List of districts of Sikkim

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North SikkimEast SikkimSouth SikkimWest SikkimA clickable map of Sikkim exhibiting its four districts.
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There are 4 districts in Sikkim, an Indian state, each overseen by a Central Government appointee, the district collector, who is in charge of the administration of the civilian areas of the districts. The Indian army has control of a large territory, as the state is a sensitive border area. Many areas are restricted and permits are needed to visit them. There are a total of eight towns and nine subdivisions in Sikkim. The four districts are:

Code District Headquarters Population (2011)[1] Area (km²) Density (/km²) Map
ES East Sikkim Gangtok 281,293 954 257
NS North Sikkim Mangan 43,354 4,226 10
SS South Sikkim Namchi 146,742 750 175
WS West Sikkim Geyzing 136,299 1,166 106


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Kanchanajangha national park are available in Magan district Sikkim.