "Heads or Tails" Len Janson December 11, 1993 (1993-12-11) 13
Sonic heads to Robotropolis in search of materials to build a defense against an impending invasion by Robotnik. However, the inexperienced Tails is tagging along.

Season 2 (1994)[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Written by Original air date Production
14 1 "Game Guy" Pat Allee and Ben Hurst September 10, 1994 (1994-09-10) 14
Sonic and Sally befriend an ally who claims to be part of another Freedom Fighter group, but he is not what he seems to be.
15 2 "Sonic Conversion" Pat Allee and Ben Hurst September 17, 1994 (1994-09-17) 15
Knothole's De-roboticizer is a success! Bunnie Rabbot and Uncle Chuck are back to their normal selves! But the Freedom Fighters' latest accomplishment seems too good to be true.
16 3 "No Brainer" Pat Allee September 24, 1994 (1994-09-24) 16
When Sonic loses his memory, Snively takes advantage and gets the hedgehog to infiltrate Knothole.
17 4 "Blast to the Past (Part 1)" Ben Hurst October 1, 1994 (1994-10-01) 17
The war with Robotnik goes badly. The only hope may lie in a pair of magical Time Stones: using them Sonic and Sally could travel to Mobotropolis Kingdom's past, prior to Robotnik's takeover and stop the fight before it begins.
18 5 "Blast to the Past (Part 2)" Ben Hurst October 8, 1994 (1994-10-08) 18
The time-travel mission to stop Robotnik has failed; his armies have already taken Mobotropolis! Also, Sonic and Sally have somehow put their younger selves and the Knothole Village in the Great Forest at risk.
19a 6a "Fed Up with Antoine" Len Janson October 15, 1994 (1994-10-15) 19
Antoine is appointed king of a biker gang, unaware of their "cannibalistic" tradition.
19b 6b "Ghost Busted" Pat Allee October 15, 1994 (1994-10-15) 19
Sonic and Tails investigate a possible ghost problem while camping out.
20 7 "Dulcy" Pat Allee and Ben Hurst October 22, 1994 (1994-10-22) 20
Dulcy is summoned to a dragon mating ground as Robotnik seeks to Roboticize the remainder of her species.
21 8 "The Void" Ben Hurst October 29, 1994 (1994-10-29) 21
When Sally and Bunnie disappear, Sonic and Nicole rush in to rescue them, discovering the Void. Within the Void, they encounter a mysterious wizard, an old friend, and the long lost King of Mobotropolis.
22a 9a "The Odd Couple" Len Janson November 5, 1994 (1994-11-05) 22
Antoine is forced to share his house with Sonic after a failed landing from Dulcy destroys the hedgehog's home.
22b 9b "Ro-Becca" Pat Allee November 5, 1994 (1994-11-05) 22
Antoine accidentally activates a robot Rotor was working on. The robot suddenly develops a crush on him.
23 10 "Cry of the Wolf" Pat Allee November 12, 1994 (1994-11-12) 23
Sonic and company finally make contact with another Royal Freedom Fighter group. They must work together when a nearly indestructable war-machine arrives to attack.
24 11 "Drood Henge" Ben Hurst November 19, 1994 (1994-11-19) 24
Sonic and Tails team up in order to thwart Robotnik's scheme to possess the magical Deep Power Stones.
25 12 "Spyhog" Ben Hurst November 26, 1994 (1994-11-26) 25
Uncle Chuck finds himself increasingly at risk operating as a spy in Robotropolis.
26 13 "The Doomsday Project" Ben Hurst December 3, 1994 (1994-12-03) 26
Robotnik's Doomsday Project begins a week early than anyone had anticipated. With all of Mobius in danger, the Freedom Fighters prepare for what may be their final battle.