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This is a list of films in which the Irish Republican Army, a faction thereof or a break away organisation (whether real or fictional) is portrayed either through its plot or by a main character.

Title Director Notable cast Summary Released Notes
Juno and the Paycock Alfred Hitchcock 1930
The Informer John Ford Victor McLaglen 1935
Beloved Enemy H.C. Potter 1936
My Life for Ireland Max W. Kimmich 1941
I See a Dark Stranger Frank Launder Deborah Kerr, Trevor Howard A young Irish woman becomes a Nazi spy. 1946
Odd Man Out Carol Reed James Mason A wounded Irish nationalist leader in Belfast attempts to evade police following a failed robbery. 1947
The Quiet Man John Ford John Wayne 1952
The Gentle Gunman Basil Dearden John Mills, Dirk Bogarde IRA Volunteer Terry Sullivan (Mills) become disillusioned with a bombing campaign of London during the Second World War. 1952
Shake Hands with the Devil Michael Anderson 1959
A Terrible Beauty Tay Garnett Robert Mitchum 1960
Ryan's Daughter David Lean Sarah Miles, Robert Mitchum, John Mills, Leo McKern, Trevor Howard IRA men arrive in a village to prepare to receive a delivery of German rifles from a ship offshore. Although the villagers help them recover the weapons during a storm, they are captured by the local British Army detachment on leaving the beach. 1970
Duck, You Sucker! Sergio Leone James Coburn, Rod Steiger An Irish explosives expert on the run and a Mexican bandit unintentionally get involved in the Mexican Revolution. 1971
Hennessy Don Sharp 1975
The Eagle Has Landed John Sturges Michael Caine, Donald Sutherland A former IRA man sheltering in Nazi Germany, where he works as a lecturer, is parachuted into England to make preparations for a Luftwaffe parachute unit, disguised as Polish soldiers, tasked with capturing or killing Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill. 1976
The Outsider Tony Luraschi 1980
The Long Good Friday John Mackenzie Bob Hoskins, Helen Mirren A London crime boss is beset by problems which prove to be caused by the IRA, targeting his organisation as a result of the misdealings of one of his lackeys with them. 1980
Guests of the Nation John J. Desmond 1981 Television film
Harry's Game Lawrence Gordon Clark Ray Lonnen, Derek Thompson An IRA rifleman who assassinated a British minister in front of his family in London is tracked down by an undercover British Army officer. 1982 Television serial
Giro City Karl Francis 1982
Cal Pat O'Connor 1984
The Glory Boys Michael Ferguson Anthony Perkins The IRA assigns one of its members to aid a Palestinian assassin in his attempt to kill an Israeli scientist in London, while British Intelligence officers attempt to prevent and capture them 1984 Television serial
Contact Alan Clarke Sean Chapman Film based on A.F.N. Clarke's experiences as a Parachute Regiment officer in 1970s Northern Ireland 1984 Television film
In This Corner Atom Egoyan 1985 Television film
A Prayer for the Dying Mike Hodges 1987
Act of Betrayal Lawrence Gordon Clark Elliott Gould, Patrick Bergin An IRA informer and his family are given new identities and new lives in Australia but the IRA are still determined to track them down. 1988 TV Movie
The Dawning Robert Knights 1988
A Casualty of War Tom Clegg 1989 Television film
Elephant Alan Clarke 1989 Television film
Who Bombed Birmingham? Mike Beckham John Hurt, Martin Shaw 1991 Documentary film
Behind the Mask Frank Martin Dramadoc about the Birmingham Six. 1991 Documentary film
The Treaty Jonathan Lewis 1991 Television film
Force of Duty Pat O'Connor 1992 Television film
Patriot Games Phillip Noyce Harrison Ford 1992
The Crying Game Neil Jordan 1992
Circles of Deceit Geoffrey Sax 1993 Television film
In the Name of the Father Jim Sheridan Daniel Day Lewis Pete Postlethwaite Based on the Guildford Four, father and son are falsely imprisoned as IRA members accused of committing the Guildford pub bombing. 1993
Blown Away Stephen Hopkins Jeff Bridges, Tommy Lee Jones 1994
Patriots Frank Kerr 1994
More Than a Sacrifice Tom Collins 1995 Documentary film
The Boys of Barr na Sráide Conor O'Carroll 1996 Short film
Michael Collins Neil Jordan Liam Neeson 1996
Some Mother's Son Terry George Helen Mirren 1996
The Eliminator Enda Hughes 1996
The Devil's Own Alan J. Pakula Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford 1997
Midnight Man Lawrence Gordon Clark 1995 Television film
A Further Gesture Robert Dornhelm 1997
The Informant Jim McBride 1997
The Jackal Michael Caton-Jones Bruce Willis, Richard Gere An ex-IRA gunman is recruited to assist the CIA in tracking down a suspected presidential assassin. 1997
The Boxer Jim Sheridan Daniel Day-Lewis, Emily Watson 1997
The General John Boorman Brendan Gleeson Details the life of Dublin underworld figure Martin Cahill. 1998
Titanic Town Roger Michell 1998
Divorcing Jack David Caffrey 1998
Ronin John Frankenheimer Robert De Niro IRA operatives hire mercenaries to retrieve a mysterious briefcase. 1998
The Craic Ted Emery 1999
Exiled Bill Muir 1999
Brits 2000 Documentary television series
Borstal Boy Peter Sheridan 2000
An Everlasting Piece Barry Levinson 2000
The Bombmaker Graham Theakston 2001 Television film
Shamrock and Swastika Brendan Culleton, Irina Maldea Examination of the Irish Republican Army's collaboration with the Abwehr during World War II. 2001 Television documentary
H3 Les Blair Depiction of the 1981 Irish hunger strike. 2001
Bloody Sunday Paul Greengrass James Nesbit Depiction of the 1972 Bloody Sunday massacre. 2002 Television film
Sunday Charles McDougall Ciarán McMenamin, Christopher Eccleston Depiction of the 1972 Bloody Sunday massacre. 2002 Television film
The Rising of the Moon Deborah Baxtrom 2002
Boxed Marion Comer Tom Murphy A priest is called upon to provide last rites to an IRA prisoner. 2002 Drama
The Maze 2002 Television documentary
Omagh Pete Travis 2004 Television film
Breakfast on Pluto Neil Jordan 2005
The Year London Blew Up Edmund Coulthard Dramadoc about the 1974-75 Provisional IRA campaign in London, which culminated in the Balcombe Street siege. 2005 Television film
Johnny Was Mark Hammond 2006
The Wind That Shakes the Barley Ken Loach Cillian Murphy 2006
I.R.A. King of Nothing Damian Chapa 2006
Fifty Dead Men Walking Kari Skogland Ben Kingsley, Rose McGowan, Jim Sturgess A loose adaptation of Martin McGartland's 1997 autobiography of the same name. 2008
Hunger Steve McQueen Depiction of the Bobby Sands during the 1981 Irish hunger strike. 2008
Five Minutes of Heaven Oliver Hirschbiegel Liam Neeson A reconciliation is attempted after 33 years 2009
Shadow Dancer James Marsh An IRA member is turned into an informer for the British, to protect her son 2012
'71 Yann Demange A young British soldier is accidentally abandoned, following a riot in Belfast, in 1971. 2014
The Foreigner Martin Campbell Jackie Chan, Pierce Brosnan A man seeks revenge for the death of his daughter, killed by a bombing committed by a rogue faction of the IRA. 2017

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