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This is a list of towns and cities in the world believed to have 100,000 or more inhabitants, as of 2006.


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List of cities beginning with letter I&İ[edit]

City Country
Iaşi  Romania
Ibadan  Nigeria
Ibagué  Colombia
Ibaraki  Japan
Ibarra  Ecuador
Ibirité  Brazil
Ica  Peru
Ichalakaranji  India
Ichihara  Japan
Ichikawa  Japan
Ichinomiya  Japan
Ife  Nigeria
Iida  Japan
Ikeda  Japan
Ikere-Ekiti  Nigeria
Ikoma  Japan
Iksan  South Korea
Ila  Nigeria
Ilagan  Philippines
Ilam  Iran
Ilesa  Nigeria
Ilhéus  Brazil
Iligan  Philippines
Iloilo City  Philippines
Ilopango  El Salvador
Ilorin  Nigeria
Imabari  Japan
Imbaba  Egypt
Imperatriz  Brazil
Imphal  India
Inazawa  Japan
Inchon  South Korea
Indaiatuba  Brazil
Independence  United States
Indianapolis  United States
Indore  India
Inegöl  Turkey
Inglewood  United States
Ingolstadt  Germany
Innsbruck  Austria
Ipatinga  Brazil
Ipoh  Malaysia
Ipswich  United Kingdom
Iquique  Chile
Iquitos  Peru
Irapuato  Mexico
Irbid  Jordan
Iriga  Philippines
Irkutsk  Russia
Iruma  Japan
Irvine  United States
Irving  United States
Ise  Japan
Isesaki  Japan
Ishinomaki  Japan
İskenderun  Turkey
Islam Shahr  Iran
Islamabad  Pakistan
Ismaïlia  Egypt
Isparta  Turkey
İstanbul  Turkey
Itaboraí  Brazil
Itabuna  Brazil
Itagüí  Colombia
Itaituba  Brazil
Itajaí  Brazil
Itami  Japan
Itapecerica da Serra  Brazil
Itapetininga  Brazil
Itapevi  Brazil
Itaquaquecetuba  Brazil
Itu  Brazil
Ivano-Frankivsk  Ukraine
Ivanovo  Russia
Iwaki, Fukushima  Japan
Iwakuni  Japan
Iwatsuki  Japan
Iwo  Nigeria
Ixtapaluca  Mexico
Izhevsk  Russia
İzmir  Turkey
İzmit  Turkey
Izumi  Japan

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